Dog and his owner

Dog-friendly activities in Miami

If you made a decision to move from New York to Miami with your pet you have to get to know the city, and its interesting dog-friendly activities, better. There’s a lot of dog-friendly activities in Miami and we will introduce you to the most popular ones. We have to mention that this South Florida […]

Hands in air at the club

The best dance clubs in Miami

Where to find the best dance clubs in Miami? Think of Las Vegas or New York? You’re wrong. Miami is another name for the nightlife! Miami is also called „the Magic City“, so whether you’re going on vacation or you’re about to move to Florida, don’t miss the chance to feel some magic! Sunshine, long beaches, […]

Visiting this cafe is a must when you decide to spend a day in Little Havana

How to spend a day in Little Havana?

Miami is known for being highly influenced by various cultures. Because of its rich heritage, it is called the Capital of Latin America. Furthermore, the city experienced tremendous growth in population with the mass arrival of Cubans. With this in mind, the community of Spanish-speaking people grows every day. Moreover, if you wish to experience this […]

This amazing view is just a hint of all fun things to do in Miami at night

Fun things to do in Miami at night

Relocating to Miami offers many possibilities. Whether you are moving with your family, your loved one or alone, exploring the Magic City is a fun thing to do. It is a hard choice to pick between Miami’s beaches and exciting nightlife. With this in mind, we say why not both! The exotic life of Miami […]

A person in front of artwork.

Top Museums in Miami to Visit

Are you moving to Miami or have you decided to spend your vacation there? You would be surprised if we told you that Miami is one of the most museum-friendly cities in America. If you are studying art or you’re just an artistic soul, South Florida is a place where you should move! Museums of […]

Eggs Benedict

The best brunch spots in Miami

There is nothing like a tasty, Sunday brunch. You take your family out, sit and eat in a nice restaurant and enjoy your Sunday. However, if you just moved to a new town, you might not know what the best places to go are. As a newcomer, it is relatively easy to spend your money […]