When is the Best Time of Year to Move in Florida

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    When is the Best Time of Year to Move in Florida

    Moving is a huge undertaking–it involves financial considerations, logistical plans, and physical labor, not to mention at least a little bit of stress–but planning ahead, and scheduling your move for the right time of year can help ease nearly every aspect of the moving process.

    So when is the best time of year to move in Florida? It will ultimately depend on your priorities, but often times, waiting until the slower winter months will offer more advantages.

    Moving during busy season vs. moving during slow season.

    Busy Season

    Summer is the busy season for moving in Florida, especially the months of July and August. It’s a popular time for families to move for a few reasons, namely, because it follows the busy spring real estate season, and because school is out and parents won’t have to deal with enrolling their children in a new school mid-year. While both of these considerations are important, moving during busy season also comes with its drawbacks.

    For one, competition will be higher for any and all resources related to moving which can have a number of consequences: banks might take longer to process your mortgage application, for example, or you may tour a rental you love only to find out that there’s a deposit on it before you even finish your walk through. When it comes to hiring a moving company during busy season, you’ll want to secure your move date early, as popular times like weekends and around the first of the month fill up quickly.

    Slow Season

    The slow season–fall and winter months– can actually be a far better time to move if you’re hoping to reduce stress, physical demands, and the strain on your wallet.

    For one, there will be less competition when you’re trying to buy a house, which means you’re likely to get a better deal and avoid multiple-offer bidding wars. Plus, the weather in Florida is far more temperate mid-winter–it’s much more pleasant to do the heavy lifting that comes along with moving when it’s 60 degrees out than when the thermometer is pushing triple digits. Finally, moving in the winter will save you money on the cost of hiring movers. Movers also face a slow season in the middle of winter and are more likely to cut you a deal on the cost of their services (and have availability when you need it).

    If you are in the enviable position of timing your move in Florida to suit your needs, consider waiting until the slow season: it can save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

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