Why should you move from Davie to Miramar?

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    Sometimes, when making big decisions in our life, all we need is a little “push” from first-hand information. And while hearing about other people’s experiences will benefit you, when choosing a place to move to, things are a little bit different. If you wonder, why should you move from Davie to Miramar, moving companies Pompano Beach may provide the answer. After knowing what the outcome may be, you will find it much easier to schedule your relocation with professional movers. Let’s compare the two cities and see why Miramar could be suitable for you!

    How often do people move on this route?

    Considering that Davie and Miramar are only 10 miles apart, the answer is pretty clear. Not only that people move to Miramar often, but they also tend to commute there a lot. Before the Global Pandemic, in 2019 around 536 people decided to leave Davie and move straight to Miramar. Even today, a lot of residents consider making this decision and simply settling permanently in the nearby city. Knowing how popular this moving route is, it is good to get a better insight into the reasons for this and point out some traits of the entire process.

    Why should you move from Davie to Miramar?

    Way before you ask movers Davie FL to help you with your inventory, it would be good to know what to expect after your relocation. Your first step to getting there is, of course, to get to know some of the traits that make Miramar a better place for living and working. Let’s begin by saying that Miramar is way bigger than Davie. With a population of 135,077, it precedes Davie which is home to 104,882. This instantly means more opportunities when it comes to jobs and lifestyle. While the population in Davie is not shifting so often, Miramar tends to welcome much more new residents annually.

    person putting money in the piggy bank as low living costs are why should you move from Davie to Miramar
    With lower housing costs, Miramar is perfectly suitable for those who want to buy a property

    Living costs

    According to official statistics, living costs in both cities are 118/100. This is a great opportunity as you will not find a lot of places that differ in size to have the same numbers regarding this topic. Living costs will affect a lot of things in the future for you, and Miramar will give you a chance to preserve your budget. When you think about why should you move from Davie to Miramar and the living costs are all that worry you- your budget will not suffer any losses. However, while overall rates may be the same, other factors included /are not. Let’s see a more detailed comparison:

    • Groceries: Davie 108/100 Miramar 106/100
    • Health: Davie 99/100 Miramar 99/100
    • Housing: Davie 132/100 Miramar 130/100
    • Transportation: 131/100 Mirmar 137/100

    As you can see, housing costs that are much lower in Miramar will often attract new residents. If you plan on buying a property and are looking for a city that will fit your budget, Miramar is an excellent candidate. Moving companies Miramar FL will help you preserve finances even more so that you can even make post-moving plans.


    Those who are moving with kids will have another important thing to think about. Making sure that they have a chance for excellent education will be your priority and Miramar surely has a lot to offer. In total, that city has 95 schools while Davie offers 34. Before you set the date for your relocation, you will need to do proper research and find out which one suits your kids the most. It is good to know that Davie and Miramar often exchange students, and the new school will know how to help your kids adjust better and catch up after moving. To help you navigate with that many schools in Miramar here are more details:

    • Preschools 38
    • Elementary schools 23
    • Middle schools 9
    • High schools 8
    • Public district schools 17
    empty classroom
    Unlike Davie, Miramar has many public schools

    Why should you move from Davie to Miramar if you are a young professional?

    Young people often tend to look for more attractions in a new city and a more dynamic lifestyle. If you currently live in Davie, Miramar will surely have more things to offer regarding this matter. Working from home usually means you will have to spend a larger amount of time at home, and once you do go out, you should look for things that you are interested in. One of the most popular spots is the Flamingo Gardens. To enter and admire the beauty of the garden you will need to pay a $20 ticket and spend the entire day there. You will get to see lovely green areas and even grab a delicious coffee.

    And in case spending time outside is not your thing, you can visit Miramar Cultural Center. With dozens of performances and exhibitions in one day, the center will be a great boost for your energy. After a long working day, you can attend a concert or watch a play. The center even offers memberships so that you don’t miss important events.

    interior of the theatre
    Excellent cultural events are why should you move from Davie to Miramar as well

    Moving to Miramar will improve your lifestyle

    When moving with the help of international movers South Florida, you must always get to know the place you will be moving to. On the other hand, when the distance is much smaller you may think that a couple of visits will be enough to make a final decision. But even if you had a chance to visit Miramar dozens of times, you have to make it different now. Focus on setting your priorities right away, and make sure your job is stable.

    Knowing exactly why should you move from Davie to Miramar will instantly help you plan your future. Living and working in a bigger city like this one will improve several parts of your life, including your career and social life. After all, if you even start missing Davie, it will take you around 20 minutes to be there and see your old friends and family.






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