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    Alright, I am trying to be unbiased for this article but it is nearly impossible. Fort Lauderdale is just that gorgeous. I wish I was moving to Fort Lauderdale. But if you are, I am honestly very happy for you. This amazing city is an hour away from Miami if you were to need its glamour. However, despite its proximity to it, it is entirely different from it. This ocean-front city is just crowded with artists and gorgeous homes, waterways, amazing restaurants and cuisine and just an incredible amount of beautiful beaches. This place is just dreamy. I’ve stood there in awe for a week trying to wrap my mind around the place. 

    Moving to Fort Lauderdale will be a superb experience with all it has to offer - a beautiful harbor and lots of ships to begin with.
    Fort Lauderdale is just a wonderful place overall.

    However, if you are still not sure whether this city is for you – here are a few things for you to consider. 

    Moving to Fort Lauderdale

    If you’re even considering relocating to Florida and moving to Fort Lauderdale,  you are already well aware of the tropical – sunny climate that resides in these parts. Warm weather is constant with, so to say, frequent bursts of rain. You also are most likely aware of the unbelievable amounts of tourists and sandy beaches. The place gives the infinite potential for lazying away sunbathing, fishing and swimming. Unless you’re more of an adventurous type in which case snorkeling and kayaking may be more your cup of tea.

    Either way, the combination of the landscape, climate and an incredible amount of things to do, moving to Fort Lauderdale will prove to be an excellent choice!

    Crowded with Artists

    Fort Lauderdale is absolutely rightfully nicknamed Venice of America. If you’ve ever been to Venice you will be able to recognize that vibe. And with the Venice vibe going on there is an absolute flock of artists storming Fort Lauderdale.

    Fort Lauderdale is a sanctuary for creativity. Its neighborhoods organize monthly Art Walk events where you can meet countless innovative artists residing in numerous studios and lofts.

    Amazing Restaurants

    If you’re foody like yours truly you will never really run out of impressive places to dine. There is a restaurant style that would please anyone. You can have your open-air dining in Las Olas Boulevard, or you can have extremely crowded (for a good reason) Beach Place restaurant. If you want to have your seafood groove on you might want to check out some of the old Florida style seafood restaurants.

    The restaurant scene is amazing and it only keeps growing. It is taking huge steps toward being sophisticated and is becoming a full-fledged rival to Miami!

    Fort Lauderdale is VERY Health Conscious

    Fort Lauderdale residents give great value to their health. How does this impact you? They give so much value to their health that it is addictive! You will start being conscious about your health just by being surrounded by people that do the same.

    Moving to Fort Laudedale is moving to a very health conscious place, especially if you like to paddle board.
    There is no excuse for being lazy!

    They put in a lot of work to maintain their health. And the weather of these areas provides a lot of backup to such activities. Good weather means a lot of outdoorsy activities and adventures! If you live there – you have very little excuses to be in poor shape. You can choose between inline skating, biking, and jogging – since these are the most popular activities you can see around Fort Lauderdale. Oh, and yoga too.

    However, speaking of the weather, it ain’t all that perfect. Fort Lauderdale is a hotspot for hurricanes. So be on the lookout. I mean, the place is as protected from it as it can get, but it is a risk you have to accept if you wish to live in this haven.

    Cost of Living

    Ok, here’s where we reach the first hiccup. Moving to Fort Lauderdale doesn’t mean you’re moving to a place where its cheap to live. Fort Lauderdale is expensive. But this is understandable given the lifestyle it offers. No place on earth will give cheap gorgeous weather and sandy beaches.

    It is, however, a tad cheaper than Miami. It is just expensive compared to the state national average. The main cost of live hides behind housing costs. This is the most expensive aspect. Following this, groceries, utilities and healthcare will not hurt your wallet any more than neighboring towns will.


    The nightlife is just epic. I mean the weather and the outlay of the landscape (sandy beaches) simply beg for outdoor events and parties. Fort Lauderdale residents are fun and creative people. This means that some of the best festivals and events happen here. Some of them are the Tortuga Music Festival, Fort Lauderdale Fringe Festival and numerous other food and wine festivals. Add to this the countless open-air beach parties that can occur even randomly and spontaneously – and you got yourself a very active place!

    Moving to Fort Lauderdale – Still In?

    So are you bought? Will you be relocating to South Florida, embracing all its glory? Will you be moving to Fort Lauderdale? Just by writing this my mouth started watering. I can’t decide which is better, the glorious cuisine and restaurant choices, the endless beaches, the nightlife or the weather. It’s simply an amazing place, and even if you don’t wish to move there – at least taste it from a tourist perspective. Then, you might change your mind.

    Moving to Fort Lauderdale is like moving to sandy beach haven - you even neglect the street next to the beach.
    Being surrounded by gorgeous, sandy beaches… The good life.

    However, if you do decide to actually move there, make sure to consult your moving companies for Fort Lauderdale!

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