Tips for Downsizing Your Office

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    If you were to ask any business owner about their monthly expenses, they would tell you that renting office space costs an arm and a leg. However, if you have a business, renting some sort of office space is a necessary evil. How else are you supposed to conduct your daily tasks? Since, in this case, bigger does not mean better, learning different ways of downsizing your office is the only logical step! As experienced residential, as well as office movers, Orange Movers present to you a few pieces of advice that will make this endeavor easier to carry out!

    If possible, consider remote working

    In this day and age, the Internet is a useful tool. It provides us with information on pretty much every subject, and it helps us connect with people. But the Internet and the modern day technology can also be good friends when it comes to the working environment. If you own a business in a branch where remote working is possible, it is the best idea to allow your employees to pick up their laptops, and take their work home. In case you don’t see remote working as a good and beneficial thing for your business, give it a second thought.

    A woman working on a laptop.
    There is no way of having a small office space with dozens of employees.
    • Downsizing your office will be much easier if you have fewer employees on the premises.
    • Working from home will give your employees a chance to better balance their work life and family life.
    • Happy workers, who are well rested and have a balanced life, equal efficient workers.
    • The word will spread around town about you being a good employer. Therefore, you will have a bigger pool of workers to choose from for different positions in your business.

    If you are trying to save some money on office space, there is no need to spend days looking for the best North Miami Beach movers, capable of relocating your business to some cheaper neighborhood. All you need to do is allow your workers to take their work home. Trust us – everyone will be happy at the end of the day!

    Utilize the benefits of the 21st Century

    In the last millennium, a typical office consisted of loads of cabinets filled with documents and paperwork. Today, we have an opportunity to keep all of those same document in one place – on our computers. The easiest way for significantly downsizing your office is by getting rid of the paper trail. Besides, with data backup options, such as Cloud and USB ports, your documents are as safe as they can be. We do understand your need to do things the old-fashioned way. After all, sometimes we do get carried away in these modern times; so we forget about the beauty of the bygone times. But when it comes to this matter, deciding to go electronic is the best thing you can do for your office!

    A laptop on a table next to a blank paper.
    A big percentage of your documents should be kept on your laptop.

    Consider renting a storage unit

    In case you have a surplus of items which you do not wish to throw away, there is always a simple solution. In these instances, renting out a storage unit in Florida is the way to go. Now, you may wonder how renting a storage unit can help you save money. Don’t you have to pay a monthly fee for a unit, after all? Of course, you do, but that fee is still much cheaper than a bigger, more spacious office.

    But you have to be careful when renting a storage unit as a way of downsizing your office. Don’t opt for low-quality storage solutions in an attempt to pay less money. In case something happens to your items, you will lose a lot more than you would have to pay for a climate-controlled unit every month. Of course, if you want to clean out your office without keeping any items, we still urge you to do so. Whether you donate, sell or throw away your office furniture, your offices will look more spacious and organized – it is a win-win situation!

    Consider whether you really need every room in your office

    In case you have an office with multiple rooms (since you are reading an article about downsizing your office, we assume you do), letting some of them go is a good idea. For example, meeting rooms are always spacious, with a huge desk and a lot of chairs. Is there really a need for such a room in your office if you have monthly or even annual meetings? If there is a room you don’t use on a daily or at least a weekly basis, trust us – that is a room you do not need. Of course, since you cannot just cut off an entire room, moving your office to a different building is a choice to consider.

    A meeting room.
    Downsizing your office means remaining practical.

    Finally, in case the prices in Florida are too high for you, you should consider relocating your business to a different state. Of course, you won’t be moving to New York any time soon if cheap is what you are looking for. However, there are many other states with prices more affordable than the ones in Florida. After all, why not hire interstate movers Florida and venture on a different path?

    Downsizing your office comes with plenty of benefits

    And the first one we can think of is bigger savings! The amount of money you will be able to save by downsizing your office is not negligible. And, in case you can’t make the space you have at the moment work, what else are you supposed to do but move? Educate yourself on the matter so that you avoid common office moving mistakes, and relax. The future of your business mostly depends on you and your workers. Office space is there to simply help the matter by giving you an organized space from where you can work. Good luck, and we hope everything will go as smooth as possible for you!

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