Setting up office in your Miami apartment

Working from home has its perks as well as its disadvantages. You are often working only on a deadline, so you are free to organize your time however you like. Also, there is the comfort of your own home that you can enjoy, which is always a plus. Still, there are some hindrances here as […]

Step-by-step office relocation checklist

Commercial moving and residential relocations are apples and oranges. Simply put, there are more things to worry about when relocating your office and entire business. Besides the integral parts of any relocation, such as packing, unpacking and similar, you also have to worry about your employees and business documents when relocating your office. Since we […]

Decorate your office space

How to decorate your office space?

After we wrote about home design ideas, we decided to give you some tips on how to decorate your office space. We spend more than half of our waking hours at work. While in the office you must be productive, creative and social. The design of your office affects how you feel and think in […]

Prepare your employees for relocation

How to prepare your employees for relocation?

The moment you tell your employees that the company is asking them to move to a new city, combines anxiety, fear and an immediate flurry of logistical considerations. As your staff prepares for the move, you want to take a good care of them. Moving is stressful, despite everything. So it is important that you […]

Pack your office with ease

How to pack your office with ease

If you are moving your business or office, there are many things that you need to prepare and pack for moving. There are supplies, expensive equipment, important documents, tables, and furniture, as well as office decorations. Starting the process in advance and attracting the help of your employees (and office workers) is the best way […]

Starting a business in Miami as a foreigner

Tips for starting a business in Miami as a foreigner

If you think that it is difficult to start a business in your country, multiply this by several times to understand how difficult it is to open a business abroad. Of course, simply because something is difficult, it does not mean that you should not pursue it. You just need to fully understand the problems […]