Nationwide Moving Tips: Packing Your Garage

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    Nationwide Moving Tips: Packing Your Garage

    Packing your things for nationwide moving can be intimidating. Most of us have a lot of stuff, maybe even more than we actually need. Packing the things inside your home is time-consuming enough, but what about your garage? Before your nationwide movers arrive, you’ll need to organize and pack your tools, spare parts, and anything else you keep in the garage. Some of these things are easier to move than others, and as with your indoor stuff, you might end up doing an audit and tossing or donating things you don’t need. Here are some helpful tips for packing your garage before an interstate move away from Medley.

    Watch Out for Spiders

    It’s true that brown recluse spiders aren’t nearly as dangerous as people imagine. They’re called “recluses” for a reason — they’re shy and they hide. Also, most bites are dry bites anyway, and many supposed recluse bites are misdiagnosed infections. But with all of that said, especially in the summer, dusty garage corners in Plantation are prime territory for brown recluses. Clothing, tarps, cardboard boxes — if it’s been unattended and untouched for a while, and it’s in a garage, you’ve got a one way ticket to spider town.

    These spiders are far more afraid of you than you are of them, but we recommend taking some precautions. Most bites occur accidentally when a spider is trapped by your hand. Wear some gloves, and move boxes and other materials carefully. Shake out any blankets or clothes that have been on the ground or on a shelf.

    Nationwide Movers Can’t Transport Certain Items

    We can definitely move your boxes of tools, children’s toys, and other stuff that’s been gathering dust in your garage. But there are certain common items that we actually cannot legally transport. This includes fuels, oil, propane tanks, many household chemicals like paint thinners, car batteries, and even cleaning supplies. We can’t move these things for safety reasons, so you may want to throw some things away or donate them to someone else.

    Be Careful Packing Sharp Objects

    Many of the tools in your garage are sharp — garden weasels, pointy shovels, saws, axes, machetes, things like that. We recommend combining bubble wrap with old blankets or sheets for snug, secure padding and coverage. You can secure the wrappings with zip ties, bungee cords, or rope.

    Drain the Fuel from Gas Operated Power Tools

    We cannot safely transport things like lawn mowers and chainsaws if there’s still fuel inside them. You can use a hand pump to safely siphon out any gasoline that’s still inside. Even a small amount of fuel in the tank can be unsafe during transport.

    At Orange Movers, we’ve helped countless people move nationwide reliably. To arrange a consultation and cost estimate, or to find out more about safely transporting certain sensitive items, call us any time.

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