How to organize your stuff for donation before you move

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    Most of the people are faced with some extra things. More than once in a lifetime! Whether it’s about the items you no longer use or the clothes that are one size smaller (or larger!) or you just do not like your furniture anymore… There is probably a problem with the lack of space in your new home or apartment. Especially when you start to move! This is the time when you surely want to free your space in your new closets and cabinets and to make a fresh start. Or just simply have no place and want to remove items that you no longer want to use. If you want to make a good deed out of a necessary uncluttering, here’s a guide on how to organize your stuff for donation before you move.

    Before you organize your stuff for donation

    Before you even start to organize your stuff for a donation you should think where to donate. There are always people who are considerably in the worse material situation than you and any help is welcome. That’s why you should consider donating clothes that you do not wear anymore to someone you know.

    volunteers - organize your stuff for donation
    Your surpluses could mean a lot to someone

    Wash it, iron it and give it to a family that cannot afford new clothes. Of course, you can always offer it to your friends and relatives. Maybe somebody likes something. Same goes to things such as old furniture or kitchen appliances. When people move, they tend to buy new items so think about the things you can give away.

    Red Cross

    If you do have no one to give your items to, you can always take it to the Red Cross in your area. Here you can take not only clothes but also other things that you do not need. They often need cosmetics, bed mattresses, old TV-s etc. And no matter if you’re moving from an apartment to a house or vice versa, there’s certainly something you can give. Just so you know, the clothes you take to Red Cross have to be in one piece and washed.

    Although you may not like the idea of washing and ironing before you move, be humanitarian to the end. Socially endangered people often have no electricity or other conditions to wash their clothes. It’s a lot less effort for you than for them. Same goes for the items you give. Try your best to clean them and give them away in their best condition.

    How to organize your clothes for donation

    Ok, now is the time to see how to organize your stuff for donation. As for the clothes, start with the things you do wear all the time. Put it aside, pack it and label boxes clearly. Then, put aside things that you wear most of the time. This is the time to be strong. Be ruthless towards unnecessary things – or so-called energy-taker items. Look at every piece of clothing and ask yourself how often do you really wear it. And most importantly – how do you feel in it and do you like it at all? If the answer is negative, or you didn’t wear it for more than a year or two, there is probably a good reason for it.

    Clothes on shelves
    Good organization will save you time and make you do a good deed

    If you have children, put away their old clothes and pack them in separate boxes. Label them according to children’s age to make sorting items easier. Once you start packing, it’s time to get some professional movers to help you relocate. And no matter how far or how big your relocation is, long distance movers Miami, make sure that it is a fast and safe experience. This has always been and always will be the goal of our long distance movers Miami.

    And how to organize items

    Surely you must have items you did not use for years. Admit it to yourself and get rid of unnecessary stuff. These items are just collecting dust, occupying a place in the house, and usually waiting for something… Either to lose weight or a special occasion. Things you do not just use create clutter and radiate negative energy. Sometimes, because it’s a missed investment, sometimes because of the fact that we just don’t use it.

    Make a list of things in your home that need to be replaced or you just don’t use. Pack it according to size and purpose. Once you start packing for a move, you’ll be surprised to find items that you do not even remember having. Still, if you find it hard to separate from some items, you can place them in some affordable storage in South Florida. That way they won’t be in your way, but you can reach them if you need.

    What else can you do with your items

    If you are done with bringing clothes that are worn, but in good condition to a humanitarian institution, think about what else you can do with it. For example, you can use clothes that are worn out, scraped or crocheted, for cleaning cloths. Or you can create something new out of old furniture.

    Suitcase on top of the car
    Getting rid of the old will make space for new things in your life

    Other than a donation, you can certainly keep some items, maybe repair them or give as a gift… Or simply sell them and earn some money! This will certainly do you good when you are downsizing into a smaller home. Today there are plenty of web sites where you can successfully sell things through ads, whether new or used. You will certainly be satisfied after a well-finished job. Always remember: do not buy anything you plan to wear once you lose weight! And do not buy things on sale with the idea maybe I’ll need it! Rather give items you have and not use for a long time. Someone surely needs them more than you do.

    We hope you learned to organize your stuff for donation before you move. It is just necessary to have some good will and heart to give to others. And of course, a good plan on what to do with things, where to give them, how to take it etc. And oh, how nice it is when your new home is neat and fresh! Then it even seems that your thoughts are more in order and clearer.

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