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You can stop looking for the ideal storage space for your cherished belongings because Orange Movers has the perfect solution.

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There are different kinds of events and circumstances that will urge you to seek out storage Pompano Beach loves. You could be moving, or you could be a company looking to store your goods or raw materials. Whatever the case is, we here at Orange Movers and Storage South Florida have lots of different storage options available to fit every situation and budget. Saving time and money is easy once you obtain our full-service storage in Pompano Beach. Thus, feel free to give us a call, take a look into our different Pompano Beach storage solutions, and store your items safely and for as long as necessary.

A woman making a phone call.
Give Orange Movers and Storage a call and let us take good care of your items in storage.

Keep your belongings safe with our Pompano Beach storage solutions

It doesn’t matter whether you are moving to a distant location or down the block – regardless of the size of your relocation, you might have a need to store your belongings. Likewise, there’s no telling whether you might require long-term or short-term storage. Moreover, you could seek out small, medium, or large storage units in Pompano Beach – one can’t know. Therefore, you should search for those moving companies where you will have the option of storing your items. Unlike some self-storage providers, Orange Movers and Storage offer you storage services that can prevent any damage your items would suffer if they weren’t kept under an expert’s supervision.

Hence, besides our large warehouse capacity, we have hired experienced and professional individuals who have been employed in the storage industry for many years. For Orange Movers and Storage, only the highest quality of storage services is taken into consideration. Of course, at a reasonable price. Thus, we are giving you the option of using our storage units in Pompano Beach and still making your move a budget-friendly endeavor.

Preserve your nerves with our pick-up and delivery services

There is nothing you should worry about when seeking out Pompano Beach storage. Except maybe calling Orange Movers and Storage on time. By doing that, you are removing all potential troubles during your relocation to, from, or in the Sunshine state. We offer to come to your home. Pick up your belongings. Place them in our storage facilities. Keep them safe during the period you demand. And after that, deliver your stuff into your new home.

Living room furniture to place in storage Pompano Beach.
Whether it’s living room furniture or kitchen appliances, feel free to place your items in our Pompano Beach storage.

There could be different reasons why you couldn’t be able to transport your items by yourself. And there could be even more reasons why you might need warehouse capacities in Pompano Beach. We recognized your numerous needs, and hence, we offer to do everything for you. All the while, we will be charging you a minimum price for the quality of storage services Pompano Beach loves.

Orange Movers and Storage are here to ensure you are comfortable at all times

When creating our range of moving services in Pompano Beach, we’ve definitely had our eyes on the prize. The prize is your complete satisfaction with the kind of assistance you can receive from our team. Thus, we’ve made sure that our storage services in Pompano Beach are also up to our standards. There are quite a few benefits of using our facilities, including:

  • Collecting and delivering your belongings. If you choose to use our Pompano Beach storage units, we shall pick up your belongings, place them in the unit, and deliver them directly to your new home on the date you set.
  • Efficient storage services. All of our storage services are efficient, due to the professionalism of our storage management.
  • Flexibility. We are flexible, giving you the option of choosing the date and the time of picking up and delivering your belongings. However, we suggest you book the dates early because our schedule is quite busy.
  • Packing services. We offer to pack your items before placing them in storage facilities.
  • Methods for organizing your inventory. We are among those few storage units in Pompano Beach that take care of your inventory organization.
  • Cost-effectiveness. All of the services we offer are affordable, making you able to use them and have your Florida relocation done on a tight budget.
A handshake between two people.
Use Orange Movers and Storage to get access to all the assistance you need.

Moreover, due to the fact that we always aim to be your one-stop shop when it comes to all things related to moving, we have also put diverse moving services at your disposal. Our company is happy to offer the following assistance options:

You get quality and efficiency by opting for our storage Pompano Beach trusts

Our team firmly believes that efficient and quality services are the only thing we should be offering. This is why we invest so much in our storage capacities in Pompano Beach, hiring only the top qualified people to manage them. By doing that, we are ensuring several things. The most important one of them is making sure that our services are efficient, and that they can keep your belongings undamaged along the way. Given that, if something is being done fast, but with the lack of safety, your belongings could be damaged. Therefore, only efficient yet safe storage services in Pompano Beach are what’s allowed in our moving and storage business.

Flexibility is one of the key characteristics of our Pompano Beach storage

However, our schedule is very tight. Although we offer you to choose the date of picking up your belongings, the time that your items will spend in our storage solutions, and the date of delivery, you should decide about all of those dates as soon as you can. If you wait for the last moment, our schedule could be too tight to consider some of your planned dates for relocation. But if you come to us with enough time before your moving day, we are sure that an agreement that could satisfy both parties could be achieved.

Orange Movers and Storage will help you pack your storage possessions

As we have stated before, we offer to come to your home, pick up your items, and after the agreed period of time, deliver them to your new home. But what happens if you have no time or skills to pack your items for transport to our Pompano Beach storage? There could be various reasons for this. Difficult disassembling and reassembling tasks. Plenty of fragile items that are difficult to pack. And the list goes on and on. This is why we offer another kind of storage service that is not so common among other storage providers.

A chair, an end table, and a vase.
All of your items need to be treated with attention and care.

We offer to pack your items before transporting them to our storage facility. Of course, the packing storage services include the disassembling and reassembling of your furniture and appliances.  Hence, hiring us means having no troubles with any of the events that would make a problem if you were to move by yourself. Or if you hired someone not offering a full storage service package.

Good organization is the name of the game

Orange Movers and Storage can organize your items before putting them into our Pompano Beach storage. This way, we help you organize them after you move into your new home, as well. Unfortunately, not every storage provider in Pompano Beach will be able to organize your belongings in a proper way. Some storage companies organize your items just enough so they would fit in the storage. But we offer to organize your belongings so they would fit into our storage, but also help you have an easier packing process.

Orange Movers and Storage take care of your needs when moving your household or commercial items. Also, we implement our commitment to our customers in everything we do. With the intention of helping you move on a budget, we have created an affordable pricing list. Thus, request a free moving quote from our team and don’t worry about the rest.

Our storage solutions in Pompano Beach are cost-effective

As we have already said, we do strive to be efficient when providing you with Pompano Beach storage services. But, sometimes, storage units are inadequate if they are not cost-effective. After all, you don’t want to pay too much for the storage services provided. If that were the case, you would be forced to abort your search for self-storage and do everything by yourself. Doing it all by yourself takes time, effort, and capability. If you lack any of those, this is not an option for you. But Orange Movers and Storage make you not have to choose such an option. Our cost-effectiveness lets you spend your time in a more quality manner, still having your items properly taken care of by our experienced and handy storage employees.

A man holding a bunch of dollar bills.
Your upcoming storage project doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.

Why will our Pompano Beach storage solutions be the right choice for you?

Our Orange Movers and Storage team is very considerate of your belongings. That’s why we’re implementing those things we would like to see if we were moving and storing our belongings. And that is why there is a high level of satisfaction among our clients. Here is what our previous customers claimed their benefits were while using our Pompano Beach storage solutions:

  • Pure convenience – We make our storage service convenient for your particular relocation.
  • Saves you time – As we said, being quick and efficient is among our top goals when it comes to storing your items.
  • Provides mental freedom – Hiring us means stress. You’ll be able to spend your time in a better way. For example to spend time with people you love, and enjoy with them some more before you have to move.
  • Increases productivity – As storage experts, our employees are definitely more productive than someone who lacks knowledge about the way storage works.
  • Saves you pain and hassle – Bringing a smile on your face while dealing with our moving and storage company.
  • Saves you money – Cost-effectiveness is another characteristic of our Pompano Beach storage services. We make you able to move and store your items on a budget, not having to put any effort or lose your precious time.

Get all the assistance that you need by giving us a call

Now, knowing what you can get from Orange Movers and Storage, we invite you to contact us and find out all the details on how much our moving and storage services would cost you. Or simply use our online calculator to get the estimate for your moving and storage costs. We offer very reliable and very safe storage Pompano Beach residents trust, so feel free to rely on our solutions.


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The 4-man Miami crew from Orange Movers did a great job putting all our furniture and boxes into our new home. They were all very friendly, respectful, and hard-working. If my wife and I ever move again we’ll keep them mind. Thanks, guys!

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