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    Ask anyone what one of the most important aspects of any culture is. Chances are, a lot of people will say – food. Food and different dishes are often what distinguishes one country – and culture – from another. There are many examples where you can name a country along with their signature dish, and vice-versa. This is why, once the Miami Beach Movers have deposited your things in your new Miami home, one of the first things you will want to do is stroll down the streets and dive into one of the best Miami dishes out there. In this article, find out which ones you need to try first!

    Sweet Stone Crabs

    Joe’s Stone Crab has been open in the Miami-Dade area for over 100 years, and there is a reason for that. Ask a local what their most iconic restaurant is – and chances are you will hear about this fine establishment. However, there is often a waiting period for the table. If you are lucky enough to get one, make sure you order their signature dish. It is meaty crab claws – already cracked, fresh and full of flavor just for you! You also get a chilled mustard sauce to dip them in, and you can let your taste buds enjoy a little piece of heaven right in South Beach. The address is 11 Washington Ave., Miami Beach.

    Cinnamon rolls

    Knaus Berry Farm might be an hour away from Miami – in Homestead – but there is no local who wouldn’t make the trip to get those sweet, warm cinnamon rolls. You might have to wait for some time – the lines do get pretty long – but you will see what the fuss is all about.

    Two cinnamon rolls - some of the best Miami dishes out there.
    There’s nothing like a pair of warm cinnamon rolls.


    You can get a dozen rolls for $10.25, or six for $5.50. If you want just one, it will cost you $1.10. Another tip for newcomers – you can get in the line for Kauns’ milkshakes – it’s separate from the bakery and you’ll get there pretty quickly. While you wait for the rolls, you can sip on the delicious milkshake at 15980 SW 248th St., Homestead.

    Fried chicken

    Even though some might argue that there are other restaurants and sports bars in Miami that serve great fried chicken, the budget spectrum can be quite wide. Fried chicken is a popular dish, so it is only natural that most of the establishments will dip their fingers in the frying game. However, Pack Supermarket might beat them all with their prices. This commissary and walk-up window in Little Haiti offers three-piece servings for only $2.25. You can find them at 8235 NE Second Ave., Miami.

    My Childhood Dream burger

    What better way to experience Miami like a local than by visiting Lokal? There are many reasons why you should pay this establishment a visit, however, their collaboration with Salty Donut is still going strong. The aptly named doughnut burger – My Childhood Dream – is heaven on earth.

    Burgers on a grill.
    Miami has a lot of tasty burgers.


    Lokal’s famous four-ounce Florida grass-fed beef burger will make your mouth water. However, top that with American cheese and candied bacon, put it between two halves of a seared glazed Salty Donut’s doughnut, and you can forget about all problems right at 190 Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove.


    If you want to be a bit more trendy and try more than 15 styles of ceviche and tiradito, then pay Cvi.che 105 a visit. This downtown restaurant has a great selection of fresh seafood. The Peruvian fare make this a summer place – whenever you visit! If you can afford to spend a night eating, then we recommend you try their whole lineup. The Pucusana 105 ($13.95), which is made with fish, as well the Orgia ($15.95) – made of a seafood mix is great. They are both just brimming with flavors. with a few heat hits – which depends on how well you get along with spicy food. You can find 105 at 105 NE Third Ave., Miami.


    We cannot talk about the best Miami dishes without mentioning the pizza. And although New York can boast their thin-crust pizza, and Chicago can keep their deep-dish. Miami’s Andiamo has the best creative pizzas in the Magic City. There are many combos that you can try and be mind blown with. If you are feeling Italian, try The Godfather. It comes with Italian sausage, pepperoni, and meatballs, along with olives, peppers, mushrooms and onions, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and Parmesan.

    A pizza.
    Every city has their own pizza.


    For something more exotic, go with Ratatouille – eggplant, zucchini and roasted peppers mix well with portobello mushrooms, tomato sauce, caramelized onions, and mozzarella. Delicateses like these make Andiamo’s a must-visit for all pizza lovers. The location is 5600 Biscayne Blvd., Miami.

    Cuban bibimbap bowl

    No one can deny the influence Cuban culture has on Miami. From the Cuban suburbs and festivals to the architecture and some of the best Miami dishes – the city’s soul is in its roots. Now, bibimbap is not the invention of Finka Table & Tap, but the owners, siblings – Eileen and Jonathan Andrade, pay homage to the dish’s “Seoulful” origins and mix it with the spirit of Miami. They fuse Cuban and Korean flavors with ease. The staples are familiar – white rice, vaca frita, manduros and black beans. Then, you add the bibimbap’s signature ingredients – kimchee, zucchini, bean sprouts, carrots, and top it off with an egg sunny-side-up. You can taste this masterpiece at 14690 SW 26th St., Miami.

    There are many other best Miami dishes to try

    Of course, no list of best Miami dishes can ever be fully complete. This task is really up to you. After you have gone to the storage Miami to pick up your things, unpacked and settled into your home, it’s time to explore. There are so many things to see and do in Miami, and so many dishes to try. Take a few days for yourself, stroll down the streets and relax. Treat your taste buds to some delicious meals. Who knows – maybe you will run into your favorite place to eat on the very first day! You never know until you venture out and see for yourself!

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