How to Dispose of Hazardous Waste Before You Move

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    There are many things you need to cover when moving. Relocation is a hard, time-consuming and expensive project. But, if you plan everything right, you can actually enjoy the whole process. In the end, you are going to change your home, and there is so much to enjoy. But before that, you need to realize that there are some responsibilities that you need to take care of. You probably already know that there will be a lot of mess during the move. Boxes, packing supplies, your belongings everywhere. Of course, your goal is to pack everything and to move to a new home. But there are some items moving companies won’t move. Many of those items are dangerous for the environment and health, hence your job is to get rid of them. Here you’ll find a lot of useful tips on how to dispose of hazardous waste before you move.

    Which items are considered to be hazardous

    Even though you are maybe not aware, you actually have some hazardous items at your household. It is very important to treat them carefully and properly dispose of hazardous waste before the move. Conveniently, The Environmental Protection Agency has a full list of items that are hazardous, but here are the most common groups:

    • Combustible and flammable items – these can ignite and burn very easily. Some of these are cans of gasoline, propane tanks, and flammable items under high pressure.
    • Corrosive materials – these are substances that can corrode metal. Almost all strength cleaners are in this group. Anything containing a strong acid is a hazardous material.
    • Toxic substances– these can even cause death upon contact with your skin, eyes or by inhaling them. Paints, motor oils, grass killers, and many cleaners that you might have in your home are in this group.
    Acid in the vial
    Anything containing acid is a hazardous material

    The reality is that you are probably not even aware of how many such items you have in your home. If you have ever used any of those, it is important not to bring them with yourself to the new home. Everything that is unopened you can bring, but under special circumstances. Everything else is considered to be a waste, and you do not need trash in your new house. Not only that it is probably useless, but it can be very dangerous as well.

    Check the labels when wanting to dispose of hazardous waste

    In order to identify hazardous items in your home, you will need to check labels. Therefore, once you start packing, you must check what does the label say. If you spot any warning sign or read that something is in the above-mentioned groups, make sure you treat it as a hazardous waste. If you decide to bring it with you despite the warnings, you must realize that you are endangering your and life of your movers. It is highly advisable to dispose of hazardous waste in order to ensure smooth and safe relocation.

    Labels for danger
    Always check product labels

    Carefully handle hazardous items

    Whenever you are handling items of high risk, make sure you have an adequate protective gear. If you need to transport your propane tank, cover your nose and mouth in order to prevent inhaling. In case you are handling flammable items, stay away from the open flame. For acids and other cleaning products always use rubber gloves. There is no place for mistakes once it comes to these items. It is simply a risk you can’t take. Therefore, get the necessary protective items and treat these materials with extra caution.

    Hire professionals

    The most important thing in order to dispose of hazardous waste is to hire a professional agency for such an undertaking. For instance, if you are moving to Miami from a different city, you will need to hire long distance movers Miami. If you need a place to store your items temporarily or permanently, you will find good storage service company. Therefore, in case you need to dispose of hazardous waste, you need to find a good company to do it. In all honesty, you could do it by yourself. But, if you do not have any experience, it would be recommendable for you not to handle dangerous items. Not only that you could face serious injuries, but you would probably have trouble finding an appropriate place to leave this waste. Hence, do not waste your time and take unnecessary risks, just find reliable professionals to handle this task.

    Recycle if possible

    Some of these items can be used for recycling purposes. Recycling is sustainable and responsible, thus you should try to find a solution to do it. Not only that you will help save the environment, but you will be able to get rid of your waste on a shorter notice. Additionally, you can actually donate some of these items to people who need it. There are many forums on the internet where people are willing to take, or even buy such items. Use this opportunity, as you could end up with a few extra dollars in your wallet.

    Propane tanks
    You can recycle some of these items

    The most important thing when you want to dispose of hazardous waste is to stay safe. Many of these items are very dangerous, and you can’t risk injuries before moving. You need to stay healthy, strong and sharp for all the other things you need to cover. Keep in mind that you need to get the info about items that Florida moving services will not cover for the relocation. There are some pretty strict laws when it comes to hazardous materials and items in this US State. In case you actually need to bring some of these items with yourself, you are going to need a special moving service. If you can’t find any, ask your movers to recommend you some, as they will know how this goes. But, it is highly recommendable to dispose of hazardous waste and not to transport it at all.

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