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    All movers love to move quickly and efficiently, so it’s definitely not weird to help your Miami movers. But without lifting anything! You can help them in other ways too. And by helping them, you will actually help yourself. Think about it this way: the faster they can finish the work, the more money you will save.

    Man lifting a heavy box
    Lifting heavy things will not help your Miami movers, you can only hurt yourself

    What can you do to help your Miami movers?

    There are ten things that would be best and most useful for you to do it. Of course, most moving companies in North Miami Beach will be happy to do something from this list for you. But, you should consider helping your movers if you want to keep some money for yourself.

    1. Disconnect as much electronics as possible

    Do you see all those cords and wires there on the floor behind the TV stand? Your movers, of course, would be happy to go down on their knees and spend half an hour to turn off that mess. But do you really want to have to pay for that?

    Unpluging everything to help your Miami movers
    And it is easier for you to pack the cords, so you can find them easily in your new place

    Instead, you can take the time to make sure all your electronic appliances are disconnected and the cords neatly packed and ready to go along with the rest. If you are not sure how to do it, you can follow our advice on packing your TV and electronics.

    2. Take everything off of each wall

    We know that can be a long and tiring process. But, if you do it the right way, you can save yourself a lot of time and nerves. It’s simple: when you pass by any picture, remove it. Place it directly against the wall on the floor. Even better, find some off-road wall space where you can put all of it. Do the same with all of your smaller picture frames from side tables and shelves. Doing that, you will save your Miami movers a lot of time.

    3. Take your bedding off and fold it

    Make your bed ready by removing bedding of the mattress and folding it before your move. If the movers are packing you, they will need only to put these blankets, pillows and sheets in a box.

    4. Remove the front wheels from the bike

    If you have a bike, try to remove the front wheels. Bicycles do not fit into a loaded truck so easily when the handlebars stick out from both sides. Bicycles are also usually the last items they load onto a truck when there is not enough space.

    Removing bicycle front wheel
    After all, you don’t want your bike to be damaged

    5. Make room for everything that you do not want movers to touch

    When preparing for your move, you will find a whole range of items that you want to keep at hand: phone, charger, maps, lighter. You should find a place for all things that you do not want to pack or move. Put them on all in one marked box and put it next to a wall with an outlet so you can charge your devices.

    6. Clean and defrost the freezer

    Not remembering this, or even doing it badly, you will lose a lot. An additional advantage of doing this in advance is that you now need to do something with all that food. As they say, you can not take it with you. Eat it, give it to your neighbor or donate it. And by cleaning the freezer, you will help your Miami movers a lot.

    7. Drain your mowers and blowers

    Among the things that movers are not allowed to put on their truck or on a rental truck or container are oil and gasoline. And that includes what’s in your lawn mower (and your snow blower, as well as your leaf blower). Running these machines out of gas can be one option. But siphoning it in your neighbor’s mower is a good gesture. Not to mention the worship of the environment.

    Remember that propane tanks are another thing that you can’t move. The movers are likely to abandon them, even if they are certified empty. Some people feel comfortable emptying their propane tanks, burning propane. Or allowing it to leak (the smell of rotten eggs indicates the presence of propane in the air). We recommend leaving them with someone, turning them (Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.) or selling them (Craigslist is a commonly used option.)

    8. Dismantle the shelves

    We’re especially talking about these plastic and metal racks in the garage. This can be logically difficult if your shelves are loaded with stuff your movers will pack. But if you have a square, place these shelves in organized piles and dismantle them yourself. The plastic type usually falls apart quite quickly, so weigh the time that you save your movers, and the time it takes to move it all to the floor. You may find that it is not even worth it, but sometimes it is. Or you can hire packing professionals and let them do all the work. It’s completely your call.

    9. Know where everything goes in advance!

    We understand how fussy the days and weeks leading to the moving day are. Rarely do we see a customer who does not have problems at the last minute. But you will feel relieved – and be very proud of yourself – if you can tell your movers exactly what they should move, and where exactly you imagine it. Let’s just say that on the day of the relocation no one wants to think what to do with the old wooden toy.

    10. Ask your friends to help your Miami movers

    I know what you’re thinking: I hired people to move my things, why the hell would I do any work? An honest evaluation. But it’s not a matter of doing any hard work or anything that really got you out. Your friends can help you with the things on this list and make moving even easier.

    Movers seriously do not mind if you want to sip lemonade. They will take care of the couch, the bed and the aquarium, while you get light material, if you want to speed up the process. A few extra people before movers get there can shorten your movement time by even an hour, which can literally save you hundreds.

    Once you call professionals, start thinking how you can help your Miami movers. As we already said, many movers, such as Orange Movers, will gladly do everything from this list. But just think about it. If those people are so helpful, maybe you would like to make their job a bit easier.

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