Packing valuable items – How to do it?

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    Moving takes a lot of time and effort. There are a lot of things to think about, and a lot of stress to go through. One of the movers’ biggest nightmares, though, is getting their things stolen or damages. Even though you cannot do much to protect your items from being stolen (other than getting professional Miami movers), you can protect them from damage. Packing your items carefully should help secure them and reduce the risk of something going awry during the travel. In this article, we go over some tips and tricks you can use when packing valuable items for your move.

    Take your time when packing valuable items

    Hourglass with crimson sand showing how much time you can waste packing valuable items without help.
    Taking time to plan when packing valuable items can save you a lot of trouble.

    One of the best things you can do when packing valuable items is to take your time. It’s very easy to forget something when you are packing in a rush. Even if you don’t forget anything, you can still do a bad job packing it. This is why it’s important to plan ahead. Experts recommend taking at least a month (or even two) to properly go through, sort and pack your valuables.

    Choose the right material when packing valuable items

    It’s very important to choose the right material, and the right boxes when packing valuable items. The good news is that all of the stuff you will need can be bought at any bigger store. When packing valuable items, make sure you have:

    • a permanent marker,
    • packing tape, scotch tape, and painter’s tape,
    • scissors,
    • pliable cardboard,
    • bubble wrap, newspaper or packing paper and
    • sturdy boxes.

    One important thing to remember is not to pack pointy objects in bubble wrap. If you do this, the bubbles can pop, and you will end up with just a plastic wrap for your items.

    How to choose the right box when packing valuable items

    The boxes you use for packing valuable items need to be high-quality.
    Pick your boxes carefully.

    Just as important as picking the right material, you will also need to choose the right box when packing valuable items. The size is one of the things you should think about. If the box is too large, the items will jump around during the travel. Get a box that’s too small and it can break, along with your valuables.

    The weight of your items is also important. Heavy items usually require a double-wall box. These boxes can take up to 80 pounds and are useful for many other things. You can also use them when packing things like glass bottles. Just make sure you pick a double-wall box with a partition inside. Also, if you are planning on stacking your boxes in the moving truck, the double-wall boxes will do the job for you.

    You can talk to your moving company about which box is the best for the items you have. You can even find free moving boxes in Miami by following the link.

    How to pack your valuable items

    So how do you actually pack your valuables? The first thing you need to do is sort them into categories. Put aside electronics, dishes, instruments you might have etc. Then, go through each category and sort items even further. Set aside plates together, then glasses and so on. This way, it will be easier for you to pack them in bulks.

    Packing the dishes

    When packing plates, wrap each plate separately. Then place them in bulks of 5-6, and wrap the whole bulk with the packing paper. Store them vertically in the box. This way, you ensure the stability of the dishes.

    You can pack glasses in newspapers, but also make sure you put some newspapers on the inside as well. It’s alright to stack glasses, but the heaviest ones go on the bottom of the box. Separate each layer of glasses with pliable cardboard.

    Finally, when packing mirrors, frames and similar things that can shatter, use painter’s tape. Apply it directly onto the glass. Shape it like a star, with the center in the middle expanding to the edges. This way, the tape will absorb vibrations, and help on bumpy trips. Make sure you also secure it by wrapping the mirror in bubble wrap.

    Packing musical instruments

    Packing guitars and other musical instruments requires extra care.
    Take special care when packing musical instruments.

    The instruments need special care. Be ready to get creative when packing them, due to their unique shapes. When moving, especially long distance, you might encounter a bumpy road, so your instruments should be properly and firmly secured in their cases or containers.

    The important thing to remember is to prepare your instruments for temperature and pressure changes. If you have strings on the instrument, loosen them up a bit. They don’t need to flop around but make sure they are just loose enough to withstand temperature changes. Also, add extra padding to the instrument case. You can even use socks or T-shirts for that. Another good thing to do is to wrap the instrument itself in wrapping paper, or your clothes. This way it will lay more firmly in the padded case. Make sure you talk to the moving company, and to inform them that they will be transporting an instrument. They might even have some useful suggestions on how to pack it, or will take special care of it.

    The importance of documents

    Many people forget the importance of documents when transporting valuables. You need to take special care of things like your passports, birth certificates, various contracts etc. To ensure their safety, pack them in a secure container that can be locked. This way, they will not be flying around the truck during the transport. Make sure the container is waterproof too!


    Finally, take special care when packing electronics. They are best transported in their original boxes. If you, however, do not have these, you can use some durable boxes of similar size. Pack them carefully and inform the moving company they are transporting valuable electronics in the truck.

    To conclude, packing your things is no easy feat. But, with taking ample time to prepare, and getting the right material, it can be done. Inform yourself well about the things you will be taking with you and proper containers for them, and you should have no problems.

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