A dorm room, it is easy to decorate your dorm room

How to decorate your dorm room

Going to college in Florida is very exciting. College days are the best part of your life! However, when you go to college, there will be a problem that could make that beautiful part of life a little bit hard. This is the dorm room. Many students do not know how to decorate their dorm […]

Alternative storage options.

Alternative in-house storage solutions

Throughout our lives, we never take into account all the things we gather. Sometimes we get some cute clutter items to spruce up the decor of the room. Maybe our friends give us a gift replica of an item we have, but we still somehow keep both. It can also be plants, books, magnets, little […]

A gavel.

Landlord rights in Florida

Have you ever thought about renting a home? Maybe you wanted to, but you were too scared of the various rules, laws, and obligations you will have as either a landlord or a tenant. Florida has it’s own Landlord/Tenant Law, and if you are planning a Florida relocation, you should inform yourself about it. It is […]

A pile of books.

Best South Florida colleges

Best South Florida colleges It’s time for college, and you are moving to South Florida to pursue further education. There are so many things to plan and so many things to factor in! Which college will you pick? Will you need South Florida storage? Are you feeling stressed and lost? If you still haven’t decided on what college you […]

moving for college

Where Will You Move to When College Starts?

As a student moving in Miami, or any other college town in Florida, you have a lot to consider when choosing your living arrangements. Each student’s circumstance is different, which will impact your choice in accommodations. Before jumping into any one type of living arrangement, all college students need to consider the following…

College Moving

The Do’s and Don’ts of Moving to College

It’s settled, you got that acceptance letter you’ve been waiting on from the University of Miami, and are winding down your last months of high school life. College is one of the most exciting times in a young person’s life, and often the first taste of what adulthood really feels like.