DIY vs. Full-Service Movers: What are the Pros & Cons?

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    High costs of living and better job opportunities are the main reason families and young people are moving on a long distance. But moving is a very expensive process. That’s why many wonder if hiring a full-service movers is affordable, necessary or fits their budget. DIY relocation seems great because it’s a way to save a lot of money. Still, don’t believe fully in it. Many costs are hidden behind DIY relocation. This is the reason why we are going to show you what are the pros and cons of DIY relocation vs. hiring a full-service moving company. Pay attention and choose the best for you.

    DIY vs. full-service movers – who brings total control over your move?

    In doubt about DIY vs. full-service moving company pros and cons? If you’re one of the well-organized persons who likes to follow his own rules, then DIY relocation is for you. With DIY relocation, you have total control over your move. This is the greatest pro to a DIY. You are able to control the entire moving process. You can choose the moving truck and packing supplies, and pack and load furniture yourself. Besides, you’ll have the flexibility to decide when to begin and end the move. But if you’re not familiar with that, you better hire professionals. If you’re renovating a new home during relocation, don’t forget about preventing mold while moving!

    DIY and risks of unexpected problems

    DIY vs. full-service movers hiring cons? Well, even if you can do DIY relocation on your own rules, only by hiring full-service movers you’ll be able to avoid unexpected problems. While full-service movers do all the job for you, DIY relocation requires your struggle. Professional movers can use properly the equipment and tools, while DIY means you will have to use it all. Improper use can only lead to injuries. You can easily get hurt with heavy lifting or exhausted of packing all day. Besides, DIY means extra costs for packing supplies and materials. DIY means you will have to pack and load fragile items. There’s a risk of breaking and damaging. Hire professional movers and stay safe. And if you want to know how to move a hot tub safely consider hiring full-service movers.

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    The biggest pros of hiring a full-service moving company is that you will avoid unexpected situations and possible injuries.

    No packing problems with full-service movers

    No packing problems during relocation with full-service movers is one of the pros. Forget about additional costs for buying packing materials and supplies. A professional moving company offers packing and unpacking services. They also have the best packing materials and supplies, such as moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrapping, soft cloths and more. They will protect fragile items with moving blankets and additional padding. Besides, you won’t have to deal with packing the whole household. Professional movers are fast and efficient when it comes to packing items. And if you want to stay on budget, you can save by moving in off-peak season!

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    Full-service moving company offers professional packing and loading services, so you don’t have to worry about heavy lifting and damaging fragile and expensive items.

    Using portable storage units from full-service moving company

    DIY Vs. full-service movers has many pros and cons. One of the most known pros of hiring a full-service moving company is using portable storage units. If you need some storage space during relocation or you need a convenient way to move items to your new home, portable storage units are the best! A full-service moving company offers many moving services and also renting portable storage units. They are available for personal and commercial use and can be stored at your home or business. Movers can ship portable storage units across the country or simple down your neighborhood. Besides, they are available for both short-term and long-term storage. Unlike moving trucks, they are much easier to load and unload. The average 20′, mobile storage container costs an average of $1,000 to $4,000.

    storage units
    If you’re moving on a long-distance, renting portable storage units is a great option, but make sure to find out what are the pros and cons of DIY vs. full-service movers.

    Cons of using portable storage units

    Well, there are also cons of using portable storage units. If you’re in for DIY relocation, renting portable storage units may be too much for your budget. Besides, some portable units are not climate controlled and completely secure from theft. Although you don’t have to pay for a full-service moving company, you still have to find others to help you to move boxes and furniture and load the unit. See, a lot of things to consider.

    PROS of hiring full-service movers over DIY relocation

    Moving on a long-distance? It’s important to know DIY vs. full-service moving company pros and cons. Full-service moving company requires a certain budget, but offers many benefits. We’ll mention some of the best benefits of hiring a full-service moving company. Professional movers have long experience and proper equipment to move your property the best way. Professional moving services include all fees to move you door to door. DIY relocation requires renting a portable storage unit where additional costs and extra time appear to be a problem. Movers offer various moving insurance to secure your things. Your things will be relocated fast and not stored in a storage unit without climate-control for months. Also, letting professionals do the moving, will leave you without stress. And if you want to calculate moving expenses you can simply use a moving calculator!

    Hiring full-service movers saves you from stress

    Thinking about moving yourself vs. hiring movers? DIY relocation may be according to your rules and more relaxed, but you know what’s also hiding there? Unexpected situations, possible injuries, nervousness, stress, anxiety, items damaging, heavy lifting and loading the truck, so are you ready to deal with all of these? If not, the only way to avoid issues and stress is to hire a full-service moving company. Your household will be completely safe in the hands of experienced professionals and moving insurance can guarantee maximum protection of your household.

    woman being nervous and stressed
    To avoid stress and anxiety during relocation, hire a full-service moving company to relocate your household easily and fast with maximum safety.

    Lifting and loading the truck DIY vs. full-service moving company pros and cons

    Thinking about DIY vs. full-service moving company pros and cons? Think about heavy lifting and loading the truck! Are you in or out? If you don’t want to lift heavy furniture and get exhausted, but also avoid possible injuries, hire a full-service moving company. Leave heavy lifting and loading the moving truck to the professionals and stay relaxed while your stuff is completely safe. Professional movers have experience and proper equipment to relocate even the most fragile items.

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