Two glasses of eggnog on a red tablecloth.

How To Celebrate Christmas In Florida

When thinking about winter and Christmas in Florida, we are sure that all you see are sunny weather and beaches. There is not even a trace of that traditional Christmas image of streets covered in snow and people wrapped up in scarves and gloves. While Florida may not be a winter wonderland such as some […]

Sleeping on the couch on the first night in your new home.

How to Prepare for the First Night in Your New Home

Moving is such an exciting life event, but it is also one you should be prepared for, especially for the first night in your new home after an exhausting moving. It can be both a happy and sad moment at the same time and it is what you make of it. Luckily we can help you […]

The largest moving truck you can rent is an overkill, and we're talking about trucks such as this yellow truck on a dirty road next to a spare tire.

What is the largest moving truck you can rent?

When you’re doing large-scale moving, you know you just can’t do it properly without an adequate vehicle. And, by adequate, we mean large. Moving trucks come in all shapes and sizes. From a small 3-ton truck to a monster with eight-cylinder engines and unholy amounts of horsepower, you can definitely find what you need. However, […]

Palms like you'll find after moving to one of the best Miami neighborhoods for retirees.

The best Miami neighborhoods for retirees

There are many reasons why retirees are moving to Florida. First, there are many benefits of retiring in Florida. The climate is wonderful, the people are friendly, and you can just relax and enjoy the way of life. However, when you want to retire to Miami, you might have to start thinking about where to live. […]

A close up of a human hand holding a glass, see-through globe. We can see trees all around him, so he must be somewhere in nature. If you want to know whether you are renting green storage or not, look at the building material. Eco-friendly storage facilities are made out of renewable materials, such as wood.

Benefits of renting green storage

The Earth is begging us to start acting eco-friendly. Over the years, people have done a lot of damage to our planet. Luckily, there is still a window of opportunity to turn the situation around and let our Earth recuperate. Going green is now in, and plenty of relocation professionals have joined the fight for […]

Retiring in Florida

Benefits of Retiring in Florida

Is retirement on your not so distant horizon? And are the cumulative years of cold northern winters, making you think about the move to the Sunshine State? There are many good reasons why life in Florida can be for you. And it should not include cutting all your connections to your life on the north. […]