High rise buildings in Tampa, Florida

Pros and cons of moving to Tampa as a senior

All your life you have worked hard so you would be able to enjoy when the time for retirement comes. Now you are finally close to your goal, and it is time to make some decisions. Have you lived your whole life somewhere north, but you are a lover of nice weather? Did you wake […]

palm trees

The biggest differences between North and South Florida

Choosing a place to relocate to is a hard task. This is because there is a huge amount of options in front of you. Even when you narrow down the relocation to just one state like Florida there is still a huge amount of things you need to think about. There are differences between North […]

Moving your office from NYC to Miami

Moving your office from NYC to Miami

Miami has always been one of the most attractive vacation destinations. Beautiful beaches, palm trees, sunny days, relaxed atmosphere attract not only tourists but also an increasing number of companies across America. High fees and increasing costs in cities like NYC, make them expensive and less attractive to start a new business.

living room with one green wall

How to make a home inventory

Many people think that they don’t own things valuable enough to make a home inventory. They are probably wrong. Just imagine how much money would you need to replace everything you have. Go through every room with a calculator. Don’t stay longer than five minutes in each room. Use the calculator to sum the prices […]

A suitcase.

How to pack an essentials moving box?

An essentials box is the first box you will open after moving, or even during the moving day. This open-first box is also known as a survival box or first night box. Many people forget to pack an essentials moving box, and when they do remember, it is already too late. So, do not make the same […]

Two glasses of eggnog on a red tablecloth.

How To Celebrate Christmas In Florida

When thinking about winter and Christmas in Florida, we are sure that all you see are sunny weather and beaches. There is not even a trace of that traditional Christmas image of streets covered in snow and people wrapped up in scarves and gloves. While Florida may not be a winter wonderland such as some […]