The best Miami neighborhoods for retirees

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    There are many reasons why retirees are moving to Florida. First, there are many benefits of retiring in Florida. The climate is wonderful, the people are friendly, and you can just relax and enjoy the way of life. However, when you want to retire to Miami, you might have to start thinking about where to live. Miami is huge, with many neighborhoods to pick from. So, what are the best Miami neighborhoods for retirees? In this article, we made our pick of some of them. Your new home might be hiding amongst these, so dive in!

    Coconut Grove

    A marina in Coconut Grove - one of the things that make is one of the best Miami neighborhoods for retirees.
    Visit the marina and enjoy your day on the water.

    Coconut Grove is one of the, if not the, oldest Miami neighborhood. This, however, doesn’t mean that the people living here are far from diverse. And to suit everybody’s needs, there is something for everyone in Coconut Grove. From shopping to dining – you are sure to find your favorite place here.

    What makes the neighborhood attractive for retirees (and all other age groups) are the number of amenities here and a great public transportation options (there are bus and rail). The neighborhood itself is split into two parts based on the median age. There is Northeast Coconut Grove, with the median age of 44.3. Younger people reside in the Southwest Coconut Grove, which has the median age of 38.6. As a comparison, the median age in Miami as a whole is 39.2 years.

    What makes Coconut Grove one of the best Miami neighborhoods for retirees is the number of activities you can do. Take a shopping stroll down many streets, and when you tire you can have a coffee break at one of the lovely cafes. For those who seek more adventure, you can go to the marinas and set sail, or visit one of the many sights. We recommend a tropical botanical garden Kampong, as well as the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Finally, for those who appreciate arts, don’t miss the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. The three-day celebration is a great place to enjoy good art, food and music.


    Biscayne Bay at sunset.
    Edgewater is right on Biscayne Bay.

    One of the best Miami neighborhoods for retirees who crave to live a life on the water, Edgewater might be the place to go. Just north of the downtown business district, this Biscayne Bay neighborhood gives you easy access to both shopping and entertainment destination. The condos in this neighborhood are pretty close to amenities like the Shops at Midtown Miami, the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts and Margaret Pace Park.

    In the proximity of Edgewater are also Wynwood and the Miami Design District. These are a must visit place for those enthusiastic about arts and entertainment. So, if you want to spend your retirement enjoying these, Edgewater is the place for you. There are also great medical facilities at the University of Miami Hospital, as well as Jackson Memorial Hospital nearby.

    When it comes to Florida real estate, you need to be aware that the lots on the water will cost you more. In December 2015, the median sale price in Edgewater was around $395,000. When compared to Miami median of $250,000 this might be quite a lot, but if you can afford it – Edgewater is your heaven on earth!

    Upper East Side

    Palm trees.
    Spend the day relaxing in the sun.

    If you have a large family, and you cannot wait to move to Miami so your grandchildren can visit, then take a look at the Upper East Side. Also known as Northeast Miami, this is where the homes with a yard and extra rooms for visitors hide. There are also gated communities, which make one of the best Miami neighborhoods for retirees perfectly safe. However, there are also a lot of condos and townhouses for you here, as well.

    The neighborhood has everything you might need. You can take care of your errands in the Biscayne Boulevard, as well as have a break and a nice meal here. For your shopping, visit the Upper East Side’s commercial corridor. Finally, once you are done, stroll down to Morningside Park and spend the afternoon relaxing in the sun.

    Upper East Side is also connected by walking distance to other neighborhoods in Miami as well. Little Haiti to the west is a hidden gem, with unique galleries to see. There are golf courses in Miami Beach, and if you have medical needs, Jackson Memorial Hospital and the North Shore Medical Center are just around the corner.


    What makes the City of Hialeah one of the best Miami neighborhoods for retirees is the abundance of homes, with different types. There is something for everyone! Fancy a townhouse? Or is a condo more your thing? You can even get a ranch style home that suits your needs!

    Then, there is so much to do around Hialeah. First, you can check out a book at the Hialeah Gardens Branch Library. The place also houses different events, so it has something for both introverts and extroverts. Then, you can go to the Amelia Earhart Park. This 515-acro wonder is great for fishing or picnics, and nature lovers will be at home here. Finally, if city living is more your things, then visit Westland Mall for a day of shopping and casual dining.

    How to find the best Miami neighborhoods for retirees

    There are many more Miami neighborhoods for retirees you can check out. No list can accommodate to everyone’s needs, or mention everything that Miami has to offer. Your task now is to do a thorough research into various places you can move to. You can find information online, ask around or talk to your cheap movers Miami. Miami is a wonderful city, and best Miami neighborhoods for retirees are not hard to find. However, figuring out where you will live is just the first step of the move. After that is where the hard part starts. Planning everything out carefully with your movers will help you, though. And preparation is the key. Reading this article was just one step in a greater journey. Good luck!

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