Best Florida cities for low-income families

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    When you say Florida, you think of sunny days, warm beaches, Miami, Disney World, and so on. However, when you’re trying to make ends meet, you’re thinking of different things. Orange Movers Pompano Beach is a company that specializes in moving and storage South Florida locals rely on, but we also help with advice. For those of you who are low-income, as in, you earn less than 80% of the state’s median family income, this article is for you. Out of all the best Florida cities for low-income families, we’ve picked out some of them just for you. If any of them suit your needs, you can always hire Orange Movers to help you with the move, no matter where you come from! Help is only a call and free moving quote away. Don’t wait any longer: read the article, do your research, run the numbers, and plan your move!

    The benefits of moving to and living in Delray Beach

    Delray Beach, which is located in South Palm Beach County, is well known for being a quaint beach town. If you have a car, you’re in luck, because the I-95 is nearby. This makes it easier to get anywhere, no matter where you plan to travel to. What benefits do you get by living in Delray Beach, and is it suitable for a low-income family?

    a house in one of the best cities in Florida for low-income families
    With a low income, you want to save as much money as you can.

    Let’s take housing into consideration, as it’s one of the most crucial expenses. Your home, whether you’re buying or renting, can cost you quite a lot. However, that’s not the case in Delray Beach: the median home cost here is lower than the Florida average, as well as the national average! The average in Florida is $294,900, which is $3,200 more than the national average, but in Delray Beach, it’s a comfortable $274,900. Another expense that can quite frequently break the bank are utilities: water, electricity, and so on. There’s nothing worse than when you get mail and it’s just ridiculously expensive bills. Thankfully, if you hire one of the best moving companies Delray Beach has to offer and move here, you’ll enjoy utility costs lower than the national average!

    On top of that, in general, Florida’s cost-of-living index sits at 102.8, so living in Delray Beach will cost you a little less than in some other cities in the state. On top of that, in this city, you’ll enjoy a warm and welcoming community and a nice life. Lots of options for your family when it comes to entertainment and shopping, and an opportunity to grow and improve. Depending on where you live now, Delray could easily be a very affordable option for you and your family.

    Another place on our list of best Florida cities for low-income families is Coral Springs

    Because it’s a suburb of Fort Lauderdale, if you decide to move to Coral Springs, our local movers Fort Lauderdale residents choose will be able to help.

    urban city at night
    When looking for the best cities in Florida for low-income families, you probably won’t think of Miami, but you might consider Coral Springs.

    The family atmosphere, thriving businesses, advanced recreational facilities, and top-rated schools are the things that make Coral Springs great. Forest Hills, Lake Estates, and Imperial Point are some of the cheaper neighborhoods in this suburb. The thing about Coral Springs is that it’s one of the fastest-growing cities around. Because of that, there are more job opportunities, and more chances to increase your income. However, there are a few more reasons why Coral Springs is good for low-income families. First and foremost, again, utilities will cost you less than in the rest of Florida and the USA. With so many bills to take care of, lower utility costs will definitely help you out.

    Another great thing that makes life in Coral Springs better for low-income families is the low health cost. While it’s not significantly cheaper than the cost of health in the USA in general, it’s still lower than the average cost in Florida. If living in Coral Springs sounds good to you, Orange Movers can help. We’re one of the many moving companies Coral Springs is proud of that can help move your home in the blink of an eye. All you need to do is give us a call.

    However, there are more cities in Florida that can accommodate your needs

    If Coral Springs and Delray Beach aren’t for you, don’t worry! There are more cities that are low-income-friendly.

    • Cape Coral with its affordable housing and transportation,
    • Gainesville with its lower grocery and housing costs, as well as a low median home cost,
    • Jacksonville with its costs of living being 6% lower than the national average,
    • Daytona Beach with a cost-of-living index of 86.7,
    • and so many more.

    Perhaps the most important thing to do before choosing a city to live in is to run it through a cost of living calculator. Simply comparing your current city to a potential candidate can help you budget and plan ahead. In order to avoid any future problems, researching your future home is the best thing you can do. It all depends on your needs and spending habits, as well as the laws. See if you can get some of your money back, for example, as compensation for moving from your employer or company. All in all, there are plenty of things you can do to make your life as a low-income family easier.

    couple packing for a move
    There are many great cities for low-income families out there.

    All in all, these are some of the best Florida cities for low-income families and those looking for jobs that pay better. It’s getting harder to live comfortably with low income nowadays, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. When you make the right choices and choose wisely, any city in Florida can be the one for you. On top of living as a low-income family, you can also move comfortably despite having a low income! Orange Movers Pompano Beach is here to help you with whatever task you have for us. You name it, we’ll handle it, be it furniture moving, packing, or long-distance relocation.

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