4 Essential Apps That Will Make Moving Easier

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    It seems like there’s truly an app for everything these days. So is it any surprise that there is a wide array of tools for your phone, that is dedicated to simplifying one of life’s most annoying tasks. Yes, we’re talking about moving. From making a packing list to selling your old stuff, and easily locate your pots and pans in your new place, these four apps that will make moving easier.

    State farm move tool is one of the apps that will moving easier

    Moving comes with a to-do list that can be pages long. To make sure you’re not forgetting anything important, insurance company State Farm provides you with a pre-populated checklist and timeline of 34 must-dos that start up to eight weeks before you move. The app also features “virtual” packing, which allows you to track your packing progress by dragging items into boxes as you pack them up. However, besides the helpful timeline and packing directions, this app can do much more.

    Using calculator instead of using apps that will make moving easier
    State Farm is one of the apps that will make moving easier

    With State Farm mobile app, you can track your insurance policies or banking accounts. You can also request for roadside assistance if you have trouble with your vehicle. Or to file claims, pay your insurance and much more. Here is the list of available options:

    Insurance policies

    Handling your insurance policies has never been so organized. If you have multiple insurance policies, this app will help you track them all.

    • Paying your insurance bills
    • Auto insurance ID card is available to view
    • Track your coverage details, insurance policies, and bills.

    Helping you file a claim.

    Insurance is very important when you are moving, and this app will help you file a claim.

    • With the help of this app, you can file a property or vehicle claim with ease.
    • You can easily track your claim
    • Get roadside assistance
    • You can even search for auto repair services

    Managing multiple banking accounts

    • Transferring funds between State Farm accounts has never been easier
    • Check your multiple account balances and view personalized transaction history
    • Depositing and withdrawing checks
    • Or you can pay your bills through Bill Pay

    Sortly is another of the apps that will make moving easier

    If you consider yourself a neat freak you’ll love this app. Sortly has a ton of practical uses for moves, including the ability to take digital inventory of your stuff, which is helpful when you’re deciding what you’re keeping and what you’re getting rid of, and which items are packed in which box. The app also lets you make labels and create lists so you can easily keep track of your boxes. And, where they belong in your new home. This great app comes in home and business-pro version, and here are some of their key features.

    Home version

    • Managing your small business inventory
    • Creating and organizing home moving inventory
    • Helping you organize your move in few easy steps
    • List your valuables

    Business Pro version

    • You can see pictures of your inventory items.
    • Data is synchronized throughout all your devices, so you can access it anytime
    • Add useful details to your items. You can add quantity, price, or any other useful piece of information
    • You can set notifications to alert you about returns, stock levels, and much more
    • Use app’s scanner to track your inventory items
    • You can grant access to multiple users. Moreover, you can even set their permission levels

    Letgo is also a good app that will make moving easier

    Letgo is the app that will help you get rid of your excess stuff. This app allows you to post furniture and decor for sale to people in your area. Before you organize a yard sale, try this helpful app. You can easily post images of items you are trying to sell and easily get in touch with buyers from your local community. You can even find furniture to buy if you have such needs. The biggest advantage is the user-friendly interface, that helps you organize and sell your item with ease.

    • Sell or buy used furniture
    • Buy or sell a car
    • Explore houses, apartments, condos, studios for sale and rent.
    • Buy and sell electronics
    Home decorative letters
    Havenly will help you decorate your apartment

    Havenly can be useful even if you are not moving

    If you’re guilty of living with bare walls for years because you just can’t decide what to hang on them, you’ll love Havenly. It’s essentially an online interior design service–you send photos of rooms you need to be decorated, inspiration images, and your budget, and for as little as $79 they’ll send you back a complete room design and shopping list.

    • You will start with a small quiz so that the app learns your preferences
    • You can chat directly with their designers and get expert advice
    • Get a custom shopping list with personalized decoration choices from best brands

    There are situations where apps that will make moving easier are useless

    Using mobile apps to help is not a matter of trend. They are very useful, and they will help you stay atop of your move at all times. Unfortunately, there are some situations where apps can’t really help. That is with choosing the right moving company, and actually packing your items for the move. And both are very important.

    Find and hire a reliable moving company

    Choosing the right company is not just a matter of pricing and available services. The most important things with moving companies are their reliability and professionalism.  What are the advantages of low quotes if your items are damaged or lost? On the other hand, low estimates could be a sign of a fraudulent moving company. They will offer you a low initial estimate, but they will try to charge you much more at the end of your move.  That is why the most important thing is to make sure that you are dealing with a professional and reliable moving company before you accept any offer. Maybe this sounds a little bit complicated to do, but really, it isn’t.

    Check them online

    Reading comments on the company’s website might seem like a good idea, but those reviews are most probably placed there intentionally.  Of course, they will not show you negative reviews.  On the other hand, there are few very helpful websites that you tell you a lot about a moving company and their way of doing business.  Visit the Better Business Bureau’s website or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and check your moving company there. If they turn up positive you can take them into consideration.

    Cardboard boxes and packing tape
    Hire packing services

    Before using apps that will make moving easier hire packing services

    Even though those apps are very helpful with tracking your items and creating a moving inventory they will not put your items into boxes. This part you will have to do in the real world, with your hands. Or, you can use the packing services of your selected moving company and not worry about packing. But, if you would rather pack on your own, you will need to prepare some packing materials. The moving inventory list you created will help you to determine how much packing supplies to prepare.  Think about plastic and cardboard boxes of different sizes, plastic wraps, bags, moving blankets, straps, packing tapes. Of course, it all depends on the structure of your inventory. However, it is always smart to use high-quality packing materials to protect your belongings during a move.

    Packing on your own after using apps that will make moving easier

    If you prepared enough number of moving boxes you can start with packing. Make sure to use apps to track every box’s contents. But, you should also make sure that you properly label every box with a permanent marker. While packing your belongings and labeling boxes, you should pay the most attention to valuable and fragile items.  Make sure that the boxes are filled to the top and that all gaps are filled with crumpled packing paper or folded sheets of bubble plastic. Your goal is to stop them from moving inside the box. Another thing to pay attention to is how your boxes are loaded into a moving truck. Make sure that nothing is on top of the boxes with sensitive items, and that the boxes cannot move during the transportation.

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