How to pack wooden instruments for your interstate move?

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    Moving to another state means that you will have to organize packing, transport, and unpacking of your belongings. Among all the tasks that need to be completed, without any doubt, packing is the most complex and difficult one. Because of so many sensitive and fragile items that we possess probably the best option would be to hire professional packers to handle this job instead of you. For example, Orange Movers have all the equipment and quality packing supplies for the most sensitive items. In all that, if you are a music lover and possess a large collection of instruments packing can be even more challenging. Different types of instruments require different ways of packing. As wooden instruments are the most sensitive ones they will need special handling. Here are some tips on how to pack wooden instruments for your interstate move.

    Prepare your wooden instruments for packing

    Before you start packing your wooden instruments for the interstate movers Florida, it is important to prepare them properly. This is crucial in order to avoid any possible damages to the instruments that can affect them in the long run. First of all, make sure to buy all the packing materials necessary for packing. You will need moving boxes, bubble wraps, and sealing tape. Since musical instruments are expensive don’t try to save money on packing materials. Quality packing supplies will protect your wooden instruments and ensure their safety during the transportation process.

    Guitar in its original case as example how to pack wooden instrument for your interstate move
    Before you start packing your wooden instruments make sure to clean them properly

    When it comes to the preparation of your wooden instrument first of all you should clean it. Do not use water as this can damage the wood but buy cleaning supplies for wood instead. Make sure to clean the instrument properly to avoid any stain left on the wood. Also, any dirt left on the instruments can affect productivity and the way how they work and sound. In case you have a wooden instrument that has strings make sure to detune them. Leaving strings strained can be detrimental for your wooden instrument.

    Pack wooden instruments for your interstate move

    Once you prepare your instrument for relocation it is time to start with the packing process. It doesn’t matter if you are relocating to Florida, New York, California, or any other state and how far are you moving as the process of packing is the same. You should ensure the safety of your wooden instrument during your interstate move. Even though the overall process of packing is the same for all the wooden instruments some instruments will require special care and way of packing.

    • Guitar– when packing the wooden guitar make sure to pay extra attention to its headstock as this is the most sensitive part of this instrument; loosen up the strings and place packing paper between them; the best way to pack the guitar is to place it in its original case; however, if you don’t have it use extra packing paper, wrap the guitar with a blanket or any soft material and place it into the moving box
    • Violin– the process of packing the violin is almost the same as the process of packing a wooden guitar; it is important to disassemble the violin, and remove the tailpiece and other fittings and place them in a plastic bag before packing to ensure its safety
    • Harp– before packing a harp make sure to remove levers; the most important parts to protect are pedals so make sure that they are tucked safely away; if you don’t have an original box for the harp use a waterproof cover; as with any other wooden instrument make sure that the track temperature is appropriate for the harp as wooden instruments are sensitive to changes in temperature

    Hire professionals to pack wooden instruments for your interstate move

    Probably one of the best ways to pack wooden instruments for your interstate move is to hire professional packers. Do good research and find one of the best professional packers Florida has to handle your instruments. Having experts pack your fragile and sensitive instruments will give you peace of mind since they have the right packing supplies. Delegate packing job to your movers and rest assured that your wooden instruments will be protected. On the other hand, you will have more time to focus on the other projects related to relocation.

    A mover standing next to the moving boxes
    To pack wooden instruments for your interstate move consider hiring professional packers

    Hiring professional packers has many advantages. Apart from quality packing supplies professionals have skills and knowledge on how to handle fragile items. With experienced movers, you will know that your wooden instruments are properly packed and transported safely to your new location. Also, instrument packers will know how to dismantle your wooden instruments and detune them if needed.

    Get insurance

    Whether you are packing yourself or you are hiring professionals having insurance is a good idea. Since instruments are expensive items it is good to be extra cautious just in case of any unexpected events. If there is any damage to your instruments the insurance company will cover the repair of them. Also, if for any reason your instruments are gone missing during transportation the insurance company will have to reimburse you for that. How much coverage you will get depends on the type of moving insurance that you get. Just like you shouldn’t save on packing supplies do not save on moving insurance either. This is something that will ensure extra protection of your wooden instrument. And without any doubt, make you more relaxed during your interstate move.

    Insurance written on the board and woman standing next to the board
    Get moving insurance for your wooden instruments

    As instruments have both financial and emotional value it is important to secure safe transportation. For that reason, pack wooden instruments for your interstate move properly and you will be more relaxed during the moving process.



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