7 Things to learn before moving to South Florida

7 Things to learn before moving to South Florida

No matter where you’re moving, it’s gonna be a change for you. Moving to South Florida is no different from other destinations. Ok, Florida might be a little more desired destinations than many others, but the things are the same. Especially if you’re relocating to Florida for the first time. Before you relocate anywhere, you should get to know some things important for your future residence. You don’t want to feel like a complete stranger after you move. Therefore, we gathered some important things to learn before moving to South Florida. By important things, we don’t mean the jobs, the traffic, the entertainment etc. We want you to feel how the South Floridians live their day-to-day life. You should prepare for it, given that you’re gonna become a South Floridian yourself! Sit in your cozy chair and let’s go through some exciting things to learn before moving to South Florida!

Get to know South Florida before you relocate there

Before you migrate to South Florida, learn a couple of things
Prepare before you migrate to South Florida

South Florida is a very attractive state, not only to Americans., but also to the people from all around the world. Given that the most attractive cities are very expensive, the most of the people moving here are quite wealthy. On the other hand, there are also people planning to retire here. Whatever your reason to move to the south of the Sunny state is, you should learn a few things before the relocation.

1. There are lot of retired people in Florida

Many of them come from Canada, given that Florida is like a heaven for Canadians in retirement. Those are commonly the people that used to come to South Florida for a vacation, promising themselves they would do their best to earn enough money and spend the time after the retirement in some of the beaches here. There are also the retirees from the rest of the States and from all around the world. In addition, the living standard is quite high in Florida. So people tend to live longer, and hence there are more seniors moving to Florida than in some other parts of the USA.

2. If you’re moving to South Florida for the parties…

…FYI- they are not everywhere you look. I know you’ve seen all those movies where people dance and drink cocktails days and nights. And some of you might have decided to relocate to the Southern Florida to party all the time. Before your relocation, learn where are the best places to move to for parties, given that some of the cities in the south of the state are not that much for party maniacs.

3. Before moving to South Florida, you should know it’s completely different from the northern part of the state

The North and the South Florida are so different that you might think they were completely different states in recent past. South Florida had a lot stronger impact of Latin American culture, it has a lot of beautiful beaches, but it is a lot more vulnerable to a climate change and rising ocean levels. So by deciding to purchase a beach house, you must be aware of all the risks such a venture brings into your life! The hurricanes are a lot more often in Florida’s south than in the north. Therefore, prepare for dealing with catastrophic situations every once in a while!

The tourists everywhere- this shall be tour reality
Prepare to see the tourists everywhere

4. Prepare to get used to the tourists before moving to South Florida

There are lots of reasons to visit the Sunny State. Especially West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami etc. Given that you probably intend to relocate to the area of these cities, you should be aware that the tourists will be a normal part of your everyday life. Learn this prior to your South Florida moving adventure. Think about whether or not you’re prepared for that kind of life on a daily basis. I know that some of you, as I said, plan on moving to South Florida for the parties. But you get used to them and they are not such a big deal. Hence, you’ll want to escape them every few days. Make sure you’re ready to live your life in Miami way.

5. Miami is a Heat and Dolphins home- If you love basketball and baseball, you’ll have a chance to enjoy them!

If you’re a sports fanatic, there are few places that could be a better solution for your next residence than Miami, or anywhere in South Florida. Because it would be a chance to enjoy a world class basketball and baseball on almost daily basis!

6. You need to know that South Florida nature is a lot more than just beaches

Yes, you will get tired of the beaches. And yes, you will search for other sorts of fun in nature. Prior to relocating to South Florida, you should do a research of all the places you should visit. We suggest you combine it with the fun at the beaches, so you could enjoy each part of South Florida for a longer period of time. There are many adventures you could experience. Such as hiking, kayaking, boating, playing golf (Florida is known for its golf courts), flying in a hot-air balloon etc. Do the research before you move to South Florida, we’re sure you’re gonna find plenty of things that would interest you.

7. Extreme cycling is a normal thing in the south of Sunny State

I’m not talking here about the extreme sport. The way Floridians ride bikes will look to you like a near-death experience. Prepare for seeing unusual scenes on the very streets of Miami. People are hitting bicycles in Florida almost all the time. So there are attempts to push the laws forbidding drivers to leave the scene after they hit a cyclist. Now you get the picture how bad it is to ride a bike in South Florida, it’s good to know before your relocation.

These were just 7 interesting details to have an insight of how the life looks in the Sunny State before moving to South Florida. There are of course dozens of other important things to know, this was just an insight of what expect you once you change your residence. We suggest you dig a bit deeper before hiring the movers in Florida and arranging your moving day. Think about visiting  South Florida as a tourist before you move there. That way you could check if the life style suits your needs and desires. In case you have any question, feel free to get in touch with us, we’d be more than happy to chat with you and discuss anything regarding your South Florida move.