Packing Your TV and Electronics to Survive Your Next Move

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    Packing Your TV and Electronics to Survive Your Next Move

    Flat-screen TVs, computers and entertainment systems are not only expensive, they’re also delicate. Packing these big-ticket items for moving can be a challenge, especially if you’re not a professional. Because no matter how much bubble wrap you use, you still risk damaging the circuitry and glass if they’re not packed and stored correctly.

    When packing these items safely, it’s not just the amount of packaging that counts, it’s also the type of material used and the way in which it’s packed. Here are a few tips…

    Do Your Research

    It’s time to pull out those user manuals you barely glanced through—the ones that came with your electronics when you first bought them. These guides will provide you with the right handling instructions to safeguard your electronics during a move.

    If you no longer have the manuals, don’t worry. Most manufacturers now host PDF versions of their manuals or product guides on their websites. If one isn’t available online, you can also call the company directly and ask for instructions or ask to have a manual sent to you.

    Package It Right

    Using the right packing is vital for when moving electronics. If you happened to hold onto the item’s original packaging, you’re using the best materials available. We realize this isn’t the norm however, so your other option is to call the manufacturer and ask if they can send you a return kit. It may cost a small fee, but you’ll get the best packaging for your equipment.

    Our moving pros help customers pack electronics, but if you’re doing it on your own, be sure to get the sturdiest materials you can find.

    Packing materials to use with electronics:

    • Double-walled boxes for the strongest protection
    • Antistatic bubble wrap, styrofoam or plastic that doesn’t conduct electricity
    • Twist ties and sticky labels to keep cords labelled and secured
    • Enough filler or packing material to line the box, wrap each component and fill gaps

    More packing tips:

    • Remove printer ink and toner cartridges and wrap them separately.
    • Disconnect all components and wrap them separately as well.
    • Back up your computer and devices before packing them, just in case.
    • For electronics with multiple parts, list the steps needed to re-assemble them on a sheet of paper and pack parts in the same box.
    • Write “Fragile” and note which end is up on boxes with electronics.
    • Fill all gaps with packing material so items don’t shift during the move.
    • Ask us for help with oversized items or large TVs.

    With these tips, your electronics will safely arrive at their new home and you’ll continue enjoying them for years to come.

    For help moving your electronics or other possessions contact us or call 786-453-4340.

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