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With its vast southern perimeter bordering the Atlantic, Sunny Isles Beach is a haven in Southern Florida. Orange Movers embraces that serene setting, ensuring that residents and businesses are able to move in and around this lovely locale without any stress. You won’t find another relocation company in Florida that provides the high quality moving services we do, at such an incredibly low price. Life in Sunny Isles Beach should start all smiles, and with Orange Movers you can count on it.

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When you are moving locally in Miami, the most important thing is that your move goes as smooth as possible. And when you hire the right moving company, it usually goes that way. But even with so many smooth moves, there still are fraud or shoddy practices. In order to prevent that, you should learn everything about the process. Therefore, we give you some tips how to hire the right Sunny Isles Beach movers.

Sunny Isles Beach movers
Follow our tips to avoid fraudulent Sunny Isles Beach movers

What are the signs of the best Sunny Isles Beach Movers?

Making a moving inventory

A respected moving company will make an inventory of all your things and determine the volume and weight of your traffic. The appraiser should be thorough and check all of your storage places, such as cabinets, drawers, garages and bookcases. Most of the cost of the moving service is based on the weight of your material and the space that your goods occupy in the truck. Make sure that you understand this assessment and that is as correct as possible.

Taking detailed walk-through

An appraiser who performs a quick walk without indicating what you plan to move will not be in order. A good appraiser will ask questions about what you plan to take from your current home to your next home. So, be sure that you are ready to tell what items you do not need on the truck. Items that you plan to give, donate to charity, sell in the yard sale or leave behind for the new owners.

No large deposits

The right Sunny Isles Beach movers will not require cash or a large deposit before moving. You must pay only upon delivery. If you pay in advance, you have no idea when you will see your things again. When you pay, use a credit card to protect you from possible fraudulent activities.

Paying to Sunny Isles Beach movers
If they ask for large deposits, consider hiring a different company

No name switch

Some companies do business under different names, in order to avoid the check by BBB. Make sure that the company has a local address and information about licensing and insurance. Their employees must answer the phone with the full name of the business.

Find out if there are any other names of the company, as well as their state and federal license numbers. Search the Internet to find out if there are complaints about the company.

Good references

If your friends and relatives can’t recommend you any Sunny Isles Beach movers, get a list of reliable agents from related associations.

Ask any moving company you speak to for references. Tell them that you need a list of three clients from your area who have moved in the last three months. Call these customers and ask direct questions about their experience.

Professional packing service

If you pack your things yourself, the moving company is usually not responsible for the damage done to them. However, if you ask your Sunny Isles Beach movers do that, you can pay big prices for boxes and packaging materials, not to mention time and labor. But it doesn’t have to be like that. If you decide that you need a packing service, ask about the experience of packers. They are usually careful, but you still don’t want to take a chance. After all, you don’t want your furniture to break because the movers were reckless.

No unexplained additional fees

Do you live in a two-story house or in the apartment on the 15th floor? If this is true, you will most likely need to pay extra for the fact that movers must deal with stairs and elevators. Do not forget to ask your movers about any additional fees that may be applicable to your situation. And the right Sunny Isles Beach movers will gladly explain you all the additional fees.

Paying to Sunny Isles Beach movers
Additional fees are OK, as long as it is clear what they are for

No blank moving contracts

Never sign a blank contract. Get absolutely everything in writing. It is necessary to indicate the evaluation of the movers and any additional charges, as well as the date of pick-up and delivery.

Read your contract and make sure that all your items are listed. If something is not in the form of an inventory that you sign before the driver leaves, you cannot expect it to be in the box when he comes. And you cannot ask for something that does not appear in the inventory list.

Moving insurance

All moving companies are obliged to take responsibility for the cost of goods transported. However, there are two different levels of responsibility. You need to be aware of the costs and scope of protection provided by each level. Ask the representative of your Sunny Isles Beach movers to explain you both and recommend you what moving insurance is best for your situation.

Report any problems

You have nine months to report any problems of the moving company and file an insurance claim. So if you open the boxes in a year and find the glass pieces, you have bad luck.

On the day of the move, try to open each box and examine it to check for damage. Before signing, check the possible problems with a movers’ copy of the bill.

Your movers have 30 days to confirm receipt of your claim. Within 120 days after receiving it, they must reject your claim or make a proposal for payment.

Is it easy to recognize all the signs of reputable Sunny Isles Beach movers?

High quality Sunny Isles Beach movers
Only the highest quality is the right for you

It actually is. The most important thing is not to follow the price. Sometimes it can be cheap in the beginning, but all of the sudden, some additional fees show up. Everything must be transparent. And when you are evaluating moving companies in Miami, pay attention to everything from our list. That way you will easily find the best Sunny Isles Beach movers.

Moving In/From Sunny Isles Beach? Making Your Move with a Smile Starts with the Service and Ends in Your Wallet

Residential Moving

There can be no escaping some of the expenses that come with moving in Sunny Isles Beach, but with Orange Movers you are going to find the moving price lower than you expect.

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Commercial Relocation

Moving a business is complicated, especially when you can’t afford to be out of it for even a day. The quick commercial relocation work of Orange Movers is a cost effective way of moving a business without disruption.

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Speciality Moves

Orange Movers recognizes that not all of your possessions fit neatly inside of a box. We have affordable pricing plans available for those special items that other Florida movers think are too heavy, too delicate, or too valuable to take on..

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Local Moving in Miami

A High Level of Trust is Invaluable When it Comes to Taking Care of Your Valuables

We put a lot of weight behind our promise of high quality moving at affordable rates. More than half of our clients are now referrals and repeats, which says a lot about how well Orange Movers delivers on that promise. Former clients trust us, because we put our heart and soul into protecting your possessions and valuables as if they are our own. You are our first priority, and your trust is invaluable to us.

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What Orange Movers Considers A Full Service Move, Mean

A full service move in Sunny Isles Beach is not being handed the keys to a truck. What we do for Florida residents is provide boxing, shipping and unpacking services, so that you can just sit back and smile. Our team of expert movers will disassemble your entire home, and then put it all back together, in its new location. Priced to please, you won’t find a better local moving deal than with what you get from Orange Movers.

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Local Sunny Isles Beach Moving with Benefits

The Orange Movers local moving package is full of perks and benefits to put the sunshine into your move. Not only is this the affordable way to move in and out of Sunny Isles Beach, we give you free boxes to help get things started. And for those of you with more stuff than house, take advantage of a free month’s worth of storage at our secure facility. Low priced moving with valuable benefits is the right way to start life at a fabulous home.

Transparent Pricing Policies

Don’t be sold on a Southern Florida moving company that promises you the lowest prices without the proof to back it up. Orange Movers will never surprise you with undisclosed charges or fees after the job has been done. There are no hidden costs embedded in the small print, or unfair fees for delivering on time. Call Orange Movers now to get a fair quote on what your moving costs will be.


Professionalism and Excellence In Every Move We Make

It makes no difference if you are moving an entire mansion of possessions, or the contents of your studio apartment, you get the same high quality service. Each move is unique, and each deserving excellent service every step of the way. When you want to move in your new home, only Orange Movers will make you smile from start to finish.

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The 4-man Miami crew from Orange Movers did a great job putting all our furniture and boxes into our new home. They were all very friendly, respectful, and hard-working. If my wife and I ever move again we’ll keep them mind. Thanks, guys!

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