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    No matter how much you might like living in a certain place, there are positive and negative things you can say about it. So when looking at the pros and cons of living in Coconut Creek, keep an open mind. And if you are not a resident, well after this article you might just be. So grab your phone and give some of the reliable movers Coconut Creek FL has to offer a call. They will make any transition so much easier. Also, there is no one more familiar with a certain place, than the moving companies that operate in that place every day. So let’s take a look at life in Coconut Creek.

    Coconut Creek is at the perfect location

    When it comes to location, Coconut Creek is in a good spot. It is a small, vibrant town, located in South Florida, in the heart of Broward County. With a population of around 58.000. It is nested right next to Pompano Beach, which it was a part of until 1960. So if you are relocating to Coconut Creek and your local movers aren’t available, don’t worry. Thanks to the proximity to Coconut Creek, you can always contact some of the local movers Pompano Beach has to offer. This proximity to different places is what makes the location of Coconut Creek perfect.

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    Coconut Creek is an eco-friendly city

    One of the important things to note about Coconut Creek is that it’s extremely eco-friendly. Most homes are using solar panels as their primary source of electrical energy. Given that it is almost a must to go “green” while living in Coconut Creek, you need to get yourself some solar panels. As they are fragile but expensive, the smartest thing to do is to pass the responsibility of transport to some of the commercial movers South Florida has to offer. They will handle those fragile solar panels much better than you. And also they will guarantee their condition upon arrival. Because of this green policy, Coconut Creek has an abundance of parks, trees, and green patches of grass for your children to play on. This is for sure one of the greatest pros of living in Coconut Creek.

    There is so much fun stuff to do in Coconut Creek

    Let’s face it, life is more than just working and worrying about serious stuff. For a healthy life and longevity person needs to have some fun. And trust us, fun isn’t something that you lack in Coconut Creek. So go ahead and add “fun time” to the list of pros and cons of living in Coconut Creek. It doesn’t matter if you are a shopping enthusiast or a foodie, there is something for everyone in Coconut Creek. Local cuisine is like no other, ranging from an authentic Mexican restaurant, but also comfort food that we all love. These are some of the top places to visit and enjoy in Coconut Creek:

    • Butterfly World
    • Seminole Casino
    • Coconut Creek Promenade

    Butterfly World`

    What can you say about this majestic place? It’s no wonder Coconut Creek got the nickname “Butterfly Capital of the World”. This one-of-a-kind sight is something that must be seen. It was opened in 1988 and to this day it is the world’s largest butterfly resort. It is located on more than 10 acres of beautiful land. And it has around 20.000 individual butterflies divided into 50 species.

    picture of butterflies
    Make sure to visit Butterfly Garden

    Seminole Casino

    If you are up for taking a bit of a risk and having some fun well, Coconut Creek has something for you. Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek is one of the largest casinos in South Florida. It offers a wide range of games and features more than 2000 slot machines and more than 70 live tables. Besides gambling, this casino offers some of the finest dining in all of Florida. So it might be worth paying a visit and enjoying a five-star meal.

    Promenade at Coconut Creek

    Well, who doesn’t love shopping? This massive open-air, luxury shopping mall is something to behold. It covers more than 23 acres, and it represents one of the largest open-air malls in all of Florida. It contains numerous stores, two large garages, massive office buildings with rental office spaces, and numerous companies.

    Coconut Creek is really secure

    If you are worried about safety when living in Coconut Creek, don’t worry, you are more than safe. While, yes, Coconut Creek does have its share of crimes, they are in large proportion non-violent. The crime rate in Coconut Creek is around 12 crimes per 1000 residents. This makes Coconut Creek safer than 40% of all US cities. So don’t worry about your belongings. Because of this Coconut Creek doesn’t entail the same practices moving and storage South Florida usually requires. Meaning your belongings are safer here than in many other places. So security isn’t something you need to worry about.

    Among all pros and cons of living in Coconut Creek, the economy is the most important one

    Economical stability is usually a make-or-break deal when it comes to living in a certain city. Luckily Coconut Creek is an economically stable community. It largely helps that it’s close to Miami, which brings new businesses regularly to this small town. So if you ever require moving assistance, you have multiple choices, including thanks to its proximity some of the finest movers Miami Beach has to offer. The median house price in Coconut Creek is around 300.000 while renting out two bedroom apartment is a lot cheaper, coming to around 1.800 per month.

    man writing all pros and cons of living in Coconut Creek
    Take your time when researching all the pros and cons of living in Coconut Creek

    In terms of income, Coconut Creek is above the national average income. The median household income in Coconut Creek is around 70.000, compared to the national average of 67.000. While the cost of living in Coconut Creek might be slightly higher, it is worth noting that the minimum hourly wage is 17 per hour. Also job market in Coconut Creek is great, making it easy for people who are looking for jobs, to find employment.

    Are there cons to living in Coconut Creek?

    Well, no place in the world is perfect. The same goes for Coconut Creek. While yes, it is an amazing and beautiful place, it doesn’t come without some drawbacks. First of all, is the weather. Since it is in Florida, you can count on the weather being hot as hell. Some of the record-breaking temperatures were recorded right here in Florida. So extreme weather is something you will need to get accustomed to. This goes also for rainy and hurricane seasons. Since Florida is a hurricane-prone area. Another con to living in Coconut Creek is the lack of public transportation. Buses are rare, and most people are forced to use their personal vehicles for transportation.

    Living in Coconut Creek is awesome!

    Once we have analyzed the pros and cons of living in Coconut Creek, it is safe to assume it is an awesome place to live in. It will provide you with everything other Florida cities do but in form of a quiet, small, and family-friendly town. From high-end restaurants to casual burger places, there is something for everyone in Coconut Creek. So don’t be afraid, and get your relocation going. Good luck!


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