Most desirable Florida places ranked by young adults

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    Florida is one of the favorite places of today’s generation. It’s a hip and urban place that has been attracting young people for years and years now. That’s why many Floridian cities are teeming with young adults who are just now starting their lives away from their families. Cities like Miami, and all of the amazing moving companies Miami residents recommend, in particular. That said, not every city in Florida will be a good fit for every single young adult. Even though some cities are objectively good, that doesn’t mean that they will appeal to every single person. That’s why it’s up to an individual to do thorough research and choose a city in Florida that’s right for them, personally. However, knowing where to start can be hard since there are so many wonderful cities in Florida. Plus, some of them are arguably better for young adults than others. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of Florida places ranked by young adults for you, in hopes that it might help you choose a city that’s a good fit. See if any of the cities catches your eye and then do more in-depth research on your own.

    Tallahassee is ranked as a top Florida place by young adults

    The capital of Florida is home to only about 200,000 people. However, most of those people are quite young. The median age of this place is around 26 years. That’s because it mostly attracts individuals of college-age since the University of Florida is very popular. And that’s not even the only college in this area. There are quite a few actually. Due to it being populated mostly by young adults, it is a very lively place with a lot to do. Which is pretty much always a plus with younger people. So if you’re looking for a fun place where you can further your education, Tallahassee is the place for you.

    Two women posing with their diplomas.
    Those who want great education should consider Tallahassee.

    Another Florida place ranked by young adults as one of the top 3 is definitely Miami

    Miami is definitely on the list of most desirable places among young adults. That’s why both long-distance and local movers pride themselves in getting tons of work relocating young adults to Miami and surrounding areas. Pretty much everyone wants to be in or around Miami. And who can blame them? There isn’t a single moment where something is not happening in Mimi. Plus, Miami offers all sorts of opportunities for younger people. And let’s be real, it’s pretty much the party capital of the East Coast. That, and more, is why thousands of young adults relocate to Miami every year. If tan, endless opportunities, and partying is what you want, choose Miami and you won’t be disappointed!

    Miami Beach is a great alternative to Miami

    Miami Beach is a more affordable alternative to Miami. Everything is somewhat cheaper there, even moving and storage Miami Beach residents recommend. That’s why many young adults choose Miami Beach instead of Miami. However, keep in mind that neither of these cities is really affordable. After all, they are two of a few most sought-after cities in the whole of Florida, and maybe country even. Miami Beach, in general, is a smaller, less rowdy version of Miami. But it’s close enough to make transportation quite easy were you to get a job in Miami. And that’s exactly why Miami Beach is among Florida places ranked by young adults highly. If you want to be close to Miami, but you’re not able to move to Miami for some reason, Miami Beach is the next best thing for sure.

    Two women at a party.
    Miami is the best place in Florida for anyone who likes to go out a lot.

    Winter Springs is a great place for young adults who value safety

    Winter Springs is another cool place for young adults. And that’s why it has a high ranking among younger individuals. Even though it’s not mainly young people who live there, a good amount of residents is still in their twenties. One of the main reasons why this particular place is popular with younger individuals is its safety. Plus, the fact that it’s quite close to Orlando. However, Winter Springs is on the pricier side. That’s why many young people opt for another option even though Winter Springs offers safety and comfort while still having all the perks of being close to a city like Orlando. Still, even with the high prices, Winter Springs is one of the favorites among young adults. If safety is your main priority and money is not an issue, you might want to consider WInter Springs.

    Doral is the place to be for business-oriented young adults

    Many places in Florida have strong job markets and developed business communities, Doral being one of them. That said, there’s a lot more to Doral than just that. It’s a very safe and beautiful-looking city that’s also teeming with young talent. That’s why many young people move there in hopes of starting their own businesses or furthering their careers. Plus, Doral is a short 45-minute ride away from Miami which is, as you already know, one of the largest cities in Florida. Doral is in many ways a lot like Winter Springs. However, its community of young entrepreneurs and professionals is a lot larger and better developed. So, if you’re looking for a city to start your own business in, or even move your existing business to, get in touch with commercial movers Florida prides itself in, and move your home and your business to Doral.

    A businesswoman writing on a white board.
    Out of all the best Florida places ranked by young adults, Doral is definitely most business-oriented for sure.

    The list of Florida places ranked by young adults is a great way to learn about cities suitable to young individuals

    Choosing the best city for yourself can be hard. Even with a list like this, of top Florida places ranked by young adults, choosing the right city can be hard. Still, it’s a great starting point for further research. That said, don’t make any decisions hastily. Relocating your life to another city can be quite tough and even expensive, especially for a young person. That’s why you should take your time to choose the right place no matter what your needs and preferences are. If you do so, you’ll be much happier than you would be if you chose a place that’s deemed good for young adults, but is not really that great for you.


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