Safe Storage Tips: What Not To Put In Your Storage Unit

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    Moving is never easy. If you want your relocation to be successful, you need to do many different, equally tricky, tasks. There is packing, unpacking, and, most importantly, putting your items in storage for the time being. Even the task of finding suitable and safe storage units in Miami is difficult enough. When you add the other things that need to be done on the list, this process can become unbearable. Therefore, in an attempt to make this task ahead of you seem more doable, we have composed a what not to put in your storage unit list. Pay close attention as it might come in handy the next time you are packing your things for storage!

    A close up of a person holding a blue pen and writing something in a notebook. You need to know exactly what not to put in your storage unit, so you should pay attention to the list of items in front of you.
    There is no need for you to wreck your brain trying to come up with the list of things that are and aren`t allowed in a storage unit. We did this one for you!

    Hazardous materials are high up on our what not to put in your storage unit list

    Hazardous materials take the most important place on our list – the first place. Why is this the case? For starters, hazardous materials have the potential to make a lot of damage. If you are not careful, even your entire storage unit could be blown up to smithereens. Therefore, it is wise to take the time and learn which items classify as hazardous. Take a look:

    • Corrosive, flammable and explosive materials are more than dangerous. Like we mentioned, they can bring about a lot of financial damage. If you are wondering what not to put in your storage unit, this is your first answer.
    • Chemicals, acids, and fuel also belong to hazardous materials. Moreover, you can only store items containing them, such as a lawn-mower, after you have drained them of fluids.
    • Firearms and munition should never be stored in a unit. We think this should be a no-brainer, but it was worth mentioning it for those of you have might not have thought about it.

    Hopefully, you will remember these basics the next time you think about renting a self-storage unit. Always be aware of what not to put in your storage unit, as these items have the power to make or break your entire relocation.

    A close up of a bonfire.
    What not to put in a storage unit list would never be complete without mentioning flammable items.

    Never put food in a storage unit

    You might think how there can be no harm done if you put a couple of cans in your storage unit along with your furniture pieces. Which is when you would make a terrible mistake, one that you would very soon see (and smell.) There is a valid reason why we should never put food in our storage units. Food has the tendency to rot over time, which will make your entire unit have a foul odor, which will, in turn, attract pests and rodents. Do you see where we are going with this? We are reputable Miami movers, so trust us when we tell you – nothing good can ever come out of storing food in your unit.

    You should not put plants in a storage unit

    Yes, you have read that correctly. What not to put in your storage unit list includes plants. Again, you might be surprised that you should not store plants in your unit, and that it is against the regulations. But, if you carefully think about it, there is a good reason for this rule. Plants are like living beings. They need water, light, and air to thrive. By putting plants in a storage unit, you are depriving them of all of the things that help them survive. Why would you want to do that to your beloved flower pot? If you can`t bring them with your, it is better to sell them or even leave them behind. Anything is better than putting them in a dark storage unit.

    A close up of a green, leafy plant in a brown pot that is placed on a white surface.
    Your plants will have a short lifespan if you put them in a storage unit.

    Stolen items do not belong in a storage unit

    We hope this will not be of interest to you, as that would mean you do not own any stolen property. However, in case this item on our what not to put in your storage unit list has your attention, be careful. You should never put stolen items in a unit. Know that it is against all rules to keep items in your unit which you do not legally own. Trust us, you do not want to mess with the law. Therefore, if you own any questionable items and you plan to put them in storage for some time, don`t! Better try your luck elsewhere.

    Valuables and money have no place in a storage unit

    The chances are you were not planning on putting your pricey jewelry collection in a storage unit in the first place. However, just as a measure of precaution, we thought we should mention it as what not to put in your storage unit. Never, ever! A storage unit is a secure place. However, it is no safe box in the bank. There is a major reason why people never store their valuables in storage. That reason is that people sometimes rob storage units. And, the only thing that would make this situation worse is if you had plenty of cash or valuable art pieces in your storage. Sure, you can learn to live without that old chair you decided to leave behind. But those thousands of dollars you so desperately might need someday? We think not.

    The conclusion

    Hopefully, now you are more informed of what not to put in your storage unit, and you will follow the rules. Storage units are expensive enough already, so it is better to refrain from making any additional financial damage by storing inappropriate things. For the end, we have one more tip that will trim the costs of your relocation process. Why not try and find free moving boxes in Miami instead of spending tons of cash on buying them? Just watch how much money you will save on this seemingly menial expense.

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