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    Moving to a new city is challenging on its own. You will buy a new home, meet new people and you need to get accustomed to a new culture. In other words, you are changing your life from scratch. Whether it is a local move or a long-distance one, a new job is a requirement. Hunting for a job is a complicated process that requires a lot of planning. Consequently, it creates a lot of stress. Nevertheless, you cannot avoid it and the preparation process has to be well organized. For a long-distance job hunt, you have to be even more prepared. Still, there is no reason to be afraid. We are here to prepare you well and teach you the Do’s and Don’ts of hunting for a desired long-distance job. Take notes and pay attention closely, your future may depend on what you read here!

    The devil is in the details

    Conducting a long-distance job hunt will require your entire attention. If you already did a long distance house hunt, you know what to expect. Engage fully and do a thorough search, know your strengths and your weaknesses. If we take a look from the employer’s angle, we have to think how they think, what will sound appealing and what will make them lose interest. Have in mind that you need to impress them more than locals. To apply for the job is easy, however, getting an invitation to an interview is the tricky part.  To prepare well means that you need to think of every little detail, never leave anything to chance:

    1. do a thorough search for a long-distance job hunt
    2. your cover letter has to be impeccable
    3. the CV has to be concrete and precise
    4. leave out unimportant details and highlight your best qualities
    5. practice online interviews
    6. find the best location for the interview
    7. have a concise plan
    8. be prepared and patient


    Your employer is on the mission to find the best possible candidate for the position. He takes everything into consideration, and so should you. Body language, the way you talk, the sound of your voice and your posture, everything leaves a trace of who you really are. With this being said, do not be ambiguous. Always state your intentions clearly and your employer will recognize the true quality of your character.

    Exclamation sign
    Think smart and avoid conversational traps

    Never hide any details from your employer. You might get away with a thing or two, but this is not a way to build trust with your employer. You need to be honest from the start.

    Always be professional! Not just the way you dress, but the way you act and talk. You need to be the best version of yourself and you do not want to come off as a tourist trying new things. Let them see how serious you are, show them that you are a trustworthy and serious person. Be presentable and results will come.

    Since this is a long-distance job hunt, you have to make yourself available. Always be ready to go online and connect to your employer. If you haven’t used Skype or any type of video chat before, set it up prior to the interview. Plug in your headphones and check the connection. You won’t know stress until you make your employer wait while you are setting up audio options.

    Have a steady Wi-Fi connection. This is really important, your employer needs to hear you clearly, and you must hear the questions. If your line breaks all the time it will make both you and your employer nervous, and you will lose the natural flow of the conversation.

    Interview process

    Now that we covered a few important tips for a long-distance job hunt, let’s see how to prepare well and follow through all the important steps in this process.

    Cover letter

    We cannot stress out enough the importance of writing a good cover letter! This will state who you are, what you are searching for and it is the first point of contact between you and your future employer. Since they will not be able to see you in person, they have to imagine you in their minds. You need to come out perfect for them to even consider looking at your CV. Address your relocation plans in the cover letter and state your date of arrival. They need to know when they can expect you.

    Example of a CV resume
    The CV is the first step in the long-distance job hunt

    How to write your CV

    When writing your CV or talking about your previous jobs, always emphasize only what’s of importance to the new position! Every other detail is considered unimportant and should be avoided. Always state clearly what your key responsibilities were, and keep it clean and short. You don’t want your employer to get bored reading pages and pages of information which will make them lose interest. Keep it simple and concise. It is often advised to have your employer know that you can work from home in your Miami apartment, as it can be useful if your move is delayed.

    Be ready to meet

    If your employer asks if it is possible to meet and talk in person – do it! Do not be stingy, show that you are ready to pay. Meeting the expectations that are expected of you is good, but overcoming them is what will leave the right impression on your employer! Go an extra mile to show interest and how serious you are. If you haven’t already moved, you can take advantage of this business trip to take some luggage with you. Search for storage Miami beach and store your stuff until you fully move. If you already paid to get there, why not use the opportunity and partially move some of your belongings!

    Move prior to the interview

    While this might be a bit tricky, it can be an important step in leaving the right impression on your employer. If they know that you already moved to the new location, you will remove any doubt or fear of canceling the interview process. They can count on you which is really important in this process.

    Meeting in person for a long-distance job hunt
    Meeting in person is important, make sure that you leave the desired impression

    Calculate your expenses

    The entire moving process costs money, and you cannot afford to waste it. Think about how much money you might need if your employer asks for an interview in person. If the job process takes place at the same time as your move you might find yourself running around and not knowing what to do first. In this situation, the best thing is to seek long distance movers Miami, as it will take a lot of pressure off you if the professionals help you move. Always think one step ahead.

    Practice makes perfect

    Practice your interview before you do it! Know exactly what to say, prepare the most common online interview questions and have your answers ready. But do not try to learn every question, you are risking to lose the natural flow of the conversation and it might sound like you are reading from a book or a paper.

    Find the perfect place for the interview

    This is crucial! You want your employer to hear you well, so find a quiet place. Be ready to join at least 15 minutes before, do not let them wait for you. 

    The secret of success is to be ready when an opportunity knocks at your door

    If you prepared well, your new job is just around the corner. The long-distance job hunt is a difficult task, but with right preparations and a lot of research, your success is guaranteed. Just believe in yourself and seize the day, the right opportunity presents itself only once!

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