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    Throughout our lives, we never take into account all the things we gather. Sometimes we get some cute clutter items to spruce up the decor of the room. Maybe our friends give us a gift replica of an item we have, but we still somehow keep both. It can also be plants, books, magnets, little trinkets and souvenirs we get on our travels. Whatever it is, one day you look around and notice just how many items are cluttering up your home. And you decide to clean it all up and sort things out. Well, there are a couple of ways you can go about this. First, you can arrange for a reliable Florida storage and put your items there. But, if you like to keep your things close to your heart, then you might look into some alternative in-house storage solutions.

    Get some cheap shelving

    One of the best things you can use for alternative in-house storage solutions is shelves. They are great for holding things, but there are so many great things about them! First, they often leave minimal impact on the room which is great if you are renting out an apartment. You can nail them to the wall if they are hanging, or just plop them on the floor.

    Different shelves you can use as alternative in-house storage solutions.
    There are various shelving units you can use.

    If you have some nooks in your place (like between kitchen cabinets and the wall), you can also have them custom made and just slide them there. You can also get them cheap – even make them! Just use some leftover scrap plywood you might have lying around from another project of yours. First, measure everything and cut the planks so they are a bit oversize. Then get them home and mark them out – they need to be an exact fit in order to snugly fit between your things.

    Use chests as alternative in-house storage solutions

    Another thing that you might need whether you are looking into the best storage Miami has to offer or storing things at home, are the containers you will use. This is where chests, crates and other items come into play. These have two purposes – you can store items in there, and they can serve as a great decor item!

    A jewelry box.
    There are beautiful chests for every room.

    For example, if you are living in a smaller place, but you often need a guest room – you can place pillows, blankets, sheets or anything a guest would need into a trunk. Have that trunk waiting ready in the room which you can use as anything but the guestroom. This will save you space in the closet, which you can use for other things. A fancy trunk will also spice up the room, and you can also use it as a seat once you close it.

    However, just because they are not as fancy, don’t underestimate clear, plastic containers. These are great when you need a lot of storage chests because you can see into them without opening them. This will save you a lot of time in the long run, when you are in a rush and need an item quickly. However, these can stay in the closet – when talking about living spaces, you will want something with more punch.

    Start thinking vertically

    A bookcase.
    Don’t stack heavy items too high.

    This is a trick you only learn when renting self-storage units, but it’s a good one. When thinking about saving space in your home, you need to start thinking vertically. When a lot of people look for the places to store things, they look at their furniture. They look for the gaps between the pieces in order to plop a shelf or a cupboard there. In order to figure out even more alternative in-house storage solutions, look up and look down.

    First, you can use walls as well as spaces above your heads. You can install interesting shelves or cabinets to store your things in. These can be both useful and bring a unique feeling to any room. However, keep in mind that these are only for the light items. Do not expect to put stacks of books or heavy appliances here. You might do it, but it can be dangerous for everyone passing under them.

    Then, look down. Often, there are many open spaces below your furniture. If you have a desk, for example, you can use space below it to put chests or containers there. You can also push the desk chair under the desk in order to make some more room. Then, you can use items that serve multiple purposes. For example, a bench near the door can be useful for sitting as well as storing shoes under it.

    If everything else fails, rent a storage unit

    Finally, sometimes, getting alternative in-house storage solutions just isn’t the way to solve your problem. You might have just too much stuff, or your items might be huge and need special care. If this is a case, then you should look into finding affordable storage for your stuff. These can be great for many reasons. First, you save up the precious room in your home. Then, they often have increased security, so you will know that your items are safe and sound where you left them.

    Sometimes, your items might also need special care. There are things like moisture and temperature that you need to think about. This is why it’s very important to carefully pick your storage units when deciding to opt out of alternative in-house storage solutions. Talk to the storage manager and make sure you see the unit they offer. Ask about the prices, the fees, anything that you might need to know. Look at when the storage is open, and when they management works (these can often vary in storage units). Then, look for another storage. And another. Do not ever settle for the first one you find. Maybe the next one will be perfect for you. Only after you have visited a handful of storage will you know which one is the perfect fit.

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