The best organizing tips to speed up unpacking

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    Packing might be the biggest part of every move. There is just always something do to – and that pile of chores often seems endless! But even after you are done getting cheap packing supplies, stuffing your home in boxes and moving them over to another city, there is still more work to do! This is when the unpacking begins. And after your long move, you will be anxious to get your stuff out of the boxes and start living the life in your new home. However, even though there are so many packing guides available online, there aren’t many guides that will help you speed up unpacking. This is why in this article, we tackle exactly that. Today, we give you some hints and tips on how to speed up the process and start your new life as soon as possible.

    Packing has a great influence on how you unpack

    Clothes and other items.
    Be methodical when both packing and unpacking your items.

    A big part of the unpacking process is how you packed for the move. If you did this chaotically, stuffing everything into different boxes and just hoping for the best, you might find an ugly surprise when you unpack. But, if you packed methodically and thoroughly, separating each item into boxes and labeling them clearly, you will be golden.

    First, think about the stuff you will need in your new home. One of the reasons why local movers Miami recommend you pack as little as you can is so you can speed up unpacking at your home. Think about this – you will need time to place each item where it belongs. If you are packing everything, including little trinkets and clutter items, you will be losing time on them. Instead, sell anything you don’t need or donate it before the move. This will make your workload less heavy once the moving boxes arrive.

    While packing, think about where each box will go in your new home. If you label them carefully, you will have no need of panicking while looking for that one item you know you packed! Pack room by room – and label boxes as such. Then, when the movers bring them over, you can easily point them to your kitchen, living room, dining room etc. This, in turn, can greatly speed up unpacking. You won’t need to run room to room trying to figure out where everything goes. It’s quite the opposite – everything you need for that room will already be there!

    Create a schedule to speed up unpacking

    Just like when you are packing, you will need an unpacking schedule to speed up the process. This makes sense – unpacking is similar (if not even more difficult) than the packing. So, if you needed to plan your packing, why not plan the opposite as well?

    A schedule that you can use to speed up unpacking.
    Create a schedule to help you unpack with haste!

    Start by unpacking your essentials bag. These are the items you packed to use for overnight, or during the move. Then, you should start unpacking by prioritizing.

    • Unpack the items you will need the most first,
    • then the ones you will need, and perhaps not on a daily basis,
    • and then go from there, and unpack the items you rarely use. Depending on your time schedule and the size of your house, this process can last from a day or two up to a couple of weeks.

    However, if this whole process overwhelms you, you might want to decide to unpack room by room. This can also work, but make sure you plan the layouts of the rooms before you start unpacking. This will speed up unpacking because you will know exactly where you want your items to go. No more standing around the room with something in your hand, thinking about where to put it.

    Things to think about when going room to room

    While your home is still empty, you might want to think about some home improvement Florida projects that you can tackle on. Moving is a great time for this. Not only is it a fresh start for a fresh new you, but you will have the house empty. Because of this, there will be no danger of you damaging anything during the renovation.

    A blueprint to speed up unpacking.
    Think where your stuff will go room by room and it will help you speed up unpacking.

    After you are done renovating, there are a couple of tips that you should know about unpacking each room. Because there are different rooms in your home, they will all require a special type of care when you are unpacking. For example, in the bedroom, you will want to make the bed. Get new linens and sheets so you will be able to get some rest after you are done.

    For the kitchen, you will want to first plug all the big appliances in. Your fridge, your cooker, the microwave – everything needs the power to work. You should do this first because it will be harder to put these in place (or plug them) once you set everything up. Then, if you were moving food, this should be your priority. You will need to put everything back in the fridge so it doesn’t go off – which will be a waste.


    To conclude, there are a lot of things you can do to speed up unpacking. However, do keep in mind how difficult this process can be. You can achieve it only with careful planning and thinking everything through. Always keep in mind that this is the reverse of the packing process. So, try to pack with as much care as you can – whether you are packing valuable items or just your everyday stuff. This way, your items will be ready when the unpacking begins. You will also be able to tell where everything goes immediately, and you will have an idea of the housing outlook even before the move is done.

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