How to Stage a Home for a Move

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    How to Stage a Home for a Move

    In an ideal world, homebuyers would be able to see beyond things like furniture, paint color, and personal touches and view houses instead as blank slates. In reality, however, the way a home is decorated can have a negative impact on the ability to sell if if it means buyers can’t picture themselves living in the space. This is where home staging comes in. Rethinking the decor of your home and making a few changes here and there could make all the difference in selling your home quickly and moving into a new place. Follow these steps to create a home that buyers can’t resist.

    • Clear out clutter. If you do nothing else on this list, do this. Homes that are bursting at the seams not only look unattractive and unkempt, but smaller, too. De-cluttering will need to go beyond simply tidying up the space. Consider your furniture, for example: if it’s too large for the room it’s in, put a piece or two in storage while you sell your home. If it’s a simple fact of having too much stuff, donate anything you don’t use.
    • Paint the walls. Bright or unusual paints color can be a big detractor to a buyer: they’ll not only see something that might not be their taste, they’ll see a project they’ll have to complete immediately upon moving in. Consider painting walls to a pale, neutral hue like light gray or off-white before listing your house.
    • Hide personal items. While your friends and relatives might love seeing your children’s art on the fridge and family vacation photos in the hallway, they can actually be off-putting to a potential buyer. Items that make your home feel personal to you can impede the buyer’s ability to think of the space as neutral territory, and a potential home for themselves.
    • Refresh with accents. Even if you don’t consider decorating to be your forte or your have a limited budget, you can quickly, easily, and inexpensively give your home a refresh by adding in a few new accent pieces here and there. New throw pillows can go a long way in updating a tired couch, while a pretty vase full of flowers can instantly brighten up a dining room.

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