How to protect your Miami home from a hurricane

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    Hurricanes strike the East Coast every year and usually cause huge damage. Of course, there are some parts of the coast where hurricanes are rare. But, if you are moving to Florida, be prepared that they are very likely to happen. Luckily, there are some things you can do to protect your Miami home from a hurricane. And in this article, we will tell you about some of them.

    Your Miami home is your fortress - you need to make sure it stands tall and endures.
    It is extremely important to protect your Miami home from a hurricane, especially if it is on the beach

    What are the steps to protect your Miami home from a hurricane?

    In order to fully protect your home and cover all your bases from hurricane damage, there are certain measures you should take. So, here are some of the most important preparatory steps for you to undergo to make sure that your home is hurricane-proof:

    Understand the insurance of your homeowners

    If you think that a hurricane strike is bad, there is something even worse. Imagine that the storm completely destroys the entire house, and you do not have insurance coverage. If you fully and completely understand the insurance coverage of your homeowners, you probably will never find yourself in that situation. Although most standard housing plans cover wind damage, flood damage is often not taken into account.

    So, if you are in an area prone to hurricanes, consider buying additional flood coverage. Keep in mind that the policy will not take effect within 30 days, so it is very important to buy an insurance way before the storm. Analyzing the insurance regularly is one of the things that smart homeowners do every year.

    Inspect your roof

    If a hurricane goes your way, you need to make sure that your roof is in perfect condition. So, what exactly are you looking for at the top of your house? First of all, you need to make sure you do not have any missing shingles or tiles. Look for the shingles near the edge of the roof, which are fragile or loose. Take a pair of binoculars and take a good look. Or go up to your attic, where you will probably get a better view of your room than from the ground.

    Use sandbags for flooding

    You can almost always expect a strong flood when the hurricane strikes. When it starts pouring out, you cannot do much except wait. But you can certainly get ready for the rain ahead of time by buying sandbags at a local store. Or you can make your own with sand and plastic bags. While sandbags will not completely prevent damage from flooding, they will distract the flood waters from your house if properly placed. If you do not know how to bring those sandbags, try asking one of the companies that provide Florida moving services. Maybe they can help you transport those bags.

    Clean the gutters

    Nobody likes to clean their gutters, because who knows what you’ll find there. Unfortunately, this terrible task is important when you live in a hurricane zone. If they flow properly, the water can move away from your home. Keeping them clean also prevents water from splashing onto the roof and under the roof and causing damage. You can hire someone to professionally clean them, or you can do it yourself. If you notice that your gutter does not work properly or needs repair, now is the time to do it.

    Make sure that all pipes and gutters are working and clean.
    It is really important to fix your gutters

    Protect outside elements

    It’s easy to forget about the yard when you are desperately trying to prepare for a hurricane. But while taking your outdoor furniture inside may seem like a tiresome task, this is something you cannot ignore. If you do not want to put everything inside, then make sure you firmly attach it to the ground. In addition to outdoor furniture, do not forget about the dog house, any tools and grill. And if you have loose branches or tree branches hanging over your house, you should trim them as soon as possible to prevent damage to your roof.

    Prepare for a power outage

    During strong hurricane winds, power lines and telephone lines may fall, resulting in a power outage. If you want to avoid being without electricity, think about buying a generator. Just make sure you buy a properly manufactured generator and use it in accordance with the guidelines.

    Protect your windows

    We strongly recommend adding storm shutters to your window. Despite the fact that they come with a high price, they are certainly worth it. Storm blinds are usually a metal of a certain type, for example, aluminum or steel, and you can buy it at most hardware stores. You need to know that it takes time to install the blinds and storm windows. Therefore, you should not do this at the last minute. If you do not have enough time, you can also create temporary emergency plywood blinds. And we should also mention that taping your windows will not work.

    Protect the windows of your Miami home from a hurricane.
    And wooden shutters will also not work

    What if a storm breaks your windows?

    If something like that happens, use a hammer to remove the broken glass. Make sure you have protective gloves and goggles. Place the dust sheets on both sides of the window to catch the glass. If you cannot contact the repair service immediately, tape the plastic sheet on the glass so that the rain does not come in through the window. Of course, this is only after the storm has passed. The plastic sheet will be useless during the storm.

    And if a storm breaks your door?

    If the storm damages the locks on your door, there are still ways to protect your Miami home from a hurricane. If you have an open door with a mail box, you can close it until you can get a repair. Nail a strong piece of wood on the floor. Attach 2×4 to a piece of wood and put the other end on the mail slot. If you have a wooden door and a door frame, but there is no mail slot, you can close the door with a barrel bolt. When the contractor does arrive, make sure that your lock is locked in addition to the door itself. And make sure that the contractor is trustworthy, since scammers are very common after natural disasters.

    Why is it so important to protect your Miami home from a hurricane?

    Hurricanes can be really dangerous, and it is extremely important that you keep yourself and your property safe. Follow our easy tips to protect your Miami home from a hurricane, and you can be sure everything will be just fine. And if you need to transport your belongings to some place safe, Orange Movers are here to help you.

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