Moving timeline: Get ready for your Miami move

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    Moving timeline: Get ready for your Miami move

    Moving a house is difficult. Anyone who argues otherwise has either never moved, or has hired extremely reliable professionals. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter which route you take. Be it that you wish to do it yourself, or you wish to hire professional assistance, your moving will need impeccable planning and organization. The best way to achieve such results is to have a moving timeline. This little piece of paper containing the to-dos will make absolutely all the difference.

    Making a movie timeline will help you keep track of all tasks that need to be done while moving.
    The key to stress-free moving is a checklist!

    There is an endless amount of jobs that you must complete. When this many tasks pile up one on top of each other you might be confused as to what needs to be done, and in which order. This is precisely why a moving timeline, or a checklist if you will, must be made and followed. It will make the entire process far easier.

    Creating a Moving Timeline

    Creating a moving timeline is basically writing a tad more complex to-do list. But don’t fret, the complex part isn’t all that complex. You will be dividing the list into two segments: what you’re going to do and when are you going to do it. So if you time all your actions accurately, you will witness a hassle-free move. Bare in mind, sometimes unpredictable things might happen, and that is ok. We are focusing on the segments we can predict.

    The following part will be a suggestion of what your list should look like. There might be variables in your move that don’t exist in our list. However, if you’re clueless as to how you can even begin making your list, hopefully, this example will prove to be helpful.

    The moving timeline we are presenting you with is of general nature. This means it won’t be sticking to a specific location move, but it was initially created for Miami. So it doesn’t matter if you’re moving to South Florida or East Colorado, some steps are more or less universal.

    Two Months Before the Move

    Ok, so one of the healthiest things you can do is to start everything on time. Two months before the move is absolutely fine and gives you plenty of time to consider everything that needs consideration.

    • Before anything else you need to decide whether you will be DIY moving or will you hire professional help. You have enough time to think, consult a few friends and overall take into consideration the number of things you’re moving.
    • If one exists, let your landlord know that you’re moving.
    • Let your employer know ahead of time.
    • Establish the budget you will have for your move. Consider whether you will be hiring an agency at this point.
    • If you are going to be hiring a moving agency – start searching for one. Make sure you select at least 3 or 4 agencies and then compare the rates and conditions they have offered.
    • Inventory your home.
    • Make sure to visit your doctor (and veterinarian) to get all the needed medical records, as well as getting any school records (if applicable).
    • Scout for new health providers in the area you’re moving to.
    • Take your pets for a complete check-up
    • In case of a short distance move, you should visit the new home and make some measurements for your upcoming belongings.

    One Month Before the Move

    The point of a moving timeline is to start everything on time and have time to prepare.
    Give yourself enough time to prepare.

    The things are getting a bit spicier. There is still plenty of time, but there are loads of things you need to start doing. The list continues with some other things you need to consider to have in your moving timeline, one month before the move.

    • Make sure you have prepared all the moving boxes (for instance, there are ways to find moving boxes in Miami at no cost) of various sizes. Also, you need a hefty amount of packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, and markers. Boxes alone are not enough. Especially if you’ll be packing yourself. On the other hand, you can always hire a local moving company to pack your things for you.
    • Make sure you start canceling any and all subscriptions you have going.
    • If you’re driving to your new home (and not flying) you should probably service your car and make sure it’s ready.
    • Start the obnoxious process of box labeling. You simply must organize everything in time, otherwise, you might lose more than a month trying to figure out what is what.
    • Create your ‘essentials box’, which will be populated with belongings that need to stay with you at all times.

    One Week Before the Move

    This is where the moving timeline becomes very spicy. Do not give in to chaos. You’re well organized and you have a well-established plan. So stick to it and you have nothing to worry about!

    • If you’re moving with kids, slowly start having them understand what is going on and what is about to happen.
    • Negotiate with your utility companies to make sure that you’re utilities are disconnected just a little before the move itself.
    • Make sure you sort food you’ll be getting rid of and food you’ll be taking with yourself.
    • Check and make sure all your bills are paid before the move-out.
    • Return all the things you’ve rented (books, movies, etc.)
    • Schedule all the necessary cleaning.
    • Bring your packing marathon to a close.

    Final Stage Before the Move

    The key here is to follow your moving timeline to the letter.
    If you followed your moving timeline you have nothing to worry about.

    Ok, final parts of your moving timeline are upon us. If everything went well, you and your moving agency should have almost everything ready to go. Now, it’s all about the fines and seeing your perfect plan work out. You should be all done with packing at this point (make sure all your valuables are properly packed). Just a few more things left to do.

    • Defrost your fridge.
    • Double check if you have enough money to cover the entire process.
    • Make sure to have your neighbor/landlord forward any delayed mail (if any).
    • Go to bed early the night before the move, you must be fresh.
    • Get up early on moving day to make sure you finish all last minute tasks in time.
    • Welcome and greet the moving company.
    • Keep your kids and pets away from all the action.
    • Double check all the address and other important info.
    • Have a safe journey to your new home!

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