How to Pack Fine Art

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    How to Pack Fine Art

    There’s a lot to accomplish during a move, especially when it comes to packing. While this might make you feel inclined to rush through your home, throwing your belongings into boxes with a little newspaper crumpled up inside, there is one packing job that should never be rushed: boxing up your fine art. Most artwork, and the frame it’s in, is extremely fragile and can be damaged by a whole host of factors, including sharp edges, extreme temperatures, humidity, and the weight of other boxes it’s packed with in a moving truck.

    Here’s how to pack fine art to ensure it gets safely from point A to point B.

    • Pack it in the box it came in. If you happen to have retained the original box your art (or the frame it’s in) was shipped in, that is often the best option for repacking and moving your art. The box is likely designed specifically for the piece or frame, which will ensure the art fits snugly inside and is properly protected.
    • Purchase art shipping boxes. If you don’t already have boxes that are right for your art, consider purchasing specialized art shipping boxes from companies like AirFloat Systems or Masterpak. These companies not only make shipping boxes from premium-grade corrugated cardboard and high density foam that are specifically designed for artwork, but offer add ons like glass-protection tape and how-to videos to ensure your fine art is securely packed.
    • More is better. When it comes to bubble wrap and packing tape, that is. If you’re not using a custom art shipping container, you’ll want to ensure that your artwork is securely packed into its moving box by adding layers of bubble wrap until the artwork fits snugly inside.
    • Pack it last and ship it fast. The common packing mentality of boxing up nonessentials first may tell you that artwork is something that can be packed up a few weeks before your move — after all, it’s not a day-to-day necessity like dishware and bath linens. However, fine art is actually one of the last things you should pack. The longer it sits in a box, the more susceptible it becomes to damage from temperature change or humidity. If you can’t move your art quickly, consider housing it in a temperature-controlled storage unit until the time comes to ship it.

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