Where find cheap packing supplies?

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    Where find cheap packing supplies?

    Moving is a costly process. Not only do you need to buy or rent a new place, but you also need to pay Miami Movers (if you are not moving by yourself), and work through the paperwork. Finally, you also need to get moving boxes and supplies. Finding both high quality and cheap moving boxes can be a tough thing to do. But do not worry! We are here to help you! In this article, we give you some of the best ways to find cheap packing supplies for your big move.

    Find cheap packing supplies at a Freecycle group

    Person typing on laptop for cheap packing material.
    You can find cheap packing material online.

    Volunteer groups such as the Freecycle Network have recently popped up around the United States. This is a non-profit movement that helps people exchange their items for free. You can simply find a community near you and post an ad. Make sure you say what type of boxes and supplies you need. Be specific for the best results.

    You can also search the offers other members post. Of course, be very careful when communicating with strangers online. Never give your private information away.

    There are multiple other websites that offer similar services to Freecycle, or that let you post your own advertisements. These include:

    • Craigslist – you can go to the Free section of Craigslist to see if anyone is giving away any cheap packing supplies,
    • MySkip, vSkip – both these and similar sites are designed for swapping items, and you may be able to find some cheap packing supplies here as well,
    • RecycleNow – this is a government website that gives you the location of the nearest recycling center based on your postal code.

    Find cheap packing supplies in your neighborhood

    There are multiple ways to find cheap packing supplies right in your neighborhood. These include:

    • Dumpster diving,
    • Community bulletin boards and
    • Posting cheap packing supplies ads on Facebook.

    Dumpster diving

    Do not worry – you will not need to get your hands too dirty. Although searching through dumpsters for sturdy boxes can sometimes be an option, you can just pay your recycling center a visit. You can also check the recycling bins in your neighborhood. Maybe there are some boxes that can repurpose. If you are uncomfortable finding your boxes this way, you can also just talk to your neighbors. They might have some spare boxes they are not using. All you need to do it ask.

    Posting Ads

    A bulletin board with an ad on it.
    Post an ad on the local bulletin board.

    Another great idea is to post an advertisement on the community bulletin board. Write down in detail what kind of boxes you need, but also mention that any box you get can be quite helpful. You can also do the same thing on your Facebook profile, or some Facebook groups that are on the topic of moving. This way, you can spread your words better and reach more people, so you increase your chance to find boxes people don’t need anymore.


    Another great idea is to ask a friend who has moved recently. Maybe they still have some leftover boxes that they would love to give you. They can even tell you where they got their boxes from, so you can try to find them as well.

    Ways to find free moving boxes

    Might sound weird, but finding free Miami moving boxes is not that hard. The United States Postal Service also offers free shipping boxes to those who plan to ship through Priority Mail. They are sturdy and you don’t need to go to the post office. Even better – they deliver them to your front door! Order a stack and keep them when you need to send items via Priority mail.

    You can also use the North Miami Beach movers to get your cheap packing supplies. When arranging the service, you often get packing supplies and boxes for free. For example, when arranging your move with Orange Movers, you get 12 medium size boxes for free. Not only that, but we give you a stack of 6 wardrobe moving boxes, too!

    Talk to the local stores for cheap packing supplies

    Another great way to get cheap packing supplies is by contacting various shops and business around town as well.

    Local stores

    If there is a local store that is going out of the business, it’s a great time to contact them. It’s highly probable they have some material they want to let go. Another thing is that they might be eager to sell their stuff, so you can find some cheap packing supplies there too.

    Even if a store isn’t going out of business, they might have boxes that they don’t need and just throw out. It doesn’t really hurt to just ask around and see.

    Furniture stores

    A person going through a furniture store looking for cheap packing materials.
    A local furniture store might have extra packing material.

    Furniture stores are a great source of cheap packing supplies too. They usually have their items delivered in sturdy boxes that they throw away later, so you can sweep in and relieve them of those. They might also have an excess of packing supplies, such as bubble wrap or wrapping paper. These are sometimes used to protect the furniture while shipping, and once the items arrive at the store, there’s no use for them anymore. Give them a call or visit the store to see if you can take those instead of them going to the recycling.

    Grocery stores

    Grocery stores are similar to the furniture stores. They often receive their orders in bulks, which are in good, sturdy boxes. It’s also a good idea to visit local liquor stores and wineries. They are especially good because they get orders of bottles, which require sturdy boxes to transport around.

    Other places where you can find cheap moving supplies

    Offices get tons of packages every day. Head into your local office buildings and see if they can spare any sturdy boxes you can use.

    The same goes for college dorms on the move-in day. A lot of students are using good boxes that later they throw away. You can see if any of them would prefer to give their box a new home.

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