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    In the era of social media, it is easy to believe that all our friends live in perfect lives, filled with homemade delicacies and their own masterpieces. Everyone wants their home to look incredible and modern. In this troubled world, who has the time? Sometimes it is just easier to hire Fort Lauderdale movers and change house. But, there is no need to do that. Check out these remodeling projects you can do in a weekend.

    Brushes for remodeling projects you can do in a weekend
    Got extra time this weekend? Try one of these DIY remodeling projects you can do in a weekend.

    Spray paint old hardware

    Refreshing the old hardware is one of the easiest, cheapest and fastest ways to update the look of your Florida real estate. The houses purchased in the early 2000s had gold fixtures and equipment. While new houses for construction now use much more faded, bronze and nickel colors.

    Paint the front door

    One of the most impressive DIY repairs you can do is paint the front door and trim. On Saturday, you will need to start early, because you will need to remove the door hardware and clean it, discard the door and trim. Do not rush to this preparatory work, because it will make the completed work better and longer. Try to paint the door before lunch so that it has time to dry before evening when you have to replace the door handle. You can do trimming after lunch.

    When you finish painting, enjoy the day until the paint sets. Replace the hardware so that your home is safe that night. On Sunday, all you have to do is remove the hardware and apply the second coat of paint. You will finish before lunch and get all day to enjoy.

    Paint or wallpaper the wall

    Is there a wall in your house that you could refresh a bit? Painting or wallpapering is perfect remodeling projects you can do in a weekend that can have an impressive visual effect. The great thing about the interior walls is that you don’t need to stick with neutral colors. As long as the color or pattern of the wallpaper you choose fits into your decor, you can do whatever you want. Think of an interior wall as art, not a wall, and you get a picture.

    Kitchen remodeling projects you can do in a weekend

    No, you cannot make a complete renovation of the kitchen at the weekend. You would also need to hire remodeling contractors for that. But you can make great improvements to it, instead. During the week before you begin, take stock of all your kitchen warehouses. Can things be better arranged in your pantry, drawers, and closets? On Saturday morning, go to the nearest store where you can buy spare items, and buy box inserts and baskets that you need. You can easily install everything in your free time on weekends. Perhaps add a hidden drawer to the cupboard or spice rack while you’re on it.

    Renovating the kitchen
    Make your kitchen glow with remodeling projects you can do in a weekend

    Bathroom renovation

    You will be amazed at what changes the weekend renovation can make in the bathroom. If your shower looks dirty, it does not take long to wash the mashed soap from the tile and the glass shower screen. Take a closer look and see if you need a tile re-grouting. You can do this work in the stages. But even if you change all your tiles in the bathroom, it will not take more than two weekends.

    Framing bathroom mirrors

    Your house probably has a basic rectangular mirror attached to the wall with a few screws and some glue. You can remove the entire mirror and replace it with those purchased in the store. However, it can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. No one wants a home improvement project turned into a trip to an emergency department. Framing your rectangular mirror is an inexpensive and easy way to upgrade your bathroom.

    Improving your laundry room

    In the decoration department, laundries are traditionally overlooked, but this is changing. Since doing laundry takes a lot of time, it makes sense to create a warm and cozy place. You can add a folding table, replace wire racks with wooden shelves, and store essential items such as detergent and fabric softener in decorative glass dispensers.

    Updating interior doors

    If you bought your house in the 1990s, it probably has simple, flat, hollow doors. If you cannot afford to replace every inner door, you can create the illusion of updated doors using trim and paint. Check our guide for more ideas on how to renovate your home on a budget.

    Painting interior door
    Painting your interior doors can make them look new

    Making your closet awesome

    Wardrobe renovation is another exciting new trend. With inspiration from famous cabinets, many people turn what used to be a simple storeroom into an exhibit and a relaxing retreat. All that is required is a small reorganization and a few tricks to make your closet stunning. Just add paint or wallpaper and new lighting. Chandeliers are also especially popular.

    Turn the full-size mirror from boring to beautiful

    Everyone has at least one of these cheap full-size mirrors that you can find in most supermarkets. They are more functional than attractive. And, as a rule, they are on the inner doors of the cabinet. If you give a makeover to your cabinets, a full-length mirror should get one too. Decorative full-size mirrors can cost more than $100, but this DIY project will not break the bank. Here are some more Miami home design ideas you could use.

    Replace the pantry door

    Along with closets and laundry rooms, a pantry is another, a generally forgotten area of the house. If you want to refresh the look of your kitchen without tearing it apart, just replace your pantry.

    You can get a beautiful French glass door or a stained glass door to hold your dry goods. If you do not want your guests to see the contents of your pantry, you can add a double-pull curtain to the inside of the door.

    Outdoor remodeling projects

    If you look at the big picture, you might think that your exterior repairs are too big to handle. However, take a look, and you can find DIY remodeling projects you can do in a weekend. Some weekend projects to consider include:

    • Install some potted plants in your patio to spice it up.
    • Build a short retaining wall.
    • Planting a garden in a planter box.

    You may have to plan ahead if you want to lay paving stones at the weekend. First, you may need to prepare the ground and apply a layer of sand to help the handlers and prevent weeds. If you have all the materials you need to deliver ahead of time and are ready for some work, you can finish during the weekend and still have time for breaks.

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