Best Backyard Lighting Ideas

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    You just hosted the best barbecue party in your backyard. Your friends are enjoying the delicious sausages, juicy burgers and out-of-this-world steaks that you prepared. The party is just getting started while you enjoy a drink and have a pleasant conversation with your guests. But here is where the fun stops. The day comes to an end and you are robbed of the sunlight. The party is over, or you are forced to go inside instead of staying out and enjoying the fresh night air. If only you illuminated your backyard! If this sounds familiar or if it creates an unsettling feeling for your future party planning be one step ahead and think about how to avoid this little problem. We bring you the best backyard lighting ideas to solve your issues and keep the party going all night!

    How to set up backyard lighting

    A few years or months ago, Miami Beach movers helped you move to this beautiful city. Now use the opportunity to decorate your new place the way you see fit. Bring some joy and happiness to your home by creating the perfect backyard! There is a multitude of options on how to successfully set up lighting and illuminate your house. To setup backyard lighting you can do it in two ways:

    1. DIY backyard lighting
    2. Lighting shops and online stores

    There are a lot of useful lighting items that you can buy but making them yourself makes it more fun. It will be unique, and everyone will appreciate it more, especially you. We bring the best of both worlds. With a little money and effort, your backyard will look like a scene from a fairy tale.

    Two candles
    Place beautiful ornamental candles

    Shop shop shop

    Who doesn’t love to shop? We all spend money to improve our lifestyle but when it comes to backyard lighting, shop smart and save money. Since we are about to show you what you can make yourself, here are a couple of things that we advise you get online or in a local shop.

    String lights

    String lights can provide lots of light and they can create a festive atmosphere. Whether you choose to wrap them around the center of your backyard or use them to decorate tree trunks you cannot fail. Little shiny bulbs will provide enough lighting to create a perfect setting for a quiet night.


    These ornamental boxes will give a classy note to your backyard. They can be attached to posts, tree trunks, and backyard walls but you can also place them on the ground. If you spend a dollar more, you can find old-style lanterns that will give a rustic spirit and take you back in the old times.

    Backyard lanterns on the fence
    Arrange well-lit lanterns atop the fence line

    Candle holders

    If you are more for a romantic setting this investment will be just what you need. They come in various sizes and shapes, with glass walls or hollow. Pay attention to where they will be placed, because if it is windy in your backyard the candles will go out, so find a good, secluded place. You can spend a little more and buy scented candles which will not only provide the lighting you need but the aromatic, captive aroma in the air.

    Rope lights

    This special type of lighting equipment can bring your creative mind out in the open. Pick the color of light you want and find the best way to use them. You can glue these rope lights on the sides of the tables and chairs or spread them atop your fence line. One more creative idea is to mark the sides of the backyard pathway which will make them clearly visible during the night.


    This might be a challenge as you will need a perfect spot to place them. As they will need to go up high, think about the electric cables. The best way would be to use a side branch or the top of the pergola, you can wrap the cables around the tree or up the wooden posts and decorate them with plastic leaves. Chandeliers might be on the pricey side so think through if you really need to buy them.

    Wooden pergola
    Improve your backyard with a pergola

    Chinese lanterns

    Create a feeling of exotic east locations using these creative ideas for backyard lighting. You can spread them over the entire backyard, just set the correct height so you don’t bump into them. Depending on the material you choose, the light may be bright yellow or brownish red.

    Let’s get creative

    Enough with shopping, let’s see what backyard lighting ideas we can bring to life using our hands. Before you start getting your hands dirty, there are a couple of items you will need to acquire first. Have no fear as these are useful ideas on how to renovate your home on a budget by introducing lighting to the mix. To make the best ideas happen, you will need:

    • recycled bottles
    • jars
    • jar lids
    • aromatic burning oil or torch fluid
    • torch wick
    • scented candles
    • electric drill
    • screws and nails
    • lightbulbs
    • rope

    Create a workstation

    Before you bring your ideas to fruition, you need to prepare a workstation and clear some space in the backyard. If you have some valuable possessions that you want to save from possible damage, you should consider using storage Miami Beach where you can find cheap units for safekeeping or even use them as your workstation.

    Jar torches

    Often the best creative and quick remodeling projects are the simplest, and in just a couple of minutes, you will have perfect lighting ready.  First, make some holes in the center of the lids and place torch wick all the way through. Clean some jars, fill them halfway with torch fuel and place the lid on top. Arrange them on the table or on the side of the pathway, just be sure you don’t knock them over when walking by.

    Crafty jar candles
    Combination of candles in a jar, decorated with macrame knots

    Hanging candle chandelier

    This will require a bit more skill but it is worth it. Place candles inside wide open jars and wrap the top with rope. To create intricate knots use macrame techniques and the results will amaze you. Tie the jars asymmetrically around a metal ring and use the rope to tie it to a tree branch or the top of a pergola.

    Flame-less wooden logs

    This is a simple idea, but it delivers amazing results. Take a metal or a wooden wide bowl and place logs of wood inside, arrange them like in a fire pit and wrap string lights around. It will create a warm feeling of a fireplace and surprise your guests.

    Glass bottle torches

    This project requires more skill, but it is rewarding at the end. Find a place where to screw in the mount and drill holes in the wood, attaching it securely with screws. Create a handle around the bottleneck by connecting one split ring hanger with screws and attach it to the mount using a zinc plated threaded rod.  We cannot stress enough how important it is to pay attention when working with any tools to avoid any injuries while remodeling. Once you are done with attaching all parts, fill the bottle with scented burning oil and place the wick inside, securing it with copper coupling. Once you light it, the dramatic effect will be worth all the hassle.

    Backyard from your dreams becomes reality

    If you followed our steps so far, your backyard is illuminated the best way possible. Using these backyard lighting ideas and investing time and money will give incredible results and create a unique atmosphere. It pays out to be creative and invest in your home and improve your life. Miami neighborhood will be richer for one beautifully lit backyard!

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