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    Manufactured homes are becoming more and more popular today. The quality of manufactured homes changed drastically with new technologies, and they are almost indistinguishable from site-built homes. They evolved from mobile homes into something more, bringing us quality, affordability, and satisfaction. If you are thinking about buying a manufactured home, do not rush into it without thinking through. Although they are convenient, there is a lot to learn about buying a manufactured home. You need to know how to get the best quality for the best price. Keep reading, as we dive deeper into this subject!

    Research before buying

    Moving to South Florida is just around the corner, and you are thinking about getting a new place. However, if this is the first time you hear about manufactured homes, go online and learn as much as you can before you decide to buy one. You will get a much better deal if you know the market and if you learn what to ask for.
    With this in mind, let’s look at the qualities of manufactured homes.

    The qualities of manufactured homes

    Manufactured homes offer many possibilities:

    • good quality of life
    • variety of styles
    • affordable prices
    • quick assembly
    A factory
    Manufactured homes are built in factories, then packed and sent to the site for installation

    The construction of manufactured homes

    Since they are built in factories, manufactured homes come ready to be assembled. The living space has the same quality as the site-built home, so there is no fear of loss of comfort.

    Manufactured homes standards

    To provide the best quality, manufactured homes are required to meet certain standards. For example, a manufactured home needs to be built in sections, assembled in a factory and then shipped to the location for the installation. Next, it needs to have steel beams with wheels under each section. This way they are easy to transport and move. Furthermore, there are strict codes regarding:

    • quality
    • durability
    • strength
    • design
    • safety
    • energy efficiency

    Last, but not least, manufactured homes must meet quality standards for plumbing, heating, and electrical installations.

    Designing these homes offers various styles and types, so if you wish a Victorian-themed house, you will get one.

    Buying a manufactured home

    Be very careful when buying a manufactured home. A salesperson will try to sell what’s best for their business, not what’s best for your needs. With this in mind, here is where you need to pay special attention.

    Talking to the salesperson

    Once you start talking about the home you need, a salesperson will try to make the best deal for their company. If you are not well aware of the possibilities, you might get something that you don’t want. Buying a home is a long-term investment, and you must be sure that you are getting the best deal for your money. You need to learn how to talk to the salesperson to get the best deal.

    A business meeting between two people
    When talking to the salesperson, make sure not to fall into conversational pitfalls

    Know your budget

    Before you step into their office to negotiate on a home, know your budget. Decide on how much you are ready to spend, and stick to your price. The cost of manufactured homes differs, and don’t expect to find a top quality home for a low price. Each house has its features, so learn what they are before you finalize the deal.

    Getting the best price

    A common pitfall when talking about the price of manufactured homes is to tell how much you are willing to pay per month. If you get this question, we advise you to change it to What is the invoice price? It is much better to get the total amount in cash and negotiate from there.
    Also, learn the terminology before you talk to the agent. If you know precisely what to look for, the chances are you will get what you need. If you are vague in your description, they may sell you something you don’t want.

    Dollar bills stuck in the ground
    Buying a manufactured home for the best price is your number one priority

    The warranty

    When buying a manufactured home, you have to be aware of how the warranty works. In most cases, different sections of the house are under warranty of different companies. It can be quite difficult to find out who is the person to talk to if something goes wrong. Also, find out if there are any situations where the warranty gets voided. For example, if you wish to move your home to another location after the installation.

    It is better to buy from an independent dealer than from the factory.

    The lot for building a house

    When you buy a manufactured home, you will not get the lot with it. With this in mind, find the perfect lot to install a house before you make a purchase.
    Also, check with the retailer or manufacturer if they can inspect the lot. It needs to meet certain standards. Otherwise, it can affect the warranty as well.

    Best features and upgrades

    Let’s talk a bit about the best features and upgrades when buying a manufactured home. For example, look for a shingled roof rather than a flat one. To extend the longevity of your home, make sure that the roof is covering the entire house, and that it hangs over the edges.
    Furthermore, exterior wall studs should be 16 inches apart, with vinyl siding. Also, a good idea is to get a housing wrap.
    Next, high-quality plumbing should be your first choice. A shutoff valve at each plumbing fixture is a must. It will further improve the quality of your house.
    Finally, for floors pick plywood. If you go with particleboard, you will have many problems if it gets wet. Plywood is the best way to secure your floor from loss of strength, bulging or bending.

    Close-up of human hand
    Finalize the deal only when you are sure that the contract meets your expectations

    Signing the contract

    When you are ready to sign a contract for buying a manufactured home, be 100% sure that this is the house you wish to purchase. I cannot stress the importance of this decision. Go through the entire contract and check all points, fees, and features previously agreed, and make sure that everything is the way you need it to be.
    Only once you are sure that this is the house and the contract is good, you can sign and finalize your purchase. At this point, it is safe enough to get in touch with moving companies Miami and organize your relocation.

    Bright future of manufactured homes

    As I already mentioned, manufactured houses are the future. Making a good investment and buying a manufactured home might be the smartest choice you make, as long as you are smart about it and know what you want. With this in mind, I wish you a happy hunt for your perfect manufactured home!

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