Pros and Cons of Relocating Interstate with Kids

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    There are pros and cons in anything in life, this is especially true when relocating interstate with kids. When you’re moving on your own and making decisions only for yourself, things are a little bit simpler. However, if you have kids, you have to think about them before making any big decisions.  If you want to have more time and less hassle with your move, we contact Orange Movers Pompano Beach in order to smoothen the transition and make everything less stressful. Moving with kids is a little bit more complicated and requires some extra planning and thinking ahead.

    The pros of relocating interstate with kids

    You need to think about how you’re going to break the news about the move to your children and how to prepare them for the relocation. We will list the most important pros and cons of relocating with kids you might want to consider before hiring interstate movers Florida. When it comes to an interstate move, things can get especially difficult. There are a lot of factors to consider and easing your kids into it will be one of the most important steps.

    And if you’re planning an interstate relocation with your kids, you should be informed about all the positives and negatives that come with that transition. Once you’re aware of all the good and bad things you can expect, you can start looking for North Miami Beach movers. Here are some of the pros of your relocation.

    A fresh start

    Relocating interstate with kids can have a huge impact on your life. A fresh start is something that is always underestimated. Just leaving all your mental baggage behind and having a sort of another chance to establish yourself is a truly beautiful thing. If you look at the positives, maybe your kids don’t like the current school that much and will like their new school ten times better. Maybe you will meet some amazing new people that will have a profound positive impact on your life.

    These things can very easily happen when you take a leap of faith and uproot yourself. The best things come when you leave your comfort zone and we suggest you start looking at it like that. You don’t want any negative connotations with your new place and that includes the stress that comes with moving. You will need as much time as possible in order to keep everyone in order and positive through this whole experience.

    Better education opportunities

    When you’re moving with kids, you need to think about their needs and their future. Education is very important in shaping the youth, so you should make sure your kids have access to good schools. Moving to a different state with your children could ensure that your kids get the education they deserve. A new state can give your children opportunities they wouldn’t get at your current location. When you’re telling your kids about this change, make sure to highlight the importance of a better school.

    We suggest researching and collages thoroughly when you determine in which city you want to live. There is a lot of variability between cities in regard to education opportunities. There are a lot of factors to consider. First off, try to find a place that has college campuses or a lot of public schools. If your kid isn’t going to college anytime soon, it still matters because places that have a lot of students tend to be generally more education-driven areas.

    Women researching before relocating interstate with your kids
    Education is very important. So, before relocating interstate, you should research the schools your children would have access to.

    A new environment and new experiences

    Change is always good, right? Moving interstate with children sure can be tough, but it will all be worth it. Changing your environment is a very healthy thing. It’s great to break your routines from time to time and get out of your comfort zone. New surroundings include new people and connections, new opportunities, and experiences. Think of this change as an adventure. Relocating to a new state allows you to explore new places with your family and make memories together. So, something you can look forward to when moving interstate with kids is a fresh start and a new environment you’ll get to explore.

    More career opportunities

    Another very important thing to think about is your career. If you are moving to a new state with your kids because of a better job, that’s definitely a good thing. The reason why this is important is that a good job leads to a better quality of life both for you and your kids. It’s a no-brainer, really. Even though your career doesn’t directly affect your children, it plays an important role in your family’s life. Furthermore, it gives more opportunities for the kids to develop when they grow up. Maybe find a part-time job and by doing that, have an excellent personal growth experience.

    The cost of living can drastically decrease when you move

    If you’re moving from a big city like San Francisco to Phoenix, for example, you will notice that everything will be cheaper. This is just one example but it really differs from place to place. You can actually save a lot of money just by choosing a different city that isn’t necessarily worse or better, but just cheaper.

    If you want to avoid some of the most expensive cities in the U.S., we made a short list of what cities you will want to avoid:

    • New York (Manhattan, Brooklyn) – Median home cost: 750,000$, cost of living: 137.8% more than the national average
    • Honolulu – Median home cost: 700,000$, cost of living: 92.7% more national average
    • San Francisco – Median home cost: 1,152,300$, cost of living: 84.2% more national average
    • Washington – Median home cost: 618,100$, cost of living: 58.8% more national average
    • Boston – Median home cost: 518,200$, cost of living: 50.8% more national average

    You get the idea, these places are good to live in, but the prices are really high so they should be avoided. For example, a city like Phoenix AZ is a very good place to live in and the average home costs about 430,000$, so you can buy almost three homes here instead of one in San Francisco. When you decide on a place, visit long distance movers Fort Lauderdale if you want to get a free estimate on how much you’re move will cost you. We understand there is a reason for all of this, but just consider the median home cost and cost of living when moving to a new state. They can vary a lot and can have a huge impact on your finances in a positive or a negative sense.

    City of New York
    Don’t let the big city lights fool you. Sometimes living in a popular area can be extremely detrimental to your finances

    You get to see different cultures when relocating interstate with kids

    Cultures vary a lot from state to state. You would be surprised and how much there is a difference between some cities in regard to diversity and the general vibe of the city. We suggest picking a place that you know will fit your needs first and foremost. Just like there are a lot of different cultures, there are a lot of different people. This is something that can be very personal and can vary a lot from person to person. This is why we don’t want to impose any particular city or type of culture on you. You will have to make that choice 100%.

    group of people standing indoors
    Relocating interstate with kids can mean a more diverse culture

    Cons of relocating interstate with kids

    Unfortunately, it’s not relocating to a new state with your kids is no bed of roses. There are some negative sides to this change. Whether you’re moving to Miami or a smaller city, you should be aware of all the cons of an interstate relocation. There are a lot of factors to consider and you want to make sure the time and money you spend are well worth it. There are a lot of ways to mitigate the negatives of moving, but there are some inevitable things you will need to do. Here are some of the most pronounced cons of moving interstate.

    Leaving friends and family behind when relocating interstate with kids

    Moving to a whole new state with your family can give you lots of new opportunities, but it also forces you to leave some people behind. And we all know that goodbyes aren’t the nicest things to go through. Just like you, your kids have probably also made some good friends at school or in your neighborhood and it can be difficult for them to accept the fact that they have to leave. You will all have to adapt to a new home and meet new people. However, this change doesn’t have to be all bad. Meeting new people after the move can be fun and you might be surprised by the number of new friends you make. So, try to stay positive and talk to your kids. Explain why you’re moving and make sure they know you’ll be there for them.

    Little girl waving goodbye as a con of relocating interstate with kids
    One of the harder things about relocating interstate with kids is having to leave friends and family behind.

    Changing schools

    Big life changes can be tough for children. In case your kids are already going to school, it might be difficult for them to adapt to a new school in a different state. This is a big transition and your kids might get uncomfortable with a new school. Of course, they will adapt eventually and they are bound to make new friends. Until that happens, you need to be a good support system for your kids, prepare them for the move and help them get used to a new life. That’s another reason why you need to have a big family talk before relocating interstate with your kids.

    An interstate move can be expensive

    Moving house always comes with a lot of costs. However, when you’re moving to a different state, these costs are even higher. Although you can find cheap movers Miami, you will still have a lot of expenses. Even after the move, the adaptation process might get costly. So, before you decide to move out of the state with your kids, think about all the moving costs that you can expect and define your budget.

    There are a lot of factors to consider that have an impact on your budget when moving interstates. The average cost of an interstate move is around 5000$. Interstate moving will be much more expensive than local moving. If you want to get you’re free quote and see what the prices are, contact your movers and use affordable moving services South Florida. Usually, the cost is determined by how much your household items weigh and the mileage between your old and new home.

    holding dollar bills
    Relocating interstate with kids can get expensive. Consider the moving costs before making your decision.

    Moving is generally stressful, especially when relocating interstate with kids

    Relocating interstate with kids can have an impact on your mental health whether you realize it or not. Just moving to the same location alone in a city can already cause headaches. Moving interstate with children is another beast. You have to plan ahead and make sure everyone is not over-stressed, that includes yourself. The best thing to do in this situation is to find as much help as possible. That can be professional help or help from a lot of friends.

    It’s best to be realistic about what can be done in a certain timeframe and plan accordingly. If you feel like you need an extra hand, reach out to residential movers South Florida and see what services you need. It can be as simple as wanting some storage space, or if you decide you don’t want to deal with the heavy lifting, you can hire professionals.

    Some of the benefits you get when hiring professional movers:

    • Speed – Hiring professionals will give you a huge speed boost in your move.
    • Safety – Security is our number one priority when moving, the most important thing is to keep your valuables in one piece.
    • Efficiency – Professionals that are trained very well are prone to getting the job done correctly.
    • Stress-free – Depending on how much you want to be done, you can outsource a lot of work to professionals so you don’t have to waste your time and energy.
    Women stressed because of relocating interstate with kids
    Relocating can be stressful if you don’t plan ahead

    Relocating interstate with kids

    So, these are some of the pros and cons of relocating interstate with kids. Now it’s up to you to weigh the positives and the negatives and think about your priorities. Make sure to consult your partner as well as your kids before you make this big change. If you have friends who have gone through this, ask them for advice. You should gather all the necessary information before deciding to move.

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