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No matter what type of residence in West Miami you are moving to, it is your belongings that make the location your home. Make sure that everything you own makes it to your new home in one piece with a local moving firm that cares for your stuff like it is their own. Only Orange Movers offers the type of full service move you want at a price that you can afford.

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Ah, West Miami. Beautiful beaches, fabulous rolling countryside, perfect weather and a cold drink… what could spoil such a beautiful place? How about having to pack your belongings into a truck when the sun is burning red and the heat is blistering? You could pull it off, and have some rest after, or you could call on your West Miami movers! If you grace us with but a simple call, we will move whatever you need, quickly and at an affordable price. It doesn’t matter if the sun is burning hot or if it’s a snowstorm outside: we simply know that we can do it.

Your West Miami movers are at your service

Whether you’re moving from or moving to Florida, we’re at your service, no matter if it’s summer or winter. Most people – and, by extension, our clients, decide to move during summer time. It is, after all, the time when the kids are on summer holidays and when most days off are taken. However, we are available all year round. If you want lower prices, perhaps you should relocate during winter or autumn. But, if you have a family in tow, then summer may the best time for you to call your West Miami movers. For reasons above.

We provide the highest level of service quality

And we mean it. If we want to succeed in the market, we have to be better than anyone else. Moving is a big part of someone’s life. If a moving company handles it incorrectly, the repercussions can be staggering. That’s why your West Miami movers take great care when they move you from one place to another. We are under regulation by both government entities and by licensing agencies. This, of course, puts a whole lotta burden on our backs. Miami is also a large city, with a bunch of other companies – this, naturally, makes it very hard to even compete, let alone remain on the market. However, we have been on the market for several years now – we’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

What kind of services do we offer exactly?

Your West Miami movers are very versatile when it comes to their list of services. In essence, if you can think of a task related to local moving, chances are that we can do it. And chances are that we can do it better than others can. Some of our services include, but are not limited to:

Residential moving

This is the most common type of moving in any moving company. This is simply because most of the clients are people who want to relocate from one spot to another. Their entire belongings need to be moved. Just because this is the most common type, doesn’t mean it’s easiest. Usually, it involves a lot of heavy stuff relocation – your West Miami movers are proud to say that they’ve had thousands of clients so far which belong to this specific category. In an area such as West Miami, there are plenty of people that need to move – be it to some other part of Florida, or to some other state or even country. That’s why we’ll never run out of business, but that’s why we also have a high customer standard to fulfill. Word tends to spread quickly in these parts of the country.

Household in West Miami - our West Miami movers will be of service anytime you need your home relocated.
Our West Miami movers will be of service anytime you need a home moving.

Corporate relocation

It’s very hard to organize and pull off correctly. However, your West Miami movers can do it with (relative) ease. What makes corporate relocations so hard is the fact that there’s a lot of sensitive equipment to go around. Some of this equipment contains sensitive data, which are crucial for the business to go on as usual. For example:

  1. Hard disk drives – they are sensitive because the needle of the HDD may hit the disk itself, causing damage to the storage;
  2. LCD screens – need I say more?
  3. Projectors, routers, modems – some of these are expensive, some are not, but they are all equally important to a company that wants to do its business.

Your West Miami movers will try their best to ensure these sensitive items against all manners of damage. We anticipate a possible accident and we do not let it take place.

Your West Miami movers have no problems with relocating offices such as this one.
Office moving is one of the most complex types of moving – but your West Miami movers can pull it off easily.

Fine arts moving

If you need fine arts moved, you should absolutely call your West Miami movers. You see, fine arts require a special protection method, which sometimes involves disassembly and reassembly. When it comes to, for example, pianos, many of our customers aren’t happy about it. Neither are we, but the fact is, it’s the safest route to go if you want, say, a piano moved. If you want paintings and sculptures or busts moved, then we, as your West Miami movers, are still the best option out there. You see, fine arts require special attention due to being, simply put, sensitive. At least some of it. A brass statue doesn’t need much protection (it does take some strong backs though), but a painting surely does.

We appreciate aesthetic forms such as this golden statue, and we won't let it get damaged.
Just like you, we appreciate art – we wouldn’t want it to get damaged, would we?

Finally, we also offer storage

Out storage network is the best storage Miami has to offer. If you want to prepare for a move, be it local or long-distance, you may need to put your stuff somewhere for the time being. You see, storage is needed for various reasons.

Our storage facilities are well placed and practical, much like these garages.
Our high-quality storage facilities are open at all times.

Sometimes, clients want to clean the house before they sell it, or just do some necessary reparations. Whatever is the case, your West Miami movers are here to help you out. Storage is a necessity and having some well-protected space at hand is very important to moving. Our climate controlled storage units offer constant protection and monitoring, security measures and a regulated environment. With all that in mind, why wait? Contact your West Miami movers today!

Moving In West Miami?

From 9th St. All the Way Down to 23rd
You’ll Want to Have the Whole Package

Residential Moving

Moving is always going to have its obstacles, even when your new home is just a few blocks away. At least with a local company like Orange Movers you can get a great pricing deal on a short move in West Miami. With one major moving obstacle out of the way, you can focus your attention on preparing the new house to become a home.

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Commercial Relocation

A local commercial relocation in West Miami will be much easier when you have specialized professionals at your service. Ask Orange Movers about the types of services included for a local business move in West Miami. Storage solutions and packing containers are just a small hint at all we can do to make your move a successful one.

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Speciality Moves

There are lots of moving companies out there that think having to carry something heavy should be an extra part of the package. Not with Orange Movers. Before we put a final estimate down on paper, our pros will evaluate exactly what your special needs are and come up with a local moving package that works with your budget.

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Local Moving in Miami

No Ordinary Mover
Is Giving You Free Gifts

For local moves in West Miami, Orange Movers has thought of everything. Need a little extra space before settling in? Use our storage facility for free. Want some motivation to get started on packing? We’ll give you some free boxes to put your belongings in. Our local moving packages are designed to make local moving in West Miami as painless as possible. Those little extras we throw in at no charge go a long way towards making your move a seamless one.

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Raising the Bar for Local Moving
One Box at a Time

At Orange Movers we have set our standards for exceptional service higher than anyone else, especially when it comes to local moves. We know how hard it can be to get settled into a new West Miami home, so our experts strive to be prompt, friendly, fast and professional from the first box until the last. Whatever it takes to take the stress out of your move, it will be our pleasure to do it. Start the next chapter in your new home on the right foot, by letting us exceed all of your expectations of a full service move.

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Full Service Moving at a Discount

It is possible to not lift a box when you sign on for a full service move in West Miami. Not only will we do all the lifting, our professionals will carefully pack all your possessions for you and then repeat the process in reverse at your new home. You might even be eligible for a 10% discount in price when making a local move in West Miami. Lower prices, free stuff and no work? That’s a deal worth taking a closer look at.

Learn more about 10 free boxes, free storage for a month and 10% off of your moving bill by calling our offices now. A friendly moving expert will give you all the details you need to get started on a low cost local move.

Quick Quotes and Binding Estimates

All moving companies can offer you a quick quote based on information you provide, but none should be hired until after an in-home estimate has been completed. When Orange Movers visits your home, we assess the weight of your belongings and check for anything out of the ordinary that may affect the price. This is a more accurate method of estimating the cost of your move.

A binding estimate is the only way you can avoid being blindsided with a big moving bill after the work has been done. Call us today to set up your in-home inspection to guarantee the best deal for your local move in West Miami.


Our Satisfied Customers
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Orange Movers has built a long list of satisfied customers in Southern Florida. Customers who are happy to refer us to friends and family and contract with us one more time when moving again. We are proud of our constant repeat business, and are committed to making every client a new addition to our growing list of satisfied customers.

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The 4-man Miami crew from Orange Movers did a great job putting all our furniture and boxes into our new home. They were all very friendly, respectful, and hard-working. If my wife and I ever move again we’ll keep them mind. Thanks, guys!

Michael Mulvey

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