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There are multiple details to worry about with moving, even when it is local. Do I have enough packing boxes? Who’s strong enough to lift the credenza? With Orange Movers as your local moving partner, those details become our responsibility, leaving you with the time and energy you want to make that new space feel more like home. From an accurate estimate to putting that credenza in its new place, our professional team handles all the details of local moving and for an affordable rate.

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Many believe that moving is the most intense and least interesting event in life. Especially the actual process of getting all your things from point A to point B. Choosing the right Oakland Park movers can make that day much easier. But, while the right moving company can make your move smooth, choosing the wrong mover can make it a nightmare. How can you make sure that nothing bad happens to you or your belongings during your move?

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Choosing the right Oakland Park movers you can make your move much easier

Here are some tips for hiring reliable Oakland Park movers

Ask to see the license

Licenses are the most important factor when you are looking for the Oakland Park movers. The licenses of the moving company and other requirements will vary depending on whether you are moving in your state or otherwise.

To conduct business within a state, the movers must have a license from the federal government and have a US Department of Transportation number. You can find out whether the local moving companies in Miami meet the requirements by searching for the moving company on the website of FMSCA.

Choose local or long distance movers

While a national moving company is best for an interstate move, stick to local business when moving across the city or anywhere in your state. However, just because you liked those Oakland Park movers for your local move, this does not mean that the company has the appropriate licenses or expertise for cross-country moving.

Smaller companies can hire daily workers who are unprepared or unknown to the company. And that can lead to problems if there is any loss or damage. But, large companies may not offer crews, insurance, and services that you need. And sometimes they can transfer your property to another company or crew during transit.

So, basically what you need is a company that appoints permanent employees to travel with your property. A good study of the company’s history can prevent problems and losses.

Do some detective work

Moving on a budget with cheap movers Miami sounds perfect. But, you need to be careful. They are not always trustworthy. That doesn’t mean that all cheap Oakland Park movers are fraudulent. Only the ones that don’t have licenses.

Make sure you check government and independent sources, not just the company’s website, to check licenses and references. While the mover claims that credentials on its website are genuine, this may not be the case. There are examples of movers using the BBB (Better Business Bureau) logo, but they are not members.

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Check all the sources you can find

Do some digging on their social networking pages, such as Facebook, to read comments from customers. Also, read the recommendations on various websites. You can try the online search by linking the company name with the word “complaints” to find any blog posts about the bad experience of customers with a particular moving company.

Get a written estimate

You should ask for estimates from more than one moving company. And make sure that these ratings include everything in your house that you want to move. This includes things in the attic, the garage, the backyard, the shed, the basement, around the furniture, and every closet and piece of storage furniture. We recommend the evaluation to be in writing and clearly describe all costs. Do not take verbal assessments.

Along with the binding estimate, you should receive these additional documents on a moving day:

  • Bill of lading – receipt for your things and an agreement between you and your Oakland Park movers. Do not sign it if you do not understand something.
  • Order for service – a document that allows a mover to transport household items from one place to another.
  • Inventory list – receipt showing each item and its condition before moving.

Be sure that you are insured

While your mover is responsible for your things, there are different levels of responsibility or valuation. You need to understand the level that applies to your move.

There are two different insurance options that interstate movers must offer you: “full value protection” and “released value”. In full, more complete insurance, which will cost you extra, the mover is responsible for the replacement value of any item that is lost or damaged during travel. You don’t need to pay extra for released value protection. But, it will pay you just 60 cents per pound for any items that disappear or damage.

You can choose to buy your own separate moving insurance. Or your furniture and other things can already be covered by your existing homeowner’s policy.

Local movers obey the requirements of state insurance. So, make sure that you ask about coverage when using a local mover.

Ask a lot of questions

Once you check all the licenses and documents, the moving experts say that your work has not been completed yet. Ask the Oakland Park movers to give you answers to the following questions:

  1. How long does the company exist?
  2. Does the company do background checks of employees?
  3. Does the company hire daily workers or temporary help?
  4. Will the company hire another company or crew to transport your belongings?
  5. Can the company guarantee they will deliver your belongings on the desired date?
Questions for Oakland Park movers - why, where, what, when, how, who.
Feel free to ask any question that pops to your mind

What should you get after you check your Oakland Park movers?

The bottom line is that you need to be aware of all the answers you receive from the manager. And you need to trust the company. In the end, they will go through your personal belongings. And be a part of your life for a couple of days. Moving is a stressful time, and professional Oakland Park movers should be calm and help you with your move. We at the Orange Movers understand the hassle, and we will gladly help you actually enjoy your moving day.

Oakland Park Full Service Moving

Residential Moving

With its tree lined streets and tranquil parks, it is easy to understand why you want to keep your family in Oakland Park. Keep your days free to spend your time enjoying all the city has to offer while Orange Movers takes over your local moving tasks. From packing your boxes to putting beds back together, our professionals take on all the hard work, at a cost that is surprisingly low. Our special discounts on local moves and free packing supplies go a long way towards cutting the cost of a professional move.

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Commercial Relocation

The amount of planning and work required for a commercial relocation makes it an impossible task to take on alone, especially when you are still busy trying to run your business. Orange Movers has handled hundreds of commercial moves with efficiency and speed, bringing office equipment and inventory from one locale to another. If your business has started to grow too big for your current space, let Orange Movers devise a plan for getting it into a bigger one.

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Speciality Moves

Whether it be a large piano or a delicate art collection, the thought of moving certain special possessions shouldn’t keep you up at night. Orange Movers has special plans and strategies for packing the heaviest of objects or delicate heirlooms and getting them out of your old address and into the new. Let our service reps know what types of special items are costing you sleep, and will give you a viable solution to moving them safely.

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Local Moving in Miami

Your Friends, Family and Neighbors Trust Us And So Will You

Repeat customers and referrals make up over half of our client base. The reputation of Orange Movers is unsurpassed in Southern Florida, and we strive to keep it that way with each local move we make. It is our commitment to providing outstanding service at affordable rates that keeps the same residents and business owners coming back again. Trust in what your neighbors and friends already know, when you are moving in Oakland Park you can only trust in Orange Movers.
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Is it Possible to Turn a Stressful Move Into Something You Look Forward To?

The joy in finding that perfect home can easily be extinguished with a stressful move. Keep your joy, and your sanity, by allowing Orange Movers to do the moving for you. At prices that keep you within your budget, our professionals will give you an accurate in-home estimate and outline all of the services available to you. A local moving package is then offered that takes into account all of extras that make moving easy. Packing and unpacking for you is just one of the many ways we help in keeping a local move something to look forward to.

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Quick Quotes Versus Binding Estimates

You can click now and get a quick online quote for the cost of a local move, based on your perception of how much stuff you have. This is a great tool, but only a starting point for knowing how much your move is really going to cost. Once you get in touch with an Orange Movers representative, we can arrange an in-home evaluation and binding estimate.

A binding estimate gives a more accurate idea of how much you will save with us. It will also let you know exactly what you can expect from us once moving day arrives.

Special Discounts and Free Stuff

If your local move in Oakland Park falls within a 100 mile radius, you could be eligible for a special 10% discount off of your entire bill. We also offer special rates for seniors and promotions for commercial relocations. Take advantage of all we have to offer to save the most on your moving expenses.

Don’t forget to ask us about 10 free moving boxes and one month’s worth of free storage as a part of moving with us. No other Southern Florida movers are offering money saving benefits the way Orange Movers does.


Exert Your Control Over the One Moving Expense You Have Control Over

Whether you are renting an apartment, leasing a building or buying a house, there is no escaping the financial burden that moving in Oakland Park will bring. At least with the right local moving company, you can control the cost of relocating your stuff. Choose the moving package that meets your circumstance, and save time and money with Orange Movers.

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The 4-man Miami crew from Orange Movers did a great job putting all our furniture and boxes into our new home. They were all very friendly, respectful, and hard-working. If my wife and I ever move again we’ll keep them mind. Thanks, guys!

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