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Moving is never going to be a simple undertaking, unless you hand over the responsibility to a professional moving team. We offer a range of services to make moving easy, and in a range of prices to suit any budget. Choose the local moving services you want and need that will make local moving in Lauderdale Lakes easier on you. With Orange Movers, our first goal is ensuring that you are completely at ease when we start to get things moving.

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Are you looking for expert movers Lauderdale Lakes has to offer? Well, look no further, and let the professionals such as Orange Movers be your moving company of choice. We offer professional service, a wide array of customized services and readiness for work the likes of which has rarely been seen. Moving is never easy, and that is why we offer you high-quality service to make your moving experience a little bit easier.

Orange Movers are the best movers Lauderdale Lakes offers

And by a long shot, if we may add. The reason for this is our competent team of experts who have undergone training in order to become masters of their craft. No matter what sort of moving your Lauderdale Lakes home or office needs, we can do it. If your mind can imagine a moving service, it’s a moving service that we can do, and with movers in Fort Lauderdale and all throughout Florida, we cover all destinations.

Orange Movers uphold a high standard of quality

A pile of coins on the table - golden standard of our movers Lauderdale Lakes.
Our qualifications make us the golden standard of moving.

We are certified by numerous organizations, such as:

  • Better Business Bureau, of which we have been a part for the previous six years;
  • Federal Highway Administration;
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration;
  • Department of Transportation;
  • American Moving and Storage Associations.

All of the organizations mentioned above have judged us and deemed us worthy of their trust. “And what do the customers say about Orange Movers” you may ask? According to Yelp, at least, they’re very much pleased. We are judged according to a high standard imposed by our customers and the market, and none have found us wanting.

Orange Movers offers an extremely diverse portfolio

As we said, if you can imagine it, we can do it. We are a moving company, indeed, but that doesn’t mean we cannot handle fine arts, such as:

  • Statues;
  • Paintings;
  • Musical instruments;

And that certainly doesn’t mean that our company cannot handle sensitive office items, such as:

  • Printers – they are prone to ink spill and breaking;
  • Monitors and computer cases – extremely sensitive;
  • Projectors – they have sensitive optical components.

Orange Movers are the type of Hollywood Movers that can move anything

Our moving services extend far and wide, and nothing is beyond our reach. The only thing we truly have to win is your trust. Here’s a short list of services that we can do for you:

  • Commercial Moving – our local movers in Miami can move your office, including your sensitive office supplies, in a quick, cost-efficient, timely and orderly manner;
  • Residential Moving – we can move your household inventory and unpack it in your new Miami home at the speed of light, so you can begin your new, beautiful and prosperous life without any delay;
  • International Moving – whether your stuff is going on a plane, by truck or sailing on the high seas, we can make sure that it reaches the faraway lands intact. It will be there, on the other side of the globe, waiting for you to start a new living experience;

Orange Movers doesn’t offer just moving services, however

Primarily, we are movers. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t capable of anything else. You see, there are various moving activities that movers Lauderdale Lakes can do for you. For example:

  • We could help you de-clutter your home and pack your stuff before you move;
  • A free in-house estimate is also in order when we arrive at your home;
  • We will give you a full estimated price – we don’t want any surprises and you probably don’t, either.

    Shake on a deal with our movers Lauderdale Lakes and enjoy a stress-free move.
    Let’s get down to business – a new, bright future awaits.

Orange Movers offers storage like no other movers do

In terms of quality, our storage capabilities are far superior to that of other Movers Lauderdale Lakes has to offer. That being said, what sets our storage system apart from others is strict control, review and maintenance of storage units. Our storage units have a system that regulates all the atmospheric conditions inside said storage. These conditions are:

Storms and hurricanes have nothing on the safety our storage units provide.
Our storage units offer protection, even against the worst weather imaginable.
  • Temperature – perhaps the most important meteorological condition. High temperature during sweltering hot days in Lauderdale lakes can damage electronics;
  • Humidity – too much moisture in the atmosphere may cause the electronics to short-circuit, as well as strings on some types of instruments to loosen;
  • Sunlight – sunlight is generally not desirable, as it can bleach paintings;
  • Wind – in our storage units, there is none, and for good reason;
  • Insects – our containers and tightly sealed to prevent infestation.

Self-storage is a booming industry in the US, and Orange Movers is glad to be a part of the ever-expanding market. That is why we offer an absolute maximum of safety when it comes to safeguarding your possessions.

Benefits of choosing Orange Movers as your company

No other movers Lauderdale Lakes offers is as professional, efficient and precise as we are. That alone should be more than enough. However, if you’re still not convinced, let us assure you that numerous consumer reviews have praised our knack for efficient and speedy, yet careful, delivery of your goods and services. We consider ourselves more than just simple movers – we believe that moving is an art and that not everyone is suited to such a performance. We are, however. It requires dedication, precision and years of practice to truly master and to conquer the market. So why wouldn’t you grace Orange Movers with your trust and allow us to take you belongings on a wonderful journey to a new life, be in the same city, in the country or somewhere across the globe?

Like a well set up machine - Orange Movers take care of all your needs.
Our movers Lauderdale Lakes guarantee total customer satisfaction.

Orange Movers make it simple and make it worthwhile

That being said, why don’t you give us a call? Even if you need to move as soon as tomorrow, we can be there. In a matter of a few hours, we can be on the road. We are ready for any challenges you may throw at us, and we will always deliver the best service Lauderdale Lakes has to offer. Look no further and contact our expert Miami movers for an estimate, and let’s schedule your adventure!

Moving Locally In Lauderdale Lakes? Go With the Moving Company that Offers a Wide Range Of Professional Services

Residential Moving

House or apartment, one floor or six, Orange Movers provides you with all the tools you need to change your home in Lauderdale Lakes. Our customized moving plans include perks like free boxes and short term storage, to give you a jump start on getting your move in gear. Ask our pros about full service moving in Lauderdale Lakes, where all the heavy work is taken care of by our team. When it comes to local moving in Southern Florida, no one is getting the job done as well as we are. Call us now and find out more about residential moving in Lauderdale Lakes.

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Commercial Relocation

Commercial relocation needs to be carefully planned and executed if you want it to go efficiently. We have a team of commercial relocation pros, who have hands on experience with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether it be a home office space getting an upgrade to a rented space, or a warehouse full of your best inventory, you want our skills on hand to ensure that your local commercial move is done quickly. Speak with our commercial moving experts to start making your plan for business moving success.

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Speciality Moves

Maybe it’s an antique credenza, or a carefully selected collection of wine. Whatever it is that is worrying you about your local move, Orange Movers can find a solution. Heavy, awkward and even invaluable are not a problem for our team, and you’ll be amazed at how fair the pricing is for moving your special items. Let our reps know that you have something outside of the box to move in Lauderdale Lakes, and they’ll figure out an affordable solution to getting it into your new house or office.

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Local Moving in Miami

There Are No Hidden Costs When You Work With Orange Movers

There are moving companies in Southern Florida that don’t always give you an accurate quote on your local move. With Orange Movers, we encourage an in-home estimate, where we are able calculate a fair price based on what you have to move. Go ahead and take a magnifying glass to the contract we offer you, there are no extra fees hiding in any of the print. We work with integrity and honesty when giving you a quote, which is how we have come to be known as a trustworthy moving company in Lauderdale Lakes.

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Building on Our Flawless Reputation One Box at a Time

Over half of our customers have moved with us in the past, or know someone who has. Our business has been built on referrals and repeats, thanks to our professional moving services and fair pricing practices. When you are moving locally in Lauderdale Lakes, choose the moving company that is trusted by your friends and neighbors. We take your faith in us seriously, and work hard to ensure that it is never broken.

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Take Advantage of Our Extra Benefits

Local moving packages from Orange Movers come with all kinds of benefits and surprises. You could be eligible to get 10 free boxes, and a month of storage. This, on top of a discount for local moves within 100 miles.

Don’t dismiss the value of freebies and discounts when calculating the cost of your move. Expenses add up quickly when you move locally, but you can cut some of those out with our special pricing. Call our office to get more details on what types of discounts you could benefit from.

Storage Solutions For Short and Long Term

In addition to being a premier moving company in Southern Florida, we have a state of the art storage facility at your disposal. Whether you need to keep possessions safe for a few weeks or months on end, our facility is available in a number of different price options.

Not only can you store your things safely with Orange Movers, we’ll pack them up and transport for you. This exclusive service takes the stress out of finding a way to keep your stuff safe, while you are waiting for your new house to be ready for you.


Getting From One Lauderdale Lakes Door to the Next With a Smile

Our crew is the epitome of friendliness and professionalism. We love what we do and it shows. From the first phone call you make until the last box has been emptied out, you are going to be impressed with the high level of service we provide, for an affordable price.

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The 4-man Miami crew from Orange Movers did a great job putting all our furniture and boxes into our new home. They were all very friendly, respectful, and hard-working. If my wife and I ever move again we’ll keep them mind. Thanks, guys!

Michael Mulvey

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