How to move from a small to large office?

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    Every move is very stressful. No matter if you are planning to move your house, your office, or even just a stuff from your basement or the workout equipment. All of that will mean hard work. There are so many things that you have to think about first, and then to take actions. Clean your area, then find a reliable moving company, decide who will pack your things and finally track and check the actual move. There are so many different reasons why you have to move from a small to large office, but you should always consider that as a positive occasion and adventure. Not only larger space, but also new possibilities. There are a few tips that will help you to be better prepared for a short or long distance move in your new office.

    Prepare your move

    Like every other move, first, you would need to see what of your things you have to take with yourself, and what you can get rid of. There are always some papers which are important or helpful, or maybe some memory that you have since your first working days. But try to throw away all the stuff that you don’t use any more.

    move from a small to large office - documents
    Make sure not to pile up the stuff you don’t need any more

    Get rid of the old archive, and try to keep only necessary things. Especially if you are planning a long distance move, like to move your office from NYC to Miami. You will have more space in the future, and that is great, but move from small to large office is a great opportunity to clean your working area.

    Find a reliable partner

    Secondly, think about moving company that you want to engage. This is a stressful job, so try with Florida moving services for a stress free move. Investigate well, analyze moving companies and decide which one is best for you. Think about packing and when the actual move comes, what are possible challenges.

    Did you decide what will you do with your old office furniture? Will you bring your plants and your comfortable chair? Where you will buy your new, bigger desk? Did you pack well your wall pictures or you trust the moving company enough? And eventually, the most important question, will you be all set on your first working day in your new, larger office? If you are moving to another city or country, this all will be in combination with organizing the move of your home.

    Decorate your new working place

    Move from small to large office is a great adventure. Even though it’s stressful, you will eventually enjoy. Not only the new environment but bigger space, probably better air and sometimes brighter space as well. Everybody needs change. Since people are spending at least 8 hours every day in the office, make sure to decorate your office so you can enjoy it.

    An office with one man by his computer
    Think about the ways to make your new workspace pretty and comfortable

    You could plan to transform your garage to a home office and move there. Or move to some open space office, where you will share an office with several colleagues. Anyway, bring the details that you like. Your favorite photo. Your favorite coffee cup. Colorful paperclips in the jar or funny sticker box. Do not buy too large things, like indoor plants or some additional furniture before you start working if you will share the office with other people. In that case, the best thing is to see the working culture and then decide if something is appropriate or not.

    The new office, new faces

    So, you are finally there. All previous steps are done, let’s say you engage some moving companies Miami, and all went well. You have all your old stuff, and you bought your new details. When you move from small to large office, always keep in mind that there could be a lot of people. New faces. Different personalities. Some of them will become your friends. You will like spending time with them and enjoy their sense of humor. Some of them will be negative or often cranky.

    You have to be prepared that all people are different and that some of your colleagues will complain about air condition or open window. Or if you have music in the office, some will prefer jazz or country music over pop. Be nice and always give a reasonable explanation. Tolerance is something that all should apply in open space offices.

    A man smiling in the office
    There is going to be more people to work with, so be tolerant

    You have to be prepared for one more thing. Visitors are also common in large offices. This can include:

    • suppliers,
    • customers,
    • managers,
    • stakeholders.

    You will meet a lot of people and make connections, which is great. Not only that new connections can mean new opportunities, but also, it’s likely that you will learn something new, hear something new.

    Research the neighborhood

    In the small or in the large office, you will make a break. Do a little research and find out what you have around your new building. In the large office, windows could be also larger, so you would see the neighborhood. Perhaps you have some beautiful nature around you or some nice hiking area. Or you are near some of the best places with scenic views in Miami. Nowadays, it is not hard to do research, and if you find something interesting, take advantage of it. A shopping mall can be nearby, so you can finish your shopping after work. Maybe a good gym can motivate you to start working out. That is both healthy and convenient.

    Enjoy all benefits of your move from a small to large office

    With good preparation and organization, you will successfully move your office. When you finish moving from a small to large office, decorate your new working place and make it your comfy zone. Meet new people. Make new connections. Feel free to ask questions and build an open and honest relationship with the people with who you will spend most of your day. See what you have around your new office and enjoy the journey. All changes, once in a while, are good.

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