How to build a home gym and stay fit

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    How good would it be if you could walk in your garage and squat in your pajamas? Or, if you could avoid bad weather conditions and transportation, or just train with the equipment you want? Wanting to build a home gym may seem like a luxury. But with a little careful planning, you can get all the benefits of fitness equipment available for your exclusive use when you want it. And potentially save money in the transaction.

    Man exercising on a treadmill
    You can build a home gym either by expanding or remodeling your home. Or, more easily, you can have a small space in your home office or in a spare room.

    In this text you will find out:

    • Where you can build a home gym
    • What fitness equipment and accessories you may need to get started
    • Additional design considerations such as mirrors and floors

    And if at some point, you no longer need it, you can easily put it in storage Miami. Your fitness equipment will be safe there.

    Choose the right location for building a home gym

    You can be limited by what space you have. But if you are extending or remodeling your house, you will have more options. Garage conversions are a popular place for a home gym. Or you can create a dedicated room in the garden. If you are buying a new house, check the situation with the Florida real estate. Maybe you can find a house with the room perfect for your home gym.

    Building a home gym on the first floor is the most reasonable option for several reasons:

    1. It is necessary to take into account the installation of a heavy trainer. If the gym is at the bottom and next to the entrance, it will be much easier than dragging heavy equipment to the top;
    2. Exercise machines can be heavy, so it’s best if you do not have to worry about strengthening the existing upper floor (especially in the old house);
    3. If you plan to put the gym above ground level, you will need soundproofing floors. Rowing machines and treadmills can be especially noisy in the room below.
    4. If you plan to use your gym early in the morning, while the rest of your family does not wake up, you’ll want to make sure that it is away from their bedrooms.
    Home gym
    Connecting your home gym to the street, putting it in a garden room or using double doors, makes the work more enjoyable and helps to cool in the summer.

    How much space do you need to build a home gym?

    Most machines require at least 20 square feet, and you need to provide sufficient space for circulation. Some equipment will require additional space for movement during operation.

    Should space be multifunctional?

    If you do not have the opportunity to devote the entire room to your fitness needs, your new gym can share space with your home office or guest room. Do not forget to plan your space carefully, giving priority to what you really need to ensure that you do not overcrowd the room.

    Transforming the garage into a home gym

    A garage you don’t use is one of the best places to build a home gym. The floor was built to take the weight of the car, so there will be no worries about the force.

    You will also have strong walls that are well suited for hanging equipment. Moreover, even the attached garage will tend to be reasonably located in relation to other rooms.

    How to choose the equipment for your home gym?

    If you already have your own procedure in the gym, you know exactly what kit you need. For example, you can be sure that you want to use your space for one workout, such as yoga or weightlifting.

    If not, you need to do some practical research to decide what you need. Use the test at the local gym, where you can try many different machines. You might even want to book a session with a personal trainer where you can discuss your fitness goals.

    Home fitness equipment - yoga ball, weights etc.
    And find out which it will be most useful for your training program

    Basically, the choice of the gym equipment depends on the space you have and your budget. The basic things you need are:

    • Equipment for cardio (treadmill, exercise bike, stepper, cross trainer)
    • Equipment for strength (weights, dumbbells, kettlebells)
    • Accessories for flexibility (mat, resistance bands, exercise balls)

    Of course, you can also buy a massage chair, a home sauna, as well as a good sound system and TV. Whatever motivates you to work out.

    Walls and ceilings in your home gym

    You can suspend the set from your walls or ceilings in the gym, for example, for punch bags. If you do not have solid blocks, you will have to strengthen the walls and fasten the heavy objects on the studs.

    At the same time, you should address the soundproofing of the room, as it can be really noisy. Look for the special soundproof plasterboard. Or add insulation between the walls, floors, and ceilings to reduce the transmission of sound. And you can use the opportunity to renovate your home.


    Woman at a gym looking in the mirror and holding weights
    No, not only because you can admire the results of your hard work

    Mirrors are really important for checking your shape when performing various exercises. Injury can occur if you incorrectly lift the weight, so the mirror is important to verify your positioning. If you use space for dancing or yoga, again a mirror is a must.

    Which floors should you choose when you build a home gym?

    When choosing a floor covering for your gym, you need to make sure that you find a product that:

    1. you cannot slip on during a workout;
    2. can withstand the wear and tear of equipment.

    Carpet is a bad choice because it is difficult to maintain cleanliness. And you need to avoid porcelain, stone or ceramic tiles that will crack if you drop weights on them. Tiles can also be slippery.

    The best choice:

    • Specialized cushioning for gyms (usually made of rubber) that you can buy online
    • Non-slip rubber flooring available in various colors
    • Carpet Tiles

    Don’t forget to use your gym

    The most important thing after you build a home gym is to use it regularly. That’s why you built it, right? And don’t worry if you might need to move at some point, Orange Movers are here for you.

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