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    Commercial moving and residential relocations are apples and oranges. Simply put, there are more things to worry about when relocating your office and entire business. Besides the integral parts of any relocation, such as packing, unpacking and similar, you also have to worry about your employees and business documents when relocating your office. Since we know how difficult this can be, we have decided to help you. Let us show you step-by-step how to make and comply with an office relocation checklist. We promise it is easier than it sounds!

    A close up of a man in a blue shirt holding a pen and writing something on a piece of paper. He might be making an office relocation checklist, which will help him move his business to a different location.
    Make an office relocation checklist with our help, and watch all of your worries waste away.

    Office relocation checklist – Plan your move on time

    Sounds simple enough, doesn`t it? However, a lot of people forget about this item and only start planning their relocation a few weeks before the move. A few weeks before the move is too late; that is the time to confirm details, not make brand new arrangements. Keeping this in mind, if you plan to have a successful and stress-free relocation, you know what to do. Start on time!

    Office relocation checklist – Hire movers early

    If you plan on relocating your office, you want to find the best commercial movers on the market. After all, you are a business person yourself, and you know how important having a good reputation is. And, precisely because you are a business person, you should know that reliable and reputable companies are always booked in advance. Hiring the best movers in Miami will be easy only if you start on time. If you waste those precious moments, you might have to settle for the second best company on the market. Therefore, never forget to include reliable movers on your office relocation checklist.

    Office relocation checklist – Do a thorough cleaning

    Relocating your office does not include only the transportation of the furniture pieces. No, when you relocate your business, you also need to bring papers, files, and the smallest of office supplies. And, you do know that movers charge based on the weight of your shipment. Why pay more money than necessary when there is a simple way to prevent this? You can considerably trim the costs of your office relocation by having a thorough cleaning session. How can you do this? Glad you asked!

    • Add going through your files on your office relocation checklist. You will be surprised how many outdated and simply unnecessary files you are bound to find.
    • Decide which office furniture is too old and too far gone. Why bring something that has no purpose?
    • Office supplies. Is it better to buy new ones after the relocation, or bring the ones you have? Think about which option would pay off more at the end of the day.

    Moreover, by doing a deep purge of the office, you will directly be working on the look of your new business space. If you get rid of all the clutter now, it would mean that you will have more space in the new working place. It is a win-win situation!

    An open notebook, a white phone, and white flower pots on a white desk.
    Your office is a sacred place, and it should be clean and clutter-free!

    Office relocation checklist – Order the new equipment

    Now that you have cleaned your office, and gotten rid of all the outdated equipment, it is high time to order the new one. Whether you need new computers, chair, or lab equipment, you should order it at least a month and a half before the moving date. Again, we can`t stress how important it is to do everything on time. And, ideally, you should arrange for your new equipment and furniture to arrive at the new location on the day of your move. You need to have it and be ready to use it as soon you start unpacking at the new location. How else will your business function?

    Office relocation checklist – Don`t forget to update your address

    This is an important item to add to your business relocation list. After all, how are your clients supposed to find you if they don`t know what your address is? Florida real estate is too vast of a space for someone to be searching through aimlessly. And, changing your address needs to be done on a couple of places. Besides the official change in the post office, you also need to update your website, as well as your social media accounts. This is the 21st century we are living in, and you should act accordingly.

    Office relocation checklist – Organize your employees

    Finally, some help seems to be coming your way! After all, what are your employees there for if not to help you? All of your work together as a team all the time, so why should it be any different now? As always, you are the one who can motivate them or discourage them. It all depends on your mood and attitude. Moreover, you need to be thorough and precise when giving them specific duties and chores.

    Do you need them to help you pack something in particular? Should they be on refreshments duty for the day? Do you need their help in finding safe Florida storage units? As you can see, there are many things your employees can help you with when relocating your office. And we are sure they are more than happy to, as long as you show up in high spirits and lead the way as usual!

    Five people fist bumping over a table with a couple of laptops.
    Never underestimate the power of a good teamwork!

    Making an office relocation checklist is no rocket science. You have dealt with more difficult things in your lifetime, for sure. As long as you add the items on our list, and start on time, you should be fine. However, don`t get us wrong. Yes, an office relocation can be easy, as long as you never underestimate the task in front of you. This is a recipe for disaster, and we can guarantee you that you will regret it once everything is said and done! Therefore, good luck and plan on time!

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