Do you need a garage sale permit in Miami?

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    A garage sale is one of the most fun and interesting activities you can organize. It is a great way to spend a weekend and use an opportunity to chat with your neighbors. Not to mention that you can also earn some money as well. These sales have become very popular all across the US these days. And benefits of a garage sale are numerous. If you are moving, you can separate items you do not need while packing your garage and sell them. It will put a few extra dollars in your pocket and you will not need to bring something you do not need to your new home. On the other side, you can do it after spring cleaning as well. But, there is one thing when it comes to these sales. You actually need a garage sale permit in Miami. At least in some parts.

    Are you going to need a garage sale permit in Miami?

    Well, this depends on in which part of Miami you are living. Even though there are some common clauses when it comes to the garage sale permit in Miami, some particulars are not the same. The very first thing you should know about this topic is that you are entitled to two garage sales in Miami per year. In case of violation of this rule, you will need to pay a fine and will be unable to organize a garage sale for one year. Therefore, you should plan your garage sales in order to avoid unpleasant situations and expenses for fines.

    Next, you can have a garage sale only during weekends and holidays. Additionally, a sale can last only during the daylight hours. In case you need to get a garage sale permit in Miami, you need to know that you must make a request at least a day before. As you can see there are some procedures you need to follow in order to organize a legal garage sale. When it comes to goods that you can sell during the garage sale, there are some rules as well:

    • You can sell only used items
    • You must display merchandise in an enclosed garage, room, or in a carport
    • Everything you do not sell, you must remove by the end of the sale
    • You can’t use a public area for selling

    You can’t advertise your garage sale either. Even though you will have a sign, as it is a trademark of a garage sale, you can’t display it before the first day of the sale. So, garage sale sign can be visible from the 6 AM of day one and all up to 8 PM of the sales’ last day. Additionally, you can’t have more than two of such signs.

    Miami Shores Village

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    Make sure to get a garage sale permit in Miami if necessary

    If you want to organize a garage sale in Miami Shores Village, you will need to get a permit. In this part of Miami, you can have only one garage sale per year. You can have a sale for two consecutive days, but it must be during the weekend or holiday. Therefore, no working days rule applies here. If you want to organize a garage sale, you will need to complete and submit your request to the Building Department. The cost of this permit is 5 US dollars. Keep in mind that you need to submit this request latest a day before the sale.

    Fort Lauderdale

    Organizing a garage sale in Fort Lauderdale will request a permit. Therefore, prepare yourself accordingly in order to avoid paying fees. Additionally, if you are moving here any time soon, note that there are some pretty good Fort Lauderdale movers in the area that can help you relocate on a short notice.

    South Miami

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    Price of the permit depends on the part of Miami where you are having a sale

    Compared to the other parts of Miami, organizing a garage sale in South Miami is a bit more expensive. You will need a permit, and it will cost you 20 US dollars to get it. All other general rules from the above are applied here. In case you want to have a garage sale in this part of Miami, you will need to fill a garage sale permit application and submit it to the Parks and Recreation Department. there is a Special Event Coordinator in this department who is dealing with this type of permits.

    Miami Dade County

    In case you are living in Dade County, and you are planning to organize a garage sale, we have some good news. A garage sale permit in Miami – Dade County does not require a permit. You can have 2 garage sales per year, and that is the only limit. In case you do not follow this rule, you will be fined. But, there is one thing – garage sales signs are prohibited, hence you will not be able to advertise your sale.

    Once the sale is over, there is a possibility that you will still have unwanted items in your garage. As you can’t organize a new sale at least till the end of the week, or even next year depending on the part of Miami where you are living, you’ll have to find another solution. A smart thing to do is to find an affordable storage South Florida to store all these items till the next opportunity for a garage sale.

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    You can have two garage sales per year in Miami

    Depending on the part of Miami where you live, you will need a garage sale permit. Therefore, make sure you have all the relevant information and get to know the local law. In case you are planning to organize a garage sale, you need to know if you need to have a valid permit for it. Luckily, it is not hard to get a garage sale permit in Miami, but nevertheless, you must go through the acquiring process. If you do not get it, you could end up paying penalty instead of earning money. And you do not want to ruin your weekend because of this formality. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, make sure you abide by the law. We wish you a happy garage sale!

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