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    Are you moving to Florida from the West Coast? If you do, you probably want to know what it’s like living in Florida. Florida is also known as the Sunshine State, and that says a lot about it. When someone mentions Florida the first thing you will think about is the sun, beaches, palm trees. If you want to live on the coast that will be a totally different experience that living far from the ocean.

    But, you can generally expect sunny weather with mild winters throughout the state. And that is why thousands of people are deciding to move to Florida every year. And many of them are deciding to retire here. But relocating to Florida is not that easy. And many people realize that moving here was a mistake. But after they already moved. So it would be wise to do good research before deciding to move here.

    Pros and cons of living in Florida

    Florida is a very attractive destination but like everywhere there are pros and cons of living here. Of course, this state wouldn’t be so popular if the cons are more dominant. But they are not. There are many more pros to living here, but the major one is the Florida weather.

    Nice weather in Florida
    Nice weather is the number one reason for moving to Florida from West Coast

    Everyone likes nice weather and in Florida, you will find it all year round. But, if you are coming from California you will find that the climate here is much more humid, and you can expect much more summer storms and rain. Here are the pros and cons of living in Florida.

    Pros of moving to Florida from West Coast

    • Nice weather is the number one reason for moving to Florida from West Coast
    • Beautiful beaches
    • Exotic nature and wildlife
    • Water activities
    • Theme parks
    • Low tax
    • Cheap properties
    • Low living costs

    Cons of moving to Florida

    • Weather can sometimes turn really bad. Just think about hurricanes.
    • Wildlife can be invasive and annoying especially insects.
    • The high number of tourists
    • High crime rates, in some places.
    • Traffic problems in the form of bad public transportation and wild driving.

    Expect nice weather and beautiful beaches when moving to Florida from West Coast

    Nice weather is the first thing everyone thinks about when moving to Florida from the West Coast. Although there are parts of West Coast with equally nice weather it is still the number one reason for moving to Miami and Florida. Fantastic coast and beautiful beaches are also one of the most important reasons for relocating to the Sunshine state. Even if you are not living directly on the coast, the beach is never too far away. Wherever you feel like going to the beach you can visit one and come back in one day.

    Beaches in Florida
    Beaches are another reason for moving to Florida from West Coast

    And because you have nice weather practically all year round it is a great place for sailing, yachting, swimming, diving, fishing, and surfing. Although the most popular activities include the ocean there are many sports that you could play on the hard ground too. The most popular sports In Florida are tennis and golf.

    Other activities

    Theme parks are something that that Florida is known for. Of course, when someone mentions theme parks the first thing you will think about is Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom. But there are many more fantastic places like Sea World in Orlando, Universal’s Islands of Adventure or Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Fantastic nature and exotic wildlife are also one of the pros of moving to Florida from the West Coast. If you like to hike and visit natural sights you will have enough trails, rivers, springs, and lakes to explore for the rest of your life.

    Financial benefits when moving to Florida from West Coast

    In Florida, there is no state income tax and that sounds very appealing for many newcomers. Florida real estate market is very active and new home prices are pretty low compared to the rest of the US. So, it’s not going to be too much of a problem to buy a new house.  And low living costs are also one of the reasons why many people decide to move to Florida from the West Coast.

    Weather can also be a problem if you are moving to Florida from West Coast

    Nice weather is also on the cons list and you maybe wonder why? Well, in the summer months the high temperatures in combination with high humidity can have a high impact on people’s health. Especially, on the old and persons with chronic illnesses. Another bad side of the nice weather is that it can turn very bad very quickly. But luckily storms usually don’t last more than 45 minutes. But the most important thing to be aware of is hurricanes that can be very destructive.

    Hurricane in Florida
    Hurricanes are a major problem in Florida

    Another thing that’s on the pros, as well as the cons list, is exotic wildlife. There were some cases when a person finds an alligator in his backyard.  And you won’t believe the size of the insects you will find here. Not to mention snakes, scorpions, and mosquitoes. This alone can be a trigger for someone who recently moved to Florida to move back.

    Everyday problems

    Florida is filled with tourists and seasonal workers, especially some popular areas. And everyone knows what problems places with lots of tourists have. Some places, especially in south Florida have high crime rates, so you need to inform yourself well before deciding to move to Florida. Especially if you have kids. Also, you will probably have to drive if you want to get somewhere. The public transportation is not something that Florida can be proud of. And people who are living in Florida always complain about the wild drivers who are giving normal people headaches in traffic.

    Moving to Florida from West Coast with the right moving company

    As you can notice moving to Florida from the West Coast have many pros and cons. But if you decide to move to the Sunshine State despite hurricanes and mosquitoes you will find that moving here will be a good decision. And living in Florida is generally a fantastic experience. But moving here can be very complicated, so hiring experienced interstate movers Florida will be of great significance. If you want to move without much stress and without too much of a bother.

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