Long distance moving problems and solutions

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    Long distance moving problems can often be a driving reason for not undertaking a cross country move. But if a chance arrises do not be afraid to take it even if its in another country. The thing is for a successful preparation is the key. The fact to point out is that about 14 percent of people have the bravery to relocate their home into another country. You are not alone in that endeavor, and knowing what to expect eases the process. Moreover, there are a lot of reviews and experiences around to check up. Also, when looking for professional movers, prices for an interstate are not that low. Fortunately, there are cheaper ways that can handle the move to a different country.

    map of a city
    Getting to know your new city takes time!

    Long distance moving problems start with wrong planning

    Usually, if a plan does not go along the way it should you are left with bigger chaos to tackle. We understand that something like an interstate, a cross-country move is a major life event. Bigger than a simple move to a different neighborhood. A key feature is to plan ahead, reach out to possible moving companies with a minimum of 3 months time. Anything less then that can cause problems and add to hiatus and stress. During the summertime, movers reach capacity, and solution for this part of your journey is planning ahead. This makes sure you don’t have to worry about finding a mover at the last minute. Perhaps, your way leads you towards moving to South Florida so, be aware of summer movers bookings.  

    notebook with a plan to avoid long distance moving problems
    Long-distance moving problems usually start with bad planning.

    Afraid of item damage during transport? Choose the right moving insurance

    Damaging items during transport can be a real nightmare. You may wonder how to protect your belongings during long-distance moving? If you move by your own car or a truck, you can buy protective boxes, bubble wraps or use clothes to provide more protection and safety. If you want to get free boxes to check free moving boxes Miami. 

    man with three boxes in hand
    Long-distance moving can cause pretty much damage to your belongings during transportation. Make sure you hire a reliable moving company and choose the right moving insurance.

    But sometimes, especially when it comes to long distance moving problems, you should hire a professional moving company. Choosing a reliable moving company and moving insurance can solve your problems. If you want to protect your stuff during transportation, there are three types of moving insurance. And you can choose the one that suits you the most: 

    • Released value protection 
    • Full value protection 
    • Third party options 

    Released value protection is free moving insurance, and you are free to ask your moving company for that. But this type provides minimal protection to your items – 60 cents per pound per item. Full value protection is a better option, and when you pay premium upfront, the company will be obliged by federal law to pay you the full replacement if something happens to your belongings during the move. Of course, every moving company has its own regulations, so make sure you read all the details and you won’t regret hiring. Your things will be safe. 

    Most common long distance moving problems via airplane

    People usually move by car or a truck. But sometimes when we don’t have another choice, we need to relocate things via airplane. Moving with an airplane is the best option when it comes to long-distance moving. Imagine you want to be moving cross-country and renting a truck or a car! Moreover, there are certain traffic rules to go by, like Florida parking rules to know on moving day!

    look on a plane from above
    Lost luggage, invalid documents, pet transport are some of the most common problems when you are on a long distance move via airplane.

    But, even if moving with an airplane is the fastest option, sometimes we can deal with many troubles there. You can lose your luggage. You can have invalid or not enough documents. Moreover, there are problems with transporting your pets or valuable things. In order to avoid long distance moving problems, we’ll give you some advice. You should always research baggage policy because some airlines limit the amount of bags and boxes that you want to relocate. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be able to ship all your things with you because some things are limited.

    Go out there and get acquainted

    Probably the worst thing when it comes to long distance moving problems is that your new city is a big unknown. It does not feel like home. Most important tips for nationwide moving it takes time to get to know your new city. Do not panic, it comes with time. You probably won’t know many people and you still didn’t figure out where is your more favorite restaurant. The best solution to this is simple. Push yourself to go out there into your new town. With experience comes ease. For starters, you can use Yelp. It can be a great asset in finding local places. Perhaps join a club to meet new people. Or maybe start by greeting your next door neighbor. Take time to go out and get acquainted with the new city. And sooner then later it will feel like home.  

    This article serves as a guideline to show you that many went through this before. You need to be aware that you are not alone into this. It takes time to get used to anything let alone an entirely new city. But do not let that fear control you. Go out there and make new friends, new favorite places and many more precious memories.

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