The ultimate college packing list

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    It is completely normal that you feel extremely excited before going off to college. Wonderful years are in front of you and you really should enjoy them to the fullest. Those who managed to reach their dream universities will have countless tasks and the good mood will indeed be over the roof. But just like in any other process, there will be a couple of serious things to deal with. One of them includes packing, and you must approach it with a good and strategic plan. Therefore, Orange Movers Pompano Beach brings you the ultimate college packing list, you can rely on upon!

    Shoes and clothing

    The first and the most obvious thing is to pack your clothes and shoes. Depending on the weather you will need to pack the essentials, but those things you will need later as well. If your college is close to your home, you can leave the clothes for the upcoming season, and simply pick them up later. What matters is that you take everything you need for both classes and daily activities. With good moving services South Florida you will not have to spend too much time doing it, but make sure you have enough just in case.

    college students talking
    Going off to college is very exciting but you must focus on packing everything you need

    Those who will buy new pieces, especially shoes, can keep them in the original packaging. This will save you a lot of space and it will be much easier to unpack later. The good news is that you already know what you will take with you, and make sure not to forget something important.

    Add bedding to the ultimate college packing list

    Considering you will soon be in another place, you will need fresh bedding and similar things. They should be included in the ultimate college packing list no matter how close your home is. You can purchase new ones or simply take those from home. To help you out even more and make sure you don’t forget anything, here is the short reminder list:

    • Bed sheets
    • Mattress pad
    • Pillows
    • Blankets

    A lot of students will decide to get these after settling in. But keep in mind that if you are moving to college with long distance movers South Florida, the first day may just be too busy for you. You will need to travel yourself, wait for your items to arrive, and of course, explore the place. A much better option is to take bedding with you and purchase the rest later.

    Toiletries and other similar items

    The toiletries section is equally important for your college packing list. You should try to avoid arriving and realizing you forgot something important like a toothbrush or shampoo. Once you set the date, try to organize your toiletries and buy more items in case you have to. Having all these essentials on the first night is very important, as you will not have to run around and get them upon arriving. The good news is that all these items are easy to pack as they are usually all placed together. However, try not to forget:

    • Towels
    • Cosmetic items for personal hygiene
    • Make-up
    • Hair styling tools
    • Medications
    shampoo and towels
    The ultimate college packing list should include your toiletries and similar items

    The ultimate college packing list must include your books and other supplies

    Of course, the most important thing you will need to take with you is college supplies. You will need to be extra careful with this one and try not to overpack your boxes. Considering you will know what material you will need carefully organize your supplies and don’t forget to label them. In case you live there, movers North Miami can do this for you, as sometimes books can be tricky to pack. You have to be careful not to damage them and not to overfill your boxes. If college is close to you, you can always go back later and pick up the rest.

    Apart from books and similar material, you will also need to pack learning appliances and electronics. Since these are extremely delicate and fragile, make sure you use good packing supplies. Those who have multiple devices should take a couple of them in a personal bag, and pack the rest with other items. Smaller items like chargers and cords should be in a separate box so that you can set them all up easier.

    Let’s not forget about miscellaneous items

    Of all the things on the list, these will be the trickiest and most fun ones to pack. The easiest method to have them all in one go is to simply picture your college room. There will be a lot of items you will want to bring from your old room, and most of the time they include smaller things. But, no matter the size, you have to make sure they are properly packed and protected before transportation. In case you forget something or they can’t fit don’t worry. Miscellaneous items students need are affordable most of the time and they include:

    • Alarm clock
    • Desk lamp
    • Decorations
    • Laundry detergent and bag
    • Photos and memories
    person behind the books
    One of the most important things you will have to pack is your books

    Everything you can’t bring, you can buy later

    All it matters is that you focus on essential things. Once you explore a new place and learn where the nearest shops are you can purchase the rest of them. In case your budget is tight, the ultimate college packing list should include some things you will need for the future. Don’t forget to pack jackets and warmer clothes for winter, if you will not have an opportunity to go back home sooner. Try to get more information about the college and its area before moving, as this can help you organize some post-moving activities. Considering you will meet a lot of people who are there for the first time too, make sure to include them in your activities.

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