Is moving to Miami right for you?

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    If you’ve never been to Miami you probably have some preconceptions and probably a lot of expectations. You must think about it as a paradise where it’s always sunny and it never rains, except when there’s a hurricane coming your way, but we’ll talk more about it later. Orange Movers Pompano Beach would like to talk about is moving to Miami right for you. We’ll explain how Miami feels like throughout the year, and on an everyday basis. So let’s dive in and see if this tropical paradise is really for you!

    Is the cost of living in Miami right for you?

    So let’s start with this basic assumption that finances are one of the most important factors when relocating. It’s October 2022 in Miami and the median rent for one bedroom apartment is $2,500/month, a studio apartment is $2,060/month and a two-bedroom apartment is $3,400/month. Now the expenses per person are somewhere around $1,000/month when you add it up it’s about $3,500/month. This will also highly fluctuate depending upon the part of the city where you live; for example, if you prefer the most expensive part of Miami it’s the Financial District with the median rent of $4,458/month for a one-bedroom apartment. On the contrary, the cheapest part of Miami is Bent Tree where the average rent is $1,411/month.

    Unemployment is currently 2.30% it fell since it peaked at 15.30% in July 2020. It’s a bit lower than the average US unemployment rate of 3.5 %. Probably this is one of the main reasons why people decide to hire long distance movers Miami and relocate to this amazing place. You shouldn’t have trouble finding a job in a place that has so much to offer.

    A woman holding a pen and a notebook talking to a man, while thinking Is moving to Miami right for you;
    The cost of living might be the second most important factor when moving to Miami.

    More about certain jobs in Miami

    Also, let’s not forget that the average working hour in Miami is about $25.75; that means that the average salary is $4,463/month. We’ll make a short list of certain jobs in Miami and their annual income.

    • The most popular job is Project Manager with an average annual pay of $70,408
    • Director of Operation is one of the best paid with an average of $103,020
    • The best-paid jobs in Miami are pilots, copilots, and airplane engineers $239,250
    • Medical professionals are paid around $237,480 per year

    As you can see there are many job opportunities here. So do not hesitate to contact movers Miami Beach and relocate here. It is true that people move here mostly for the weather but for no income state tax too.

    Is commuting in Miami like commuting in other cities in the US

    If you’re moving from a metropolis such as Los Angeles you are probably sick of commuting. You’ll spend about 30.9 minutes commuting in L.A. compared to 28.1 in Miami. While the average US commuting time is 26.4 minutes. This might not be a lot but trust us if you search the web you’ll find out that in LA or NYC it can be much worse; some people are also talking about waiting for an hour or so in one direction. This also has to do with your proximity to work of course. If you’ll move frequently around  Downtown Miami and Brickell there is Metromover- a free automated train used for public transportation. Commuting from Broward to Palm Beach is easy with the help of a 25-mile elevated monorail and the price starts at $2.25 per ride.

    An electrical train;
    Commuting via public transportation is really popular in Miami and it’s also much faster than a car.

    Over 1000 buses are driving throughout Miami every day with 95 different lines. The price just like for the monorail it’s 2.25% per ride. You also have a trolley which is available from 6:30. Last but not least, let’s not forget the Freebee as the name says it’s free. You can use it in various parts of Miami and you’ll be driven in small golf-like electric vehicles. So you can be relaxed by knowing that your movers Miami FL will not be stuck in the traffic while relocating your belongings.

    So is moving to Miami right for you

    Let’s find out if moving to Miami is right for you. If you like diverse cities, then yes, Miami is a place for you. Miami has always been under the impact of Cuba, the Caribbean, and other Latine countries. Wherever you go across the city you’ll see a multicultural neighborhood. Yet another thing about Miami that can be both a pro and a con is the weather. Florida is the hottest state with a median annual temperature of 71.5°F. For most people sunny weather is okay, but not a lot of people prefer humidity. Another thing that is different from other cities is the traffic; we’ve mentioned it before but not in the context that people like to drive a bit “faster” than in other states. So speed limits aren’t that popular like in other states.

    Sunset in Miami beach;
    Enjoying a sunset on a beach with a cocktail in your hand, can you just imagine it?

    On the other hand, if you’re a fan of beaches you have no excuse but to come here and stay here forever. Some of the most recognizable and beautiful beaches are right here in the city of Miami. You’ve probably watched dozens of TV shows, and movies, and even played video games based in Miami. And the nightlife here is a whole new level, something like the Las Vegas of the South.  Shopping, eating out, music, and other types of entertainment are present here as well.

    Thank you for reading our article about Miami. We hope that now you’ll know is moving to Miami right for you. Don’t get all nostalgic since there are a lot of places that will feel like home in Miami. If you need any help with moving, we’re at your side, just give us a call.

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