Best Florida cities for renters

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    Whenever you are moving, seems like you are always in the process of making decisions. Do you pack a thing or leave it behind? Which Fort Lauderdale movers to pick for your move? Do you go with wrapping paper or will packing peanuts do the job? However, one of the biggest, most important questions that you need to make is – where will you live after the move? If you are still unsure about this, don’t panic! First, decide whether you want to buy a home, or rent it. Whichever way you go, there are a lot of opportunities for you in Florida. That’s why in this article, we take a look at some of the best Florida cities for renters.

    Which are the best Florida cities for renters?

    First, the important thing to realize is just how vast and diverse Florida is. It may seem like fairly thin on the map, but as we mentioned – the opportunities are endless. What do you want out of your best Florida cities for renters? Are you looking for a small, quaint suburban beach town? Maybe you like your exercise and would prefer something with a lot of walking and biking trails?

    We looked into various cities for renters out there in the state of Florida and picked a couple for you. They are:

    • Bonita Springs – a lovely beach town for your family,
    • Fernandina Beach – one of the best Florida cities for renters that love walking and biking,
    • Rockledge – perfect for retirees,

    In the rest of the article, we will look at these in more detail. Who knows – maybe we will prompt you to call your NY to Florida movers and start organizing your relocation today! Florida can measure up to the best cities in the world, which NYC certainly is!

    Bonita Springs

    The first on our list is the lovely Bonita Springs, and there are a lot of reasons why it is one of the best Florida cities for renters. First, you can find it right between Fort Myers and Naples, on the Gulf’s coast. There are over 51,000 people living here – so you will be neither alone nor too crowded. It is perfect for families with children because the crime rate is pretty low, and the unemployment rate follows suit.

    A manatee.
    Visit Lovers Key and watch manatees swim.

    Depending on the size of your family, these are the costs you will be paying for renting after relocating to Florida. If it’s only you, then you will be paying $1,000 for one bedroom rental. If you need an extra bedroom, that will be $1,100. Taking into consideration that the city is on the coast, this is quite cheap for Florida. In exchange, you will get a high quality of life, as well as five amazing beaches in the vicinity of your home. But if swimming is not one of your interests, fear not! You can visit Lovers Key, which is a secluded, quiet beach, and spend the day spotting bald eagles. There, you can also watch manatees swim in the clear, warm water.

    Fernandina Beach

    If you do not really care too much for water sports, then you can settle in Fernandina Beach. This might not only be one of the best Florida cities for renters but also the best one for those who enjoy biking and walking. The city is on Amelia Island, right on the border with Georgia, in the northeast part of the state. And even though you will usually walk or bike around it, you can always sit in your car and drive just 35 miles southwest to Jacksonville.

    A Victorian house.
    Fernandina Beach offers many historical buildings.

    What makes Fernandina Becah great is the historic walkable downtown. There are over 400 buildings there which are all a part of the register of historic places. Also, it is here that you will find many cute little shops and cafes, where you can rest after biking to them. After you have gathered your energy, take one of the 7 bike trails in the city. There is a total of 42 miles for you to cover, so you will not bore easily!

    When it comes to the rents, the city is similar to Bonita Springs. You can find one or two bedroom rentals even for less than $1,100, while a three-bedroom rental will cost you around $1,500. Since you are living on an island, this is quite a small price to pay.


    If you are retired and looking into the best Florida cities for renters, then Rockledge is your place. Just over 50 miles east of Orlando, the city sits on Florida’s Space Coast, and 26,000 people call it a home. However, the smaller population doesn’t mean you will be bored in Rockledge. On the contrary, there are so many options for entertainment here! There are wineries and beaches, as well as the Kennedy Space Center. The cruise capital of the world – Port Canaveral – is also nearby, so you should pay it a visit after your long distance movers drop you off here!

    Disney World castle.
    Disney World is just a short drive away!

    The prices are even lower in Rockledge than in the previous two entries! 2-3 bedroom rental homes can be found for anywhere from $850 to $1,000. The low rents and the high quality of life make Rockledge one of the best Florida cities for renters. The crime rate is very low – it’s staggeringly low considering the national average. It is also almost a half of Florida’s crime rate (which tends to be quite high). What this means is that, whatever age you are, Rockledge is a safe place for you and your family.

    Explore more of Florida!

    Even though we only talked about three of the best Florida cities for renters, there are many more for you to explore! We implore you to search far and wide because Florida offers so many opportunities for you! Make sure you talk to your cheap Miami Movers for their recommendations, because they might have some great tips on where you can settle next! Your new home is out there, waiting for you to find it!

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